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Give a huge welcome to Scruffers!  Scruffy came to us today from a "ranch" where he has been kept in a kennel for most of his life, only let out for an hour a day, if at all.  We think he is around 12 years old.  Scruffy was set to be euthanized last week because the owner no longer wanted him but the vet sprang into action and got RAGOM involved and look who's here!! 

Prior to getting him into the vet today, he got to hang out in a fenced backyard (Thanks Auntie Jen!).  He was introduced to another dog with no problems.  He was very scared and flinches when you go to touch his head.  He warmed up quite quickly however and came up to me for pets before too long (especially when he learned I had some nummy nummy treats).

Scruffers, however, is in pretty rough shape.  He went to the vet today (cross your fingers for good blood work!!) and weighed in at 51 pounds, the vet thinks he should be closer to 75 if that gives you any idea of how thin he is right now.  Prior to getting to the vets he was given a can of wet food and he ate with gusto so I'm hoping with some regular feedings of some good quality food he'll put some weight on in no time.

Scruffy has 2 broken canines and several incisors that will need to be removed.  He also seems to have some soreness in his back legs.  The vet said that the muscles back there are severely atrophied, likely from spending so much time in a kennel.  Since Scruffers is so scared right now, we made the decision to keep him at the vet with his buddy Goldie (10-311) so he could have his teeth pulled on Monday morning and then I'd bring him to my home. 

We don't know what Scruffers needs in his forever home at this point, but his vet bills are going to be quite large so I wanted to get his story out there, you know, just in case you wanted to help him out ;-)


GReat news!  All of Scruffers blood work came back great!  How often do you get an older dog who is 20 pounds underweight to have good blood work?!?  All that means is some regular feedings of some good quality foods should get him up to a healthy weight!

Scruffers ended up having a total of 5 teeth pulled.  His poor mouth was so swollen when he got to my house but that didn't stop him from eating!  He got some wet food and was excited to eat it.  We are doing a mix of wet food and dry food that's been soaked in water so he gets a little bit of both worlds.  We'll slowly switch him to pure kibble when his mouth is able to handle the crunchies.

Scruffers met the resident pack with little fanfare.  Granted, he was a little woozy from the drugs but after he was up and about, during the night and this morning everything went great.  He's such a little squirt that he fits UNDER one of my resident dogs!  He got to meet most of the neighbors who, naturally, fell head of heels for him.  He's just got that lovable kind of face :-)  He also met the resident pip-squeak, Stella, who is a 9 pound puppy mix.  He did just fine with her along with the 2-year-old neighbor girl next door.

We took our first walk this morning and he needed a lot of encouragement.  I don't imagine he's ever been on a walk before so he kind of pulled the puppy thing, i.e. if I sit and don't move you can't do anything about it.  He did end up doing a pretty good job after lots of praise. 

I was happy to know that loud noises to not bother him, but I'm starting to think he might be a little hard of hearing.  He doesn't respond to his name, but that's not too surprising considering where he came from.  However, he doesn't jump or flinch with any noises which is a little "off" since he is a little bit scared overall.  I'll continue to monitor this and keep everyone updated!

Scruffers doesn't exactly go to the door when he needs to potty, however he does cry and pace, which is a very good sign in my book!  He slept in the kennel last night and wasn't a happy camper but did settle down after an hour or so.  With some consistency he will be a pro at night!

I'm still not sure what Scruffers needs in his forever home.  If he does have a hearing issue he will be safer with a fenced yard.  He hasn't shown too much interest in the resident pack yet, so don't know if he will need/want another dog to live with.  Keep checking back and I'll keep everyone updated on his progress and we'll find out what he needs!  In the meantime I'll be sure to give him some extra lovin :-)


As I learn more about this little guy the more I admire him!  He has obviously had a rough go of it but his tail just keeps wagging!  Everyone who has met him has fallen in love :-) 
It's my opinion that Scruffers has declining eye sight.  I believe he can see light and shadows but not much more than that.  He knows me and will wag his tail when he knows I'm around.  He goes up to people but doesn't expect to be pet and will duck and cower when you do touch him.  Who knows what his experience has been with human hands!  Another reason I think he has poor eyesight is that one of my resident's tails is right at eye level for Scruff and when that tail is wagging, if it hits Scruff he will jerk like he was surprised.  If his eyes worked he would be able to see the hair coming, believe me.

