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Angus/Puck 11-094
(Fostered in Richfield, MN)

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Happy Spring! Happy Spring Puck! From an Anonymous Friend.


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Physical fence required
Ages 8+
Must be an only dog
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Angus, renamed Puck, was adopted as a puppy from RAGOM. He was loved. However with a growing family and long work hours, his owners did not have time to help Puck overcome his fears and anxiety, They requested that RAGOM find him another home where his personality could shine.

Puck is 6 years old and weighs 50 pounds. While his lineage has yet to be determined, we do know that he is a very nice dog with a gentle disposition. He grew up with children and cats, and his family reported him to be a wonderful brother to them. His house manners are excellent, never displacing anything he shouldn't when left alone, although he can be kenneled when necessary.

We would like to see Puck in a quiet home, preferably one without young children or any dogs--resident or visiting. A physical fence would be crucial in establishing a sense of security. 

If you think Puck would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with Puck's name, his RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under, and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.


Puck wants to give a shout-out to his anonymous friend for decorating his page with a cheerful spring icon! He hopes to meet and thank you in person soon.


We have exciting news to share: Puck made a new friend! Miss N is so taken with Puck that she is carving time out of her busy schedule to visit with him on a regular basis. The following is Miss N's first report:

In an effort to introduce Puck to new things as well as to socialize him, I took him for a car ride and a stroll. Puck handled our adventure with grace! While he needs more practice on riding in the car, it might actually be a good thing that this boy is weary of open car windows, because then you wouldn't have to worry about him sticking too far out there and getting hurt. I am hopeful that he will learn in time that car rides mean fun things so he can relax!

Puck is in the front seat in this photo, but he was content to ride in the back when the car was moving.

Puck behaved marvelously on our walk and had fun sniffing things. I was pleasantly surprised that 1) he did not react to other walking dogs across the street, 2) he paid no attention to a dog barking in its yard, 3) he barely flinched when a tornado siren went off, and 4) he was not bothered by children zooming by on roller blades. The only time he got startled by an unexpected noise was when someone was moving garbage bins while we were waiting to cross the street. Frankly, I jumped a little myself, but Puck held his "sit" position very nicely until I gave him the OK to move again. What a good boy! I truly believe that this boy has great potential. At this time, we are walking two miles at a time, and he would benefit from a Gentle Leader or a harness. But since he enjoys going out so much, I doubt that it would be long before we could get him to the point of walking on a loose leash.

"Let's go!"

Puck knows to sit patiently while waiting to cross the street.

There will be more Puck updates as I learn more about him. Stay tuned!


Hey, friends! This is Puck! Miss N has been a bit busy, so she’s a bit behind on my updates, but I have some news to share. I’ve gone out on a few adventures with her now, and she tells me I’m a very good boy. I love seeing her and I don’t usually jump on people, but the last time she came to get me, I got so excited I gave her a hug. I also hop right in the car now; car rides are not so bad, and we end up going somewhere fun. I still don’t like the windows down, because the loud noises outside bother me, but when she turns on the cold air, I ride like a champ. On our last adventure, she had a friend of hers come take some pictures of me. I wasn’t nervous around her and let her pet me right away. I was too excited to walk, so we only got two or three good ones.

"You think the sounds coming from your phone will perk my ears. I'll prove you wrong!"

Miss N said she wants me to meet another dog again. If I like them, she said I can move in with her while we look for my fur-ever home. She has a quiet house with a big, fenced yard and not a lot of visitors. It will be hard to leave my family, but I really do think I will relax in a quieter house, so I hope her dogs and I like each other. Miss N has a few things to update you with. So until next time!

This boy surprises me with every outing. He truly is a wonderful dog and just needs the right home (one without a lot of traffic and visitors). The first couple of car rides when I picked him up, he shook and I thought it was anxiety, but I couldn’t figure out why he doesn’t on our way home. After our last trip, I believe this is not due to anxiety, but because he’s actually enjoying the ride and can’t wait to see where we are going.

I live by a busy trail system, and we’ve done some walks. I’ve had bikes ride up behind him, runners, dogs in the distance, and really none of that seems to bother him. I believe if a confident person is on the other end of his leash, reassuring him, I don’t believe it would be long before he’s comfortable out on trails; he’s already stopped pulling on the leash and really is a joy to walk.

"Oh look, dogs and people. Fun to watch, but I'd rather walk!"

He’s still leery of men, but I think it’s going to depend on the person. He's met or walked by two men and didn't have much of a reaction. He's met two he was standoffish with. If I’ve learned anything from my own fearful dogs, it’s all about how they are approached. The two he didn't like both came up on him very quickly. One positive thing is that when he’s in an uncomfortable situation, I noticed he tends to just stand closer to me and maybe lets out a bark.

