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Max 11-111
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Mary and Carl Schroeder
"In memory of Sadie and Velvet"

For my Mom for Mother's Day, because she likes dogs even better than gifts  For my Mom for Mother's Day, because she likes dogs even better than gifts, from Lynda Spangler

January 20, 2011

Its EZ 2 C that Max will B SUM1s BFF4evr. He leaves me ROTFL with his XLNT antics. YKWIM?

Okay, maybe I have been texting a little too much lately, but Max is 4 reelz!

Max is a beautiful jet black mix, with soft, curly fur, and approximately 80 pounds of love. He is a sweet, sweet boy who has blended in well with my eclectic household. He gets along great with both small resident dog, and medium sized niece dog. He doesn't always realize how big he is and my small girl has to be careful not to get trampled when they go in and out of the house. He is a Velcro dog, as are the other dogs in the house so everywhere I go in the house I am surrounded by adoring fans. Oh wait, that's because they always think they are going to get treats. Speaking of treats, Max generally has very nice manners, he sits for his treats, sits for his food, and listens when I call him. He does bark out the window and at people coming to the door which I am sure is intimidating since he is so big. His tail is always wagging and there is no threat with the barking. He's just sharing the love!

Max came into RAGOM due to some serious hip issues that cause him pain and may require extensive medical care. He is UTD on almost everything and is having both his normal vet check and a specialist visit next week. He does have some pain medication, but notes indicate they make him sick to his stomach, so I have not been giving them to him. He has shown some indications of discomfort, a little stiffness when getting up, a little bit of bunny hopping with the back legs when out for our short walks, and some yelping when I accidently stepped on his tail this morning. Of course, I would yelp too, if someone stepped on my tail. I have been taking my entourage for short 10-15 minute walks two to three times a day (hard to be out longer with the cold weather, for me, not them), and he loves to be outdoors.

I will post another update after we vet next week.

A shout out to Max's' sponsors, Mary and Carl! Thanks for your support of this fantastic dog!


I have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Max...I sprung him from boarding for the week so he could get a little face time! It's amazing how he has settled right in---very little adjustment has been needed to get Max used to my home routine!

What a wonderful dog! Where can I begin....He is a beautiful, 76 pound, tall, silky, black Golden Retriever-Max looks kind of like a Flat Coat Retriver (he may have a little sheperd in him too). I have had him since Saturday, he has been left with full run of the house and he is trustworthy. Max is not a chewer, but loves to carry his stuffed animals around. He has had NO accidents and he has been left home for roughly 10 hours! I get the feeling that he would like to play with the house cat, but the cat is not interested at this time. He loves to be near me; I bet he would love to be your cuddle bug and shadow too! Right now he is at my feet taking a little siesta.

There has been some concern/questions about Max's hips...I'm not sure what the concern has been---I am still gathering information, but so far he has been totally agile! He follows me up and down the stairs and he jumps up on my deck---not even using the stairs! He loves to take walks and go for car rides. Off his lead, he stays right near by--coming when called. He knows sit and how to lie down too. He does like to jump a bit; we have been working on this--a flat hand out and a solid "NO" seem to work. He is also motivated by treats, so we will continue to work on his manners while he is here.

This evening, we had a little 15 pound canine visitor-Lucy. Max and Lucy got along great! They ran and chased each other and gave each other kisses; I think Max would do well with another dog; I think he would be cool by himself also. He is very flexible...I think he just wants and deserves a nice home and family to love him.

I can't say enough good stuff about this love bug! Come on over and meet him....tell me what your thoughts are!

I've included some pictures for you too! Some of the pictures do not do him justice. He is jet black and sometimes his body outline and face are difficult to photograph. He is a beauty though--like I said....come on over, meet him and tell me what you think!

Max taking in the 50 plus degree day and thinking about a little fetch!


After having Max at our home for the past four days, I can unequivocally say that he is absolutely wonderful! This big guy has quickly become a member of our family, getting along well with our dog, and totally ignoring our cats. We were told that he has hip issues, and this is evident when he tries to jump up on a bed (but believe me, he manages to get up there!) and sometimes when he gets up from a laying position, when he looks a bit stiff. Other than that, however, I have not noticed anything slowing him down. We go for daily walks of between 30 -60 minutes, and he walks well and frolics with our dog. He takes Glucosomine and Deramaxx daily for his hips, which he eats right out of my hand.