Scruffers has started to learn that nothing bad comes from my hands.  He will come up for pets and LOVES having his ears rubbed!  He is still shaking if I pet anything other than his ears so I'm not certain if he is in any kind of pain or if he's just scared of what I might to do him?  I'll keep monitoring this and hopefully he'll learn that ALL humans offer nothing but love!

I started having a hard time getting him to eat.  He's eating just enough to sustain himself it seems.  I've given him several different kinds of wet food and he just nibbles and walks away from it.  I've offered him really good dry food and he's hardly interested at all.  It's challenging to get his pain pills in because I don't want to cause him fear by opening his mouth but since he won't eat I can't stick it in food... Catch 22 but we're working on it!
Scruffers has been doing really good with not going potty in the house.  It is very obvious when he needs out as he does this huge pacing circle... he doesn't go to the door yet but he knows where the potty spot is outside.  He's had a couple bowel accidents but they were when I was gone.  He is babygated in the kitchen until he is 100% so luckily it's just been in there.  He has been left alone for 5 hours at a time and hasn't had any pee accidents so that is fabulous!  The first couple nights I kenneled him in my bedroom.   One night he had some loose stools but that night but he let me know when he needed out and down the stairs (me carrying him) and outside we rushed! 

I have determined that Scruffers needs a fence.  He does not like leash life and he cannot be trusted to not leave/roam.  Since he can't hear well (he can hear high pitched voice and whistles) and he can't see well (especially at night) it's for his own safety.   Along with not enjoying his leashed life, he doesn't like going on walks.  I believe this is because he can't see!  I tried taking him on a couple, thinking he would be secure with my dogs but he just stops and doesn't want to move at all.  We'll keep trying little walks to hopefully build up his muscles but he's not eating enough to go on long walks at this point.
He has no problems with other dogs and actively seeks out a good smell from the resident and neighborhood dogs but should only go to a home with a mellow dog, preferably an older one.  Scruffy can't see/hear well enough to get out of the way and he gets knocked around so easily.  We want him to be as safe as possible!  Scruffy would also do well as an only dog.
Along with an older/mellow dog he should only go to a home with older kids or no kids where they won't accidently knock into him.   He's been good with the kids he's met thus far and has NO aggressions towards anything but again we want him to be as comfortable as possible. 
And lastly, minimal stairs in your home.  While Scruffy has only been in my home a short while he hasn't been able to do stairs at all.  I carry him up/down as needed but I think a huge obstacle is he can't see them!    We're going to work on stairs this weekend with some ultra good smelling treats but that doesn't change the fact that he can't really see at night.

So, if you think you've got the home for Scruffers and are willing to work with his fears, please contact your placement advisor!  I promise you won't be sorry, it's amazing what I've seen in just a short while... imagine his possibilities!


Scruffers will be at PetCo this weekend starting at 11.  We will stay for as long as he is able to, without being TOO scared.  Of course if you come bearing treats he will most likely stay there the whole time ;-)


If you were to come to my house today and meet the Scruffmuffin you would think I was lying about the dog that came into my house more than a week ago!   My little scruffers found his groove... he has spunk... he LOVES life!

Scruffy has taken up with eating and does so with gusto!  He's up to 4 cups of food a day now!  He eat 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups at night.  He is a slow eater so if he doesn't finish when the other dogs do and I need to leave the kitchen I put the food up until I leave and he is gated in the kitchen during the day so he can finish without 3 other dogs drooling waiting for an opening.  I'm going to swing by the vets office on Saturday and weigh him before the event so we have an accurate update!

Not only is he eating his kibble, but he LOVES treats!  We stopped at a neighbors house this week and he literally danced for some of the venison stick she was doling out!  He does become a little obsessed over food and will try to eat what you're eating if given the chance.  I can understand this obsession, I love food too and I didn't come from a situation where I was literally starving to death!

Scruffy LOVES attention and actively goes up to people to get some lovin.  He still cowers if you try to pet him starting with his ears, but if you put your hand on his chin and move to his ears then he will be yours forever.  His tail never stops wagging and he goes up to all the neighbors and people we meet outside expecting love (and treats). 