On a couple of walks now, I have noticed he does not react to dogs that are a bit further away from him, which makes me believe with the right dog, he’d be okay, but until I re-test him with a couple different dogs (which hopefully will be soon), I am still listing him as an only dog. I do have two cats, one of whom wouldn’t leave him alone and kept following him around, while the other is a complete jerk to new dogs (hisses and bats at them), and neither bothered him in the least bit. Not once did he chase either of them, so a cat-friendly home is right up his alley!

"Miss N, your cat won't leave me alone. Pet me, please."

One requirement in his forever home will be a fenced-in yard (physical fence, no invisible fences). There have been a few times on a leash he’s tried to play with me, so I think he’d benefit from having a fence yard to run around in. Also, since he gets nervous with new people, it would also be for his safety and security.

I really enjoy my time with Puck and I’d have no problem being his forever home, but truthfully, I think Puck will make someone a fantastic companion, and I’d like to find him a home where he’d get more 1:1 attention.

"Sit for a treat! No problem, I'll even look good while I do it!"

If you think Puck would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with Puck's name, his RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under, and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.


This is Puck reporting! Long update ahead!

In my last update, I said if Ms. N’s dogs liked me, I could move in! Guess what!? I moved in almost 2 weeks ago! I’m having such a good time and I’ve become very attached to Ms. N (oh, wait, now I can say Foster Mom)! I’m enjoying my time outside in my big yard and all the walks I get. She takes me on a short walk in the morning and a long one at night. I know when it’s time and I meet her at the door. Some things make me nervous, but I think the more I get outside the yard, I won’t really care so much. I have been told on almost every walk at night I’m a very beautiful dog; once, a car even stopped to tell me. :-)

The cats finally decided they like me and annoy me ALLLLLL the time. No lie - under my belly, in front of my chest - ugh, they are annoying, but it’s better than them hissing and batting at me. My foster brother (how cool does that sound?) and I had kind of a”tiff”, and well, he won. We didn’t hurt each other at all, but Foster Mom said he wanted to make sure I know he’s the “dad” of the house, even though he’s half my size; I don’t mess with him now. My foster sisters and I are still getting used to each other, but we’ll get there. See, I like Foster Mom’s attention so much I don’t want to share her… well, they are “momma’s girls” and want her attention, too, and I’m learning how to share.

I had some allergies for a while, but the doctor put me on these meds and Foster Mom gave me a couple of baths - they felt so good and I stopped itching. Things are going well for me, and though I LOVE my foster home, Foster Mom says I will be a good buddy for someone, so we are on a search to find my forever home.

Foster Mom here.Puck has been with me now just shy of two weeks. Puck did take a few days to settle in and cried a lot, but he was with his previous family for 6 years and I expected it. It took about a week for him to completely calm down to the point he wouldn’t bark when I left, or be attached to my hip in the house. Within the last few days, I find him chewing the bones I get from a butcher in the other room, sitting outside with us, and I finally can let him outside to go potty without having to be out there reassuring him I’m not going anywhere.

Puck is crated at night in my room to prevent any territorial issues with him and my resident dogs. He knows the routine and sleeps through the night. During the day, he does have run of the house. He hasn’t ruined anything, doesn’t counter surf (well, he had found the almost-empty peanut butter container - my fault), and has had no accidents. Puck is a complete sweetheart who REALLY loves attention, especially 1:1. He is not a fan of men, but if he’s given time, he does warm up to them. My mom is in love with Puck, too. She stops by in the middle of the day to let Puck out, brush him, or just give him some company (my 3 resident dogs go to Grandma Daycare during the day since we are still working on the two and Puck). He enjoys it and gets excited to see her.

Loves his 1:1 attention.

Currently, the perfect home for Puck would be:

  • A quiet home willing to let him settle in and be patient with him as he adjusts. He will not adjust overnight. Being in his last home for so long, he has really depended on me for security. I really called him my 3rd leg the first week or so. For the first couple of days, he’d bark when I’d leave it (I would leave for short spurts), but that has stopped now, but I really believe our routine helps.
  • I have had not an ounce of trouble with him and the 2 cats. My Beagle that had a minor/short tiff with Puck the 3rd or 4th day has not had any trouble with him since. My two females and Puck REALLY struggle with understanding I can share my time with all of them. Lucy is a momma’s girl and Puck isn’t a fan, so he does growl at times, but compared to even a week ago, he’s doing quite well at adjusting and this isn’t as frequent. I do believe Puck will be fine with other dogs; however, he’d really benefit from a 2 person/2 dog home or as an only dog, just because he really wants to be your buddy.

