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Bear 10-247
(Fostered in Hugo, MN)

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A gift to sweet Mr. Bear from Alan and Chien, in honor of Bob C's birthday

Happy Valentines, Byron and Larry  Happy Valentines, Byron and Larry

From Laura K.  From Laura K


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Physical fence required Age 10+ Required Yes
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

June 15, 2012


Please help us welcome back a VERY SPECIAL BOY named “Bear.” Bear is an 8-year-old, 60-lb. Golden Retriever mix that captured our hearts when we first fostered him! He was adopted out to a wonderful couple about 18 months ago, but recently has had some increased anxiety in the home as the family prepares to welcome their first child and sell their home. Wanting to do what is best for Bear, his adoptive family asked RAGOM to find a quieter home environment where Bear could be most comfortable and happy. So here he is—all vetted up and back with us in RAGOMland.

Bear returned to us much like he left--- happy, healthy, and as lovable as we remember. We’ve had Bear with us for almost 2 weeks now. He met the crew with nothing but a wagging tail and then off he went to do his favorite thing---run, run, run! We think there is some blend of Husky, Lab, or Shepherd in this Golden boy----he’s just so beautiful when he runs and absolutely loves to run free with the other dogs!

And as you can see---he also enjoys plenty of “hang time” with his buddies!

Bear and the Resident Boys (aka The Three Musketeers!)

RAGOM Girl Sugar 11-437 & Bear

Bear was very playful the first time we had him and continues to be this time around. His adoptive family mentioned that he didn’t care for toys, but he sure wanted in on the action the other day when the rest were all playing catch. Bear does not fetch---but bats the ball around, grabs it, and takes it on one of many victory laps with the ball proudly displayed in his mouth---so cute to see!!!

It was noted that Bear was having some random accidents in his adoptive home-- both urinating and defecating. This surely concerned us all as Bear always had free roam in our home and could be left alone for up to 8 hours when we were away at work without issue. Bear was checked out by a vet by his adoptive family to rule out a medical issue as the cause but nothing specific was found. We have NOT experienced either issue since Bear arrived 14 days ago and we’ve left him for up to 7 hours during the day with free roam. We are hoping this continues and that the change in environment is exactly what Bear needed to wash away whatever anxiety he was feeling or reacting to. We do live out in a more rural setting which is probably Bear’s ideal setting---quiet surroundings, room to run, and not too much outside commotion in the neighborhood.

The first few days back on the Ranch---we used a long trailing lead on Bear (literally –trailing on the ground not tied to anything) when in our fenced in yard to make sure Bear would not jump our 4’ fence— its hard to keep track from foster to foster on who jumps what—but we only used the lead for a few days, but no longer need it--Bear is just all about running and cuddling!

Bear is a very “sensitive” little boy—with good reason I’m sure. When Bear originally came into RAGOM, he was a bit very stressed out. Bear and his son, Junior, were surrendered together because the owner could no longer care for them. Bear and Junior lived together in an outdoor kennel their whole lives. Unfortunately, the stress of moving and an unknown medical condition led to the unexpected, sudden death of his son, Junior. Bear was now in a strange place as an “only dog” trying to adjust to living in a home and was scared of everything—Bear really struggled for a time and even today needs a little extra care, reassurance, and patience to help him feel secure about new things.

We have no idea what Bear lived through prior to RAGOM---but we do know he has some real fears of being hurt. Bear will “cry” or “yelp” if anything touches him unexpectedly, or accidently pokes him, or if a tennis ball lands too close to him, or if a dog runs into him. Sound is also very scary to Bear, but we are noticing he is becoming more relaxed with the sounds that are common in our home---more so than when he arrived. Bear hits the floor and scurries across the floor if the garage door opens, or if a drawer slams shut, or if his shadow silently sneaks up on him---seriously! But the vacuum and my hair dryer seemed to be okay. With all this said----get Bear outside—running around the track or in the woods and a very confident boy emerges---the dog he was born to be! Luckily---Bear is NOT afraid of people---he LOVES people and dogs and will look to both for comfort and guidance.