I took him on another walk this week and he did REALLY good!  He is a little hesitant when there is a change in the surface (ie street to walking path - clear walking path to covered with leaves/nettle), and he is scared when we walk on the path along the street (who knows what those loud, fast moving things are!!).  He enjoyed a good smell here and there and overall did his best to keep up with the pack.  My resident dogs like to surround a new dog (especially one not used to walking on a leash) to try and teach them the ropes but Scruffy wants none of that.  If they do come up around him, he will stop and then move to the outside.

Scruffers has also learned about the toy box.  He doesn't quite know what to do with the toys but he loves to empty the box :-)  He really tries to pick up some bones but hasn't quite learned how to do this (hard with 5 missing teeth and others that are broken!!).  I came downstairs one morning and the toybox was all but emptied overnight!  Silly boy.

Speaking of overnights.  My bedroom is upstairs and initially I was carrying Scruffers upstairs each night but he now has free roam of the main floor at night.  He crawls into his favorite dog bed and is usually asleep before I turn the lights off.  I know he sleeps there all night (aside from the occasional toy box wanderings) because he doesn't hear us coming down the stairs and only gets up when I call out to him.

Scruffers is such a fantastic job and it's dogs like him that make me love rescue!  This scared, timid, underweight, hurting dog has turned into a confident, loving, eating regularly so gaining weight happy boy!  I know it's hard to give a senior a 2nd chance but I can guarantee you won't be disappointed with this boy!

(ps I do have pics coming but am having computer issues... I'll get them up ASAP!)


THANK YOU to everyone who came to PetCo on Saturday and gave my little Scruffers some lovin'!  He had a blast and was so excited to get some scritches from so many people... I never cease to be amazed by this little love muffin.  2 weeks ago I would never have considered bringing him to an event let alone making it through one with energy and love to spare!  Of course he won the hearts of everyone who met him!

He continues to do wonderfully in foster care.  He has really taken to life indoors (can you blame him??).  He LOVES the multiple dog beds and if given the option will choose to lay on one of them rather than the carpeting.  He hasn't gotten on the furniture yet and I don't know if he can really make the jump up even if he wanted up.  I spend a lot of time cuddling with him on the floor.  He has learned that if he lays just right, he can put his head on my leg and fall asleep while getting some lovin'.

He found the cat this week.  I don't know if he knows what it is or not, just a white furry thing that moves quickly.  He has given Gizmo some good sniffs while Giz is laying on my lap but doesn't seem to connect the little white thing scampering around the house to the cat on my lap.  This morning I was in the shower and I heard Scruff barking (YEP!  He found his voice!!) and it turns out the Giz was just out of his reach.  It would have been more comical if it wasn't 5:30AM!

Scruffers is getting more comfortable living in an active household.  He knows now that the tails won't hurt him so he just closes his eyes and waits for the wagging to stop.  He has started wanting to sleep nearer to the residents but hasn't initiated play.  He's not to keen on getting kisses from Millie even though she keeps trying!

I've been working on brushing out his yukky undercoat that he has from being outside for years.  He does really well until I get to his hind legs and he's not too excited for me to be brushing back there.  I'm hoping with some more short walks and just more room to explore he'll have less problems back there.  He's all nice and fluffyscruffy now :-)

If you have a physical fence, a low key home, minimal stairs and want a cuddle bug, contact your placement advisor!

Since Scruff did so well at PetCo, we will be heading to Chuck and Don's this upcoming weekend.  I have a prior commitment in the morning but will try to be there between 11-11:30 and we'll stay til they kick us out.  Come meet this lover!!


I was out with one of my resident dogs yesterday and when I came back I saw Scruffy standing on my end table!  Gizmo has a bed in the corner under the table and someway, somehow Scruffy jumped up on the couch and onto the end table to find that darned cat!  I love that my Scruff has some spunk!


WOW!  Who knew my Scruffers was such a popular dude!!  Thank you to everyone who came to Chuck and Don's yesterday to see him!  A big shout out to a certain couple who bought him some nummy treats!  I guarantee he is lovin them!  I'm always excited to show him off because his pictures sure don't do him justice! 

Everything here is still status quo with my Scruffmuffin... I still keep him in the kitchen during the day just so he doesn't get knocked around by the big ole youngens in the house.  He loves to sleep on the same floor as us so everynight I carry him up the 12 steps to the bedroom!  He sleeps in his kennel with the door open.  It's cute because he can't hear my alarm clock go off so he will sometimes still be sleeping as the rest of us get up but when the other 3 start rough housing I think he can feel the vibrations and is excited to start his day again!