My resident dog and Puck checking out the yard!

  • Puck LOVES walks (and receives all kinds of compliments on how beautiful he is). He can do 2-3 miles and has no trouble. I’ve noticed if joggers run by, he picks up the pace. So a home with daily walks is a must - if you’re a runner, even better. I’ve also noticed his walks relax him at night. He walks best on a harness and he stands perfectly still while you put it on. But if we aren’t on a walk, he really likes to be inside when we are home. I am working on this, though, and he’s slowly starting to sit on my back steps with me for longer spurts.

He's staring to enjoy sitting outside with me.

After our two-mile walk, he was all smiles.

Puck will be one of my most rewarding fosters as he’s already changed so much since the first time I met him and even more in the last couple of days. He will make someone a great companion, and I’d really like to find that person/family.

If you think Puck would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with Puck's name, his RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under, and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.


We are so proud of Mr. Puck's courage and adaptability! A male RAGOM volunteer paid him a visit this week, and while he (Puck) was slightly apprehensive, our sweet boy did well for the most part and enjoyed romping outside with his new friend. Have we said how much he loves his walks?! See him in action here.


Puck here - it’s been so busy, and I’ve been meeting all kinds of people. I’m still a bit shy with men, but like the last update said, I’m getting better! I don’t want to run and greet them, but maybe in time, that will change. I just need time to check you out, and then, well... you should probably pet me - a lot!

We had our final vet appointment so I have a clean bill of health. Foster Mom is proud of me, because I greeted new dogs and I didn’t care. I also walked right up to a couple of females and wanted to be petted. I’m still learning how to get my nails trimmed, but with lots of peanut butter, I really didn’t care. I did well with getting my blood drawn, too. The good doctor gave me some medicine to help me with fireworks, and it helps.

Just hanging out at the vet, waiting to be seen.

I enjoy playing with toys a lot now, and Foster Mom took a video of me playing. She thought it was so cute. My previous family said I played, but I finally got comfortable, and now with our toy box, it’s fun to pick different ones out. I don’t play with others, but I think that’s just because I don’t know how.

This toy had a bottle in it and it crunched; that crunch was fun!

Foster Mom says I still LOVE walks! Check out my video of how well I walk and don’t pull. Foster mom also took a video of me walking by people! I might take a second to warm up to new people if they come over, but on my walks, I don’t care. I also know this command “Leave it,” which I respond well to when I’m sniffing trash or even if I’m overly interested in bunnies, etc. Though my pictures show a harness and a slip lead, I really don’t need both; just my harness and a regular leash would be enough. The slip lead is something RAGOM uses for safety for dogs until they are in their forever home - so don’t let this fool you, as I am great on walks. I also sit at corners almost automatically. Now and then, I need a reminder, but hey, I’m getting there.

Foster Mom says real boys wear pink zebra print - actually, she couldn’t find my black harness and I was ready to walk, so she made it work.

I really would love to have my fur-ever people. Could that be you?!? I promise you won’t regret it!

That’s it for now! Passing this off to Foster Mom!

Have I said how much I enjoy Puck? He really, truly is a great dog! He rides great in the car, is very quiet in the house, and doesn’t mind spending time inside, cuddling up with you! He always greets me when I get home, and it’s so cute to see him so excited, almost like he waits all day… Let’s be realistic, too - nothing beats a bad day at work and being greeted by a happy dog! Still no accidents, so I know he’s housetrained. He has free rein of the house, and I’ve had no trouble. I’ve caught some toys on my bed, but it looks over my driveway - so I really think he hangs out until I get home. Really, he seems to be getting better with men.

He just hangs out in the backseat. Now and then, I think he’d like to ride shotgun, but for safety reasons, he is secured in the back.

He knew it was about time for his walk and I was changing, so he just hung out on the steps, patiently waiting. I continuously get compliments on how beautiful he is - and I agree.

While it mentions above RAGOM got Puck in as a puppy, I couldn’t help but pull up some of his puppy pics as well as a picture of his beautiful mom, Ava!

Baby Puck

Momma Ava

I really would like to find Puck his fur-ever. He deserves it, and other than needing to be an only dog and needing time to warm up to guests, this boy is an easy-going lover. You can have visiting dogs; that’s no problem. Younger kids could come over, but overall, it’s best if he’s an only fur-child on a full-time basis. Unless you have cats - cats he still has no issues with; they annoy him more than anything, and he walks away.