This is what we originally discovered about Bear when he was with us 18 months ago and what we have rediscovered over the past two weeks with him:

  • Bear MUST HAVE another medium-sized dog in his home to rely on for guidance and comfort.
  • Bear needs good exercise opportunities multiple times a day---especially before he is left alone for a period of time.
  • Bear loves face rubs, hugs, cuddling, and just to be touched.
  • Bear loves other dogs and people and is CAT-APPROVED (lived with cats at 2 different homes).
  • Bear has been trusted with free roam with the other dogs since arriving and during his last stint with us. We are gone 4-7 hours at a time with NO potty issues or naughty behaviors from Bear as of yet.
  • Bear does NOT resource guard anything.
  • Bear CANNOT be crated.
  • Bear needs a home with no kids or older, mature kids that understand he can be very nervous and scared at times and needs tenderness and patience.
  • Bear can run like the wind…he runs ahead of you and then turns around to come back and check on you. He loves to be cheered on----“Go Bear! Go!” A fenced yard is preferred---so he can run free.
  • Bear is very playful with the dogs. He likes to run alongside of them and play chase. He has just started to wrestle with them and play bow.
  • Bear would be a great candidate for the Dog Park or doggie daycare—he enjoys the company and the space to run.
  • Bear does not counter surf.
  • Bear has seasonal allergies---possibly a food allergy. We changed his food to a high quality—grain free diet in hopes of curbing some of the allergies his previous family noted.
  • Bear is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever met and can’t wait for him to find his perfect forever home!!!

More to come as Bear continues to settle in with us...though it feels like he never left.


In honor of our golden Reno on his 11th birthday, and in memory of Barney #11-408, who touched our hearts. The love of a senior dog is a precious gift. From Laura Kreun


Hi Bear FANS!!!

As a foster home, you never know what you’re going to get when you take in a foster dog.  Even when a previous foster dog returns to you after being away for a long period---you forget and so you welcome each dog with a little hesitation and a lot of grace.  And of course---you cross your paws that all the dogs get along---of course Bear loves all dogs so this was a good start!

When Bear returned, all we could remember is that he was just about the easiest foster dog we had ever had.  He was friendly and playful with our dogs, happy to meet new guests, a total lover boy, and he loved to run really fast around our property.  We remembered how he loved the tennis ball and would take it for victory lap after victory lap.  He was such a good boy---no accidents, no anxiety, no issues---just a big Teddy Bear.  Now, after having him in our home for 3 ½ weeks, we are happy to report that whatever his issues were during the time he was away from us, they did not come back with him.  Bear is everything we remember him to be and more.

Some of the special things we love about Bear:

Bear loves to offer his paw to you---and rests it in your hand or on your shoulder---my favorite!

Bear loves to be outside running around the yard with you—exploring—and most of all—being a track STAR!  He runs for a time and then comes to check in.

Bear will not compete for the ball, but once he has his chance to have one of his own---it’s GAME ON!

Bear is so huggable, lovable, and beautiful inside and out.   Look at that coat---Yes, it’s white with Golden tips----I’m talking high-buck salon Golden highlights girls!!! 

In 3 ½ weeks, we’ve experienced nothing but a great dog.  No accidents.  No anxieties.  No running away. Nothing but the boy we always knew…..our lil’ Bear!  We both work and Bear is left with the rest of the pack (free roam) for 7-8 hours during the work week and random 2-4 hour stints when we go out at night or have errands to run.  Before we leave the dogs---no matter for how long or what time of the day, we run them for at least 20 minutes so they will relax and sleep.  Bear LOVES to run and NEEDS to run---it’s really in his DNA and when he gets multiple opportunities a day to do what he does best---he’s one happy, easy boy!  As a foster dog---we couldn’t have asked for a better foster with our current crew!  Bear is really a blessing to our pack----Mr. I’m-Good-With-Anything.

Bear’s one quirk is that he is skittish with fast movements and noise and with going through doorways leading in or outside the house….so a gentle voice and patience to show him the way is necessary.  Bear totally thrives on pure kindness….a gentle voice, a gentle hand, a gentle approach.

If you are interested in meeting this sweet boy, let your placement advisor know.

Bear does need another med. to large dog in his home, no young children, and the fence requirement is to be determined depending on the environment and activities offered to Bear.  Cats are welcome too! Smile


Bear says, "Hey, WAIT FOR ME!!!!"

"Ahhhhhh....That's the Ticket!!!!"
Bear and Leo/Littlin 08-608 kept cool all weekend in the pool.  It took Bear a little while to even make friends with the pool....but at some point he took the BIG plunge...we heard a splash and looked over and there stood Bear all by himself---HA!!!  Once in the pool, he was a regular.  He'd run a lap and jump in the pool and repeat and repeat!  Didn't matter who else might be in there.....Bear was just happy to get his paws cooled off.  Too cute!



Hi Bear Fans!!!
We've been having a blast with this boy!!!  Such a lover and so sweet!  Bear is just a card....and just makes you laugh!  Here's a "snapshot" of our little goofball:
 "C'mon, What's Everyone Waiting For? Let's Go!"
 "Yep, Sugar LOVES me!  She's MY Girl!"