Scruff has a very important job.  He lets me know when his favorite neighbors are home!  He barks at the door and has to go over and say hi to them.  They, of course, are more than happy to indulge him and give him some lovin.

Scruff snuck out the door the other day and my assessment of him needing a fence was definitely reinforced.  He ran a little bit and I didn't want to grab him and scare him so I had to kind of block him and turn him around (think basketball boxing out!).  He didn't get more than a couple yards from my house but it was definitely good to know that he really does need a fence.

A HUGE thank you to Julie for taking some pics for me of Scruff at the event yesterday!


Guess who is extra special?? YUP!  That's right, it's my scruffmuffin!  He has an extra special sponsor, Friends of Flicka!  A HUGE thank you for sponsoring my senior boy!!


I was sitting on the floor with Scruffers last night and I like to push the limits and see what I can get away with.  I was petting his hind end and it's still a little sore at times.  He decided he didn't want me doing that anymore but didn't want to leave his place in my lap so he grabbed my finger in his mouth between some teeth and pulled my hand away!  He was oh so gentle but it was pretty clear he didn't want his butt rubbed any longer!  So what did I do?  I went back to rubbing his hind end and he did it again!  So, I know it wasn't a mistake the first time and was really proud of him for showing me what he likes!

Scruffers went up to my Millie yesterday with his ears up and tail wagging like he wanted to play!  YUP, scruffmuffin has decided that the residents, especially the baby girl of the house, are OK to play with!  Millie didn't quite know what to do though because when she's initiated play before he got knocked over :-) 

I bought some knuckle bones this weekend and they're a little too heavy for him to be carrying around but it turns out he loves rawhides! 


My little Scruff had a fantastic weekend!  We spent Saturday at Foster Grandpa's house!  FG has a huge fenced in backyard and a couple dogs himself!  Scruffy was in heaven that he got to be outside without a leash.  When we first got there he walked the perimeter of the yard, just getting his bearings.  His tail didn't stop wagging and his ears went up all happy-like.  FG has a 1-year-old female GR who was so deferrential to Scruffers... she would go up to him and then lay down on her back right in front of him... it was quite the site!  I was pretty proud of Sadie because she is a tank and could have taken Scruff out without trying! 

I have noticed that Scruffers tends to gravitate towards men and FG was no exception.  FG went downstairs to do some laundry and Scruffy followed him!  He has NEVER gone down stairs before.  FG called to me because Scruffers was kind of lost, not knowing how to get back up the stairs :-)  Silly boy.  He got plenty of scritches after that. 

At the end of the night Scruffers and I were laying on the floor cuddling and it amazed me as he layed there with his head on a pillow how far this little guy has come!  He spent the first 12 years of his life in a kennel with the opportunity once in a while to get out and walk.  Now he's laying on a carpeted floor with his head on a pillow! 

Keep your fingers crossed, Scruffers is meeting a family on Saturday!  If they are very lucky he might decide that their home is his final home!   I will keep everyone updated :-)


Well, I think we found the answer as to why Mr. Scruffers is so skinny and can't gain weight, he has a tapeworm!  Tapeworms are tricky little buggers as they aren't typically seen when fecals are done unless the worm is actively shedding it's tail.  So when Scruff had his fecal done when he first came in and it turned out negative, the worm wasn't shedding.  Yesterday and today I saw rice like things in his poo, tapeworm!  Now that he's medicated it should be killed off and he can get the nutrients he needs!!  This is another little reminder about how important it is to pick up after your dogs and note any inconsistencies... Poor scruffers, according the vet records he's been losing weight for over 4 years!



Scruffers met a very special family today but alas it wasn't meant to be, so luckily for YOU he is still looking for his furever family ;-)  

I try to expose Scruff to different situations, different locations, different people because in the end, it can only help him.  I have found that it takes at least 2 hours for him to really feel comfortable in new situations.  Just a good thing to keep in the back of your mind.

Scruff and my new thing is for him to lay in my lap.  We spend much of our time on the sofa cuddling like mad but we can sit in kitchen chairs or anywhere else for that matter.  I'm thinking once he starts putting some good weight on it won't be as easy to pick him up but I'll sure keep trying!