As mentioned by the previous foster, he is definitely a velcro dog, following us around with a stuffed toy or ball in his mouth. If we sit down, he quickly settles at our feet, relaxed but attentive to us. He is extraordinarily affectionate, and if we even say his name or a word to him, he will get up and come to us, tail wagging and moving in to give us a kiss. This is one dog who is extremely eager to please. If he is doing something he shouldn't, one word stops him in his tracks, and he is again running over with tail wagging!

As far as inappropriate behaviors, the only thing I would mention is that he does bark when someone comes to the door, although it is not an aggressive bark. Our dog does this too, which probably reinforces the behavior. Because he is so smart and eager to please, however, I am convinced that we will be able to teach him not to do this--I will provide updates on the progress in that area. He is also very food motivated, which should help to train him. The second issue is that he and my own dog are both food aggressive (with other animals, NOT with people) so we need to feed them separately. I can take any food item away from him without issue, however.

Smart, affectionate, loyal and friendly, this is one dog who would be perfect for any family!


If you are looking for loyalty and affection, this lover-boy is your guy. Extremely people-oriented and eager to please, just one glance his way gets his tail wagging, and before you know it he is up and at your side, stuffed toy in his mouth.

This beautiful boy has quickly immersed himself into our family, gets along well with our own dog and totally ignores our cats. He is allowed free roam of the house at all times, including when we are at work and school during the day, and we haven't had any issues. He has, however, on two occasions taken food off the kitchen counter when I was out of the room, so I have learned not to leave cookies cooling on the counter!

He is smart, and we are gradually teaching him the rules of the house, such as not pushing past our legs to get out the door--with a quick "no" he backs off and waits patiently. He absolutely loves to ride in the car, sitting quietly in the back seat, and also loves swimming and going for walks. I started walking him with a harness because he pulls on the leash, and working on "heal" and he is making progress.

This is a wonderful dog, and I have yet to notice his hip issues slowing him down in any way. In fact I had him to the vet last week, and she suggested trying to wean him off his medication to see how he does, but we haven't attempted that yet.


I want to provide an update on this wonderful boy, since we have had him long enough to have a clear picture of his personality and behavior.

As far as his hip issues, Max continues on the Previcox (1/2 tablet daily,) which he takes easily and tolerates well. Since our vet suggested trying to decrease his dosage, I will occasionally skip days unless I notice that he appears stiff. Any issues he has do not slow him down in any way: he loves his daily walks, racing around the yard playing chase with our dog, and swimming. Once in a while, after an especially active day (like when he spends it running around my in-laws' farm) he will be stiff, but the Previcox appears to take care of that quickly. As far as the walks, we continue to use the harness to curb his "enthusiasm." He has come a long way: he used to get very excited when he would see another dog, lunging and trying to get to it, but we have found that simply speaking to him calmly, saying "it's okay" or "relax" keeps him relatively calm. He is extremely smart, and I know that with consistent obedience training he would quickly learn what is expected of him and what is not appropriate. He still barks at the door (we haven't been working at this as diligently as we should) but as soon as he is able to greet the visitor, he calms down, usually running to get his "bear" and bringing it back to the charmed guest. I believe a lot of his behavior is encouraged by our dog, who has more bad habits than I would like to admit :) He is terrific and we will miss him tremendously when he goes to his lucky "forever family."


I think we have discovered where Max's favorite place is--the beach! We took him there this past weekend, and he very eagerly dove into the water to fetch whatever we threw for him--a toy, stick, anything. When he couldn't find anything to retrieve, he came back with a weed that he found floating! He spent about an hour swimming back and forth in this fun game, and would have kept at it, but the humans were tired out.

Other than that, Max continues to be his wonderful self. We are working at his barking at the door, and he is making gradual progress. He still barks, but then quickly runs off to find a stuffed toy to bring to the visitor, tail wagging. I have decreased his Previcox (anti-inflammatory) to 1/4 tablet a day, and he shows little sign of any hip issues. He keeps up with our dog in whatever they do--running through the woods, swimming, and wrestling in the backyard. He is quite simply wonderful to have around--mellow and fun-loving all in one package.


Max was adopted today!