Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota: RAGOM is a 501(c)(3) organization, rescuing Golden Retrievers and re-homing them through adoption since 1985. Serving Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.
Dogs Available for Adoption

Status Descriptions

Adopt me! - This dog is available for adoption.  If you are ready to adopt now, please click here to learn more about and to start the adoption process.

Closed to applications - We have received a large number of applications for this dog and will not accept any more; or, the dog is working with an applicant for a potential adoption!

Hospice - This dog will live out the time it has remaining with its foster home.

Unavailable - This dog is not ready to be adopted yet and we are not accepting applications for the dog at this time.

Pending adoption - This dog has found its forever home!

Adopted - This dog has moved to its forever home!

Image Icon Descriptions

Dogs with the image of the flag of Turkey are dogs we have rescued from this country.  Due to the additional expense of their rescue, these dogs have a higher adoption fee.  You may read more about these dogs here.


Meet and Greet Events

Several times a month, RAGOM holds Meet and Greet events throughout the region which provides an opportunity to meet some of the dogs available for adoption and to learn more about our adoption process and organization.  Check out our calendar for event dates and locations.  

We do not adopt dogs out during these events.  You can read about our adoption process here

Foster Homes Needed

If you would like to learn about fostering, please fill out the RAGOM Volunteer application. We would love to have you join our RAGOM family and start these waiting dogs on their way to a new life!!! If you would like to contribute to boarding expenses, your donation is always welcome!


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