To reiterate, Scruffy needs the following in his home:

* Low Key Home
* Fenced Yard
* Minimal Stairs


Well can you guess who Mr. Popular is these days?? YUP!  It's my Scruffmuffin!!  A HUGE thank you to Connie Jendro for sponsoring my bub!  He would be honored to let you give him lovin some day :-)  He is especially learning to love those ear rubs and will growl in contentment... I would say sigh but it's much to loud and he's definitely lovin the ear rubs!

It's amazing how quickly we fall in love with our fosters sometimes and I have to say the seniors get me everytime, and my Scruff is no exception!  Our newest pasttime is him cuddling on my lap on the couch.  If I'm sitting on the couch, he comes up to me with his eyes full of hope so I pick him up and we cuddle on the couch.  He's the perfect size for this but when he gains some weight I don't know if I'll be able to do the dead weight lift, but I'll sure try!

Scruffy was a little under the weather for the first couple days after his tapeworm treatment but he is full of himself now!  He is eating with gusto, wanting to hang out with the pack and LOVES going outside, even if it's on a leash.  He is doing fantastic on our walks and he loves going along!  We go for about a 2.5 mile walk everyday and I bring Scruffy about twice a week, not wanting to overdo it with him.  It's getting harder with the light leaving sooner and him not having the best night vision but that's not detering him!  He still gets a little scared walking on the path along a busy road, especially now that it's dark and all he sees are headlights coming at him!  Silly boy.

Scruffy still expects to come upstairs with us every night and when I pick him up we take an extra second to get a cuddle in.  I brought him up on the bed one day.  My bed is next to a window minus the 2 feet that it's pulled away and of course Scruffy didn't see the end of the bed and face planted right off... That didn't deter him at all as he got up and walked around the bed again asking to get up.  This time he was slightly more cautious and decided just to cuddle.  I don't bring him up at night but on the weekends after we get up and go back to bed he is brought up for some extra snuggle time.

I know that considering adopting a senior is a difficult decision because lets face it, noone likes the prospect of only having a dog for a couple years.  We never know how much time any of our dogs have left but I can let you know that Scruffers still has some oomph in him!  While he might not be around for the next 10 years, he will surely enrich your life for the years he does have left.  If nothing else, come out and give him some lovin at an upcoming event!  I heard a whisper that Santa make be making some appearances in the near future ;-)



Scruffy will be at PetSmart in Richfield this weekend so come give him some loving!  If you're going to be around Connie, he'd love a good snuggle with you!


On this day of Thanksgiving, Scruffers and I wanted to reflect on what we are thankful for...

We are thankful for that fantastic vet in Iowa who instead of euthanizing him and his buddy Goldie, because they were no longer wanted,  decided to get in touch with RAGOM.

We are thankful for Teresa for working so diligently to get them into RAGOM and then driving them a good distance into MN! 

We are thankful for Auntie Jen for meeting Teresa and driving Scruffers the rest of the way into the Twin Cities.

We are thankful for the wonderful vet care he received from ACH and Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital.

We are thankful for Friends of Flicka and Connie Jendro.  Without generous friends like you RAGOM couldn't survive and therefore deserving dogs like Scruffy wouldn't be alive.

Finally, we are thankful to RAGOM.  Thank you for taking in seniors.   For taking in the dogs that aren't wanted by their surrendering owners, dogs that have been abused, neglected or just needed a life change.  

Hug your loved ones today and tell them how much they mean to you!


My buddy Scruffers and I will be making the trip to Rochester on 12/4 to meet all his adoring fans at Leashes and Leads!  Come say hi, give some snuggles, a treat or three and get to know him!


A HUGE thank you to Devon for taking these photos of Scruffers at the event on Saturday!  It really means alot to us that you took time out of your day, again, to take fantastic pictures of all the foster dogs!

I couldn't pick which ones I liked the best so just added a bunch...


Something happened yesterday morning that really got me thinking about the the training that Scruffers has received or maybe he was human in his past life, let me set the stage...

I'm running late in the morning (as usual) so instead of carrying Scruffy downstairs immediately to go potty I jump in the shower.  While I'm showering Scruffy pees near the toilet- I see him doing this but what really can I do?  I'm showering and upstairs so the time it would take me to get out of the shower, grab my robe, lift Scruffy to take him down stairs and get him outside is hardly worth the time and effort and lets face it the effort would be too late in the end, so I just watched him continue to empty his bladder. 