"Ahh..Isn't THIS the LIFE?"
Bear has done really well on the Grain Free Food that Littlin/Leo 08-608 is on for allergies.  The only skin area that flames up a bit is the top of his nose and just below it.  Bear digs in the dirt a lot and likes to lick the dirt---can't help but wonder if the nose flare up is a reaction to the dirt or his way of soothing it.  The rest of his body looks great---no other issues at all, so the food change has been a good move for Bear's system thus far.
Bear continues to be a very HAPPY boy looking for a very HAPPY family :) Bear needs another dog in his home......and a family that will give him daily opportunities to run and play and RUN!  A family that has LOTS of LOVE to give to a very sweet boy named Bear. Might that be you?
P.S.  Bear wants to send out a BIG BEAR HUG to Laura K. for the wonderful Butterfly!!!  thank you so much for thinking of me with such a sweet token!!!!



Hi Friends! It's me--BEAR!

Whoa...what a crazy week! My foster family decided to have their ceilings redone and removed all the furniture out of our living space....I was so confused. The last thing to go was my couch. I put on the really sad face to see if that would work

But it didn't. So, I paced a lot and FM and FD and the other doggies helped be acclimate to the downstairs---my 2-legged foster sister's apartment. It wasn't too bad---much cooler and that was a good thing in deed. It was fun because foster mom slept with us every night and we all did just fine. Plus we got lots of extra loving and lots of extra treats. I LOVE Treats!

On Saturday, all the work was done and all the furniture returned. THAT was a happy day!

I'm a big baby and need lots of reassurance that everything is ok----but who doesn't?

I'm also a big lover boy and so I balance nicely! FM can't keep her hands off of me and that's just fine with me----I love love love to be loved...and of course to run run run....yep---it's pretty simple.

Time for our last out for the night---so gotta run..... Maybe you'd like to come out and run with me-----my foster family thinks I was a sled dog in a past life-----what can I say....I just love to run. No reason really---just feels really good to run---you know what I mean? :)


Hello Bear Fans!!!!

Just a quick update on our sweet, senior boy Bear…still making us smile and laugh every day!!! Seriously, look at that sweet face and tell me if you can hold back a smile!

We had a graduation party on Sunday and we think Bear thought he died and went to Heaven!!!! Kids!!!! Teens!!!! LOTS of hands to pet him….he went from person to person to introduce himself with his famous paw shake.

Bear just loves children of all sizes and licked the babies, laid for pets with the preschoolers, and ran with the bigger kids! We’ve said no young kids in Bear’s forever home since he’s so skittish of quick movements and noise, and we continue to feel this is best---BUT—know that Bear LOVES to meet children on walks and as visitors and has showed nothing but pure admiration, gentleness and love for them. He especially likes the babies and watches over them like a Big Brother.

And of course---Bear made his rounds with Foster Brother Leo (Littlin/Leo 08-608)---our little show-offs!

As you can imagine, this little Bear was one tired pup by the end of the day and he found the perfect spot to take a rest!

One new discovery over the past two weeks has been that Bear is a little leery of steps in the dark. He woke us at 4am twice whimpering at the bottom of the steps (where the water dish is) because he couldn’t seem to find his way up the 9 steps going from the water dish (we have a split level home) to the main level, as if he was stuck there.  We were somewhat puzzled because as soon as we turned the lights on, he ran right up the steps no problem.  So thinking maybe he's having some depth perception issues in the dark, we’ve added a night light to the step area for our little Bear. This seems to have helped, but just to be sure, we’ve also added a second water dish to the main level at night. Age is a "fun" progression in life and we all need a little “accommodation” from time to time.

Bear will be front and center this Sunday from 12-3 at Petco in Apple Valley----he will once again be in Heaven surrounded by lots of friends and fans. Come down and meet this wonderful boy---but be prepared---you will fall in love at first Paw!


Seriously, who doesn’t love running in the rain???

Bear loves a good adventure… rain or shine! And the only thing he loves more that being able to run is being loved and pet! Bear was in “Heaven” again on Sunday at the event----3 hrs. of non-stop loving and the company of Kris N (his FM for the day---thank you!) and all the wonderful people that came out to meet this cutie-patootie! I think he would have been adopted 10 times if he didn’t need another pup in his life! He sure stole some hearts while he was there!

If you didn’t get your chance----Bear will be at the Coon Rapids Petco this Saturday (8/4) and at the Duluth Petco next Saturday (8/11). Come out and meet this sweet senior boy!


Hi Bear Fans!!!

Our Little Bear has been a busy beaver!!! Hitting all the people hot spots and cool RAGOM Events! Bear LOVES riding in the car and is a really good rider---which is always a huge plus! We hit the road for Duluth this past weekend and Bear delivered the best smiles the whole way up…

I wish I could have videotaped the cars as we passed by them. Bear was definitely in his element---bringing much love to everyone!

We met some pretty great people. Bear can melt your heart in about 15 seconds. There was one man that appeared to not care so much for dogs just standing off watching our group. Well, Bear had him on his radar and there he went----right up and did the famous Bear handshake. That man didn’t have a chance---Bear had him at “Hello!”