Not very exciting, right?  So what, your foster had a potty accident, your asking.  Well here's what got me thinking... why did he potty in the BATHROOM?  Why did he potty RIGHT next to the toilet?  My conclusions were that he had either been toilet trained previously and due to his advancing age he couldn't climb up on the toilet bowl anymore and so just went as close as he could OR he was a human male in his past life and peed outside the toilet, like many human males ;-) 

I guess in the end we'll never know but makes for some good pondering, doesn't it!?


Have I mentioned how in love with Scruffers I am?  In case that hasn't come across fully, this dog is a complete lover.  I have some pics I'll get up of some of our cuddle sessions.  He loves loves loves to cuddle and comes up for pets all the time.  He's always kept in the background until last night where I pretended I didn't see him so he kept coming closer until he felt the need to give my hand a kiss :-)

Scruffers loves the snow too.  He acted like he didn't quite know what was going on at first but now he's a champ plowing through this stuff. 

Scruff gets invited to all the neighborhood parties too.  Well, if you call shoveling your driveway a party!  A couple of my residents and the neighborhood dogs get to run in the dead end street and Scruffy gets to be on a long flexi-lead and watches, thinking maybe he can keep up with the young whipper snappers...

Scruffmuffin would love to have a furever home to spend Christmas in!  He's the easiest foster I've had, and that's saying a lot!  He just wants to love you and doesn't expect much in return, just a few scritches, some cuddle time and short walks.  (Although he does walk 3 miles a couple times a week!).  If you think you have what it takes to give this speical guy a home, contact your placement advisor!

And if you'd just like to come give him some cuddles without the commitment, he'll be at the Stillwater PetCo this Saturday, 12/11! come out and say HI.


I know that all my pics of Scruff show him laying down asleep but he's so darned cute that I can't help not sharing these!  He is awake every now and then ;-)  But I'm too lazy to try and capture that cuteness...  Plus, now you get to see our daily snuggle ritual!


Well, Mr Scruffers is irrevocably spoilt now... no two ways around it.  I have picked him up and put him in bed with me the past 2 nights.  He is such a snuggle bug and now sits all pretty at the head of the bed at night wanting to come up, so of course I oblige.  4 dogs and me :-)


Due to the predicted upcoming bad weather, Scruffy will not be attending the event at PetCo tomorrow.  While I know many of you wanted to come snuggle with this little snuggle-bug they are advising of bad weather and roads and everyone needs to stay safe.  Don't worry, we'll go to another event soon!


Merry Christmas Scruffers!  Love, Jayden & Maggie Merry Christmas Scruffers!  Love, Jayden & Maggie

From Judith Cummings From Judith Cummings

Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors and their fosters! Merry Christmas to the Senior Goldens and their fosters from Anonymous


Well look who is Mr. Popular!!  My Scruffers of course ;-)  Not only does he have wonderful sponsors, Friends of Flicka and Connie Jendro, but he is getting a page of Christmas tokens now!!  A special thank you to Judith Cummings who knows where to send the love... to scuffmuffin.  Another special thank you to his Anonymous giver who made a special donation to all the sweet sweet seniors at RAGOM.  You are truly an angel.

A special thank you to Scruffy's girlfriends, Jadey-cakes and Maggie-poo... He'll give you some extra kisses on Thursday ;-)


Well Scruff was off to the vet yesterday.  Last week he had some coughing and this week he's been sneezing and sounding very congested.  He'd also lost some weight so because he is a senior and already underweight RAGOM thought it a good idea to check things out.  After some testing and listening to his lungs they've decided that he most likely has a sinus infection and he's on antibiotics for a couple weeks.  If it doesn't clear up, they will look further to see if he has an abscesses from his teeth since they are in bad shape.  We already knew the teeth weren't perfect but who knows if anything else has been going on.

So please keep Scruffers in your thoughts for a speedy recovery!  He still has his spunk and he's still more than happy to cuddle.  Another big thank you to Connie Jendro and Friends of Flicka -- because of generous friends like you deserving dogs like Scruffers are able to get the medical help they need!  Also thank you to Judith, Jadie-cakes and Maggie-moo and Scruffers anonymous friend.


Mr Scruffers has had a rough couple of weeks.  About 3 weeks ago he started coughing but it didn't seem to be that big of a deal until I noticed he had started losing weight.  The following week he became lethargic and congested so off to the vet we went.  The vet decided that he had a sinus infection so he went on an antibiotic for 2 weeks.  I also had the doctor check his pain and he was also put on a pain med.

2 weeks later he is much less congested but started having bloody stools so back to the vet we went.  Luckily when we got there, he left a very good sample for the vet :-)  They ran a fecal and also a bunch of blood tests and the good news is all his blood work came back normal!!  The not-so-good but relieving news is that he has yet another parasite.  The particular parasite he has is one found in all dogs but when there is an "overgrowth" it can cause issues.  So, another 2 weeks of 3 different meds and hopefully we can get him eating again and back on the path to weight gain and a healthy scruffers.

We'd like to send out a thank you to his sponsors as well as those who put a special token on his page.  Because of your generosity Scruffers can get the vetting that he so desperately needed.

Here's hoping to a better new years and perhaps a special family for my scruffmuffin??


Well the little Scruffmuffin is doing fantastic!  He is taking his pills like a trooper (of course anything wrapped in turkey is good, right??).  He has returned to his little velcro self and is coming up wanting to sit on my lap (I think I've created a monster).  We do lots of cuddle time together much to the chagrin of the other 3!

Scruffy will be going to the Stillwater Petco on 1/15 so if you feel the need for a fantastic cuddle, come say hi!


I have some fantastic news... Scruffers is eating like a mad man again!  I think I found the perfect food- Fromms Duck and Sweet Potato!  2 days ago before trying this food he was maybe eating 1 cup of food a day that had tuna, chicken and whatever else I could find added in.  Now he is eating 4 cups a day (2 cups in the morning and 2 cups at night) of the Fromms!  In fact he is licking his bowl clean :-)  If I could trust the 3 resident dogs not to eat his food, I would set some more out for him but don't want him to eat too much at one time.  It's spendy but sure worth it to get him to eat, now I can't wait to see the weight pile on!

Now that my city has finally plowed our walking paths the 3 residents have been going out for their daily constitutional.  Scruffy, I'm sure, would love to come if it weren't dark so instead he gets a chicken flavored rawhide chip to keep him busy.  We'll get him out this weekend when it's light out if it's not too cold for his footsies.

Remember Goldie (10-311) who came in from the same place as Scruffers?  Well he'll be at the Stillwater event this weekend too so I'm very excited to see if they remember each other.  We're going to try and get the reunion on film, we'll see how it goes!  If you'd like to be there stop on by! 

Scruff has truly turned into my little shadow and comes up all the time for his ear rubs.  If he didn't come up with us to bed at night he does a little dance at the bottom of the stairs when we come down in the morning.  He has our routine down and after he goes potty he runs straight to the kitchen for his breakfast :-)  What a smart boy.  He is almost done with his pills for his parasites and it was incredibly easy, just wrapped them in sliced turkey meat!  I have found, however, that I have to give him his pills when he is completely done eating or he gets so worried about the turkey he won't finish his food... he's too smart for his own good.

I know adopting a senior can be hard because you want the most years with your dogs but know that we don't know how much time ANY of our dogs have left.  Scruffy is truly a gem that just wants a warm place to lay his head for his golden years.  Come out and meet him, fall in love then contact your placement advisor!



Scruffy continues to be my phenomenal little shadow.  Everyone who meets him loves him.  I wanted to share some photos...


Of course, once again, Scruffy had a GReat time at the event in Richfield today!  I am always amazed at how many people follow his story and come to meet and say hi to him!  I can tell you he appreciates all the scritches he gets.  He is usually, and today is no exception, exhausted after a day like today :-)

Speaking of scritches, Judy and Gene really found out what a lover he is!  I think he cuddled with them for at least 30 minutes!  I don't know who was happier at the end of that... and we went shopping on our way out - well Scruff did.  He found some really stinky treats :-)  He even got one before we checked out, just because he is so deserving.

The great news is that Scruffy is eating 4 cups of food a day (2 cups am and 2 cups pm) and is loving his food!  I haven't taken him in to be weighed again but if he's not gaining weight then he must have hollow legs.  He looks great, his hair and claws are growing quickly!  For everyone who came to see him today you could definitely tell how much fuller and healthier his hair looks.  Yes, my little muffin is on the upswing!


Everyday I sit and marvel at how far this little guy has come.  He loves our routines.  In the morning all 4 dogs go out and potty and when they're out I get their food bowls ready.  They race in like the worlds ending (Scruffy included) and go straight into the kitchen where they all dance for their food.  When I'm getting ready to leave Scruffy leads that pack back into the kitchen because they get a treat before I leave for work.  Scruffy has quite the nose on him and literally can barely contain himself for that smelly treat :-)

At night we do lots of cuddling but not before I have to trick Scruffers.  He doesn't do well on walks when it's dark out so when I get home and put the dogs out to potty, I get their leashes ready for a walk.  I get Scruffy in and give him a chicken rawhide chip while the rest of us go for our 3 mile walk.  I think he's OK with this, but hopefully soon he'll be able to walk with us (or have a family to take him out!!) because he really does like going for these walks.

I took a couple pictures last night that I'll try to get up later.  I lift Scruffy up to cuddle with me on the couch quite often.  Sometimes I use him as a blanket and sometimes I just put him right next to me.  It's inevitable that one of the other dogs has to go potty soon after so when I get up, Scuff usually wants to get up too but last night he just kept sleeping on the couch!  The blanket kind of fell on him so he look snug as a bug... he was just so adorable.  He sure is going to make some family super happy!

Scruffy will be a the Chuck and Don's on Saturday in Lakeville.  Come out and get one of his famous cuddles!



Come give this muffin a Valentines day smooch at the Richfield PetSmart on 1/13!


This boy has his spunk back!  He has become more velcro than before but believe me, FM won't kick this boy off the couch :-) 

He is totally digging this warmer weather and I've been able to leave the main door open so he can look out the storm door, his favorite past time.  I've caught him a few times when we're outside just closing his eyes and warming his face in the sun... it truly is the picture of contentment and joy. 

Scruff is by far one of the easiest fosters I've had.  He needs minimal walks, likes to sleep and cuddle.  Once he gets the routines of your house he is perfectly fine and doesn't mess the house.  He has gotten along with every dog, person and cat he's met.  Truly a remarkable dog!


Scruffy is just about the perfect dog... still.  He is turning into a bigger lover everyday!  He doesn't "beg" for attention he just stands right in front of me like I'm supposed to figure out what he wants.  Now, I know that he wants to snuggle, so I happily oblige!

Last week Scruffy got to come with to Foster Grandpa's house to help dog and house sit.  We go there about once a month and it only took a couple hours on the first visit for him to figure out where the door to outside was and he's never had any accidents there...  His signals are pretty obvious if you are looking for them.  He loves it there as they have a nice large fenced back yard and a huge patio window he can look out and sleep in the sun like a cat. 

Scruffy has learned a lot while in foster care with me, so I thought I'd share some of the things he has learned:

Scruffy has learned to keep my spot on the couch warm...

How to find bones, toys and balls in the toy box...

How to empty said toy box (he hasn't quite learned how to pick up after himself yet)...

Scruffy has learned that he can help clean the dishes in the dishwasher...

How to hunt for rabbits (even if he can't always see them clearly)...

The bottom line about Scruffers is that I love him so much that I would love to keep him here forever.  However to do so, I will need to put one of my 3 resident dogs up for adoption... city ordinances and all that stuff, you know? 

Rebel is about 5.5 years old.  He's a huge goof ball, weighs around 99 pounds and is crazy about tennis balls.  He will not let you read a book (he throws the ball over the top), sit in the sun (throws the ball in your lap).  He likes to give hugs and jumps and puts both paws on your shoulder...

 Millie has had a tough year and sometimes gets along with other dogs... Her best friend is a 9 pound mutt... She is my running partner and would love to go for a run everyday with you...

Moxie is a thorn in my side.  He has been known to go walkabout around 6:30 am if not on a leash.  He likes to think he's the alpha but doesn't have it in him...

Ok, so all joking aside I would never get rid of my resident doggies :-)  They mean the world to me and it's been my running joke that I need to get rid of one of them in order to keep Scruffy... He is just that perfect!

Scruffy is safe and loved in his foster home for as long as it takes!  He is completely healthy and happy and will make anyone a fine companion!  Contact your placement advisor if you'd like to meet him!




It is with a level of the most profound sadness that I write and say that my Scruffy, my scruffmuffin, my bubbub was helped to the bridge this afternoon.

We don't know what the first 12 years or so of his life were like but I know that the last 5 months were filled with lots of love and cuddles. I'm going to miss him more than words can say. I held his paw and told him to find my Hatchers (09-196) and that I loved him so much.