We had a ton of fun in Duluth and met so many nice people. You can imagine---this boy was “dog-tired” when we arrived home and after giving all his foster brothers and sisters a lick---the couch was his “final” destination of the day.

This little Bear was “out for the count” and boy did he deserve a good rest! It’s not easy being such a wonderful boy---but he never lets us down! Way to go Bear---ya did good!


Night Time at the Ranch is just as fun as Day Time for Bear!

Cautious…Frog & Bunny Crossing ahead!

Bear takes the Lead from Leo 08-608

And he’s free and clear…Go BEAR…GO!

Bear is a total love and just enjoys life and the people around him to the Nth degree. He is sooo happy to be pet and to run and to play. When he thinks no one is watching, he runs and gets a tennis ball and bats it around---carries it---and then takes off running with it like he’s on his way to score a Touchdown. Pure and complete JOY—this boy IS!

Bear has had a few potty accidents in the house this week. Not sure what the change may be or if he is “forgetting.” He’s not anxious and is eating, playing and having a ball as usual. We’re going to keep an eye on him as his surrendering family mentioned he’s fine for awhile and then has a few “off” days. This is our first experience with any sort of potty issues with Bear so we’ll see what the next week brings and go from there. We’ll keep you all posted.

Bear will be at Goldzilla this year---his 2nd time at the Big Hairy Event----his 1st was in 2010 when I was first introduced to Bear. I was standing in line with my foster dog Avery at the time and this adorable white Bear kept lifting his paw up for a shake. His foster said, “He’s just starved for affection” and I could say the same today. You just cannot give this boy enough love….Bear will sit and lean into you for love until you move away because…nothing in the world is better than someone willing to touch and love him. Bear must be making up for lost time.

I sure hope everyone will come out to Goldzilla and stop by the foster showcase to help fill Bear up to the Brim with love. We are convinced he is a bottomless pit—but perhaps we can fill him up…let’s see what you all can do! See you at Goldzilla!



Foster Mom: Bear, were you licking the dirt again?

Bear: What? Me?'t me.

Foster Mom: Really? Let me see your mouth....


Foster Mom: Oy! Boo-Boo Bear.....(head-shake of disapproval)

Yes---Bear likes the dirt....and then is happy to come up for kisses right after. Good thing he's such a cutie pie!!!!

Bear with his "Band of Brothers":

Clockwise from lower left:
RAGOM Boys--Jonah, Bear, Pete, and Leo (Littlin 08-608)
A motley crew....wouldn't you say?

Bear had a blast at the C&D event on Saturday! Soooo many fans came out to see this funny little boy!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Bear LOVED all the attention you gave him! Special thanks to Peggy for being his "Foster Mom" for the day and to our last visitors---avid RAGOM supporters and doggie lovers---thank you so much for the bag of treats!!! YUM! YUM! YUM!

Bear continues to win the hearts of everyone that has the pleasure of a Bear "handshake and hug." Bear is more than generous with his love and does this because he will need a very special that understands that Bear is a "senior boy"----and not without some "Senior moments." If a potty accident from time to time is a deal breaker for you---then Bear is not your guy. But if you are looking for the sweetest doggie that ever lived---that loves the outdoors and loves people and loves attention----this IS your boy!

Bear needs another dog in his forever home...a tennis ball...a comfy place to sleep....a grain free food.....treats.....a safe place to run like the wind....children as visitors would be great (he LOVES kids) but young kids in the home would be too much craziness for this boy....and lots of lovin' and understanding of the Golden years and Senior moments. If this is you, please let us know by contacting your Placement Advisor!

See you all at GOLDZILLA!!!!


Hi Bear Fans!!!

As you can see... Bear has been enjoying this awesome weather!!!!

King of the Grass Mound!

 Go Bear Go!

And after our workout....

Hello! It's Dinner time!

Nothing like a Sweet "Bear" in your home!!!

Hope you all are coming out to get your paw-shake and hug from Mr. Bear! He's been practicing a LOT. Wait until you get a hug from this boy!!!! See you at the Foster Tent from 10-12!


LOOK WHO's Back in RAGOMland...

Bear was adopted out to a wonderful family a few months back with what we all believed was the perfect situation for Bear to live out his "golden" years. Bear had two very well-trained doggie siblings, a cat that loved to cuddle with him, a quiet environment with multiple long walks (7 miles 2x daily to be exact) throughout the wilderness, a lake to swim in, going to work with "Mom" to visit his friends at the facility all day---really everything except the most important part --the thing we knew was important, but felt all the other benefits would outweigh the need for it--a fenced-in area to run off leash. Though Bear's new home had so much to offer--so much more than even his foster home--we underestimated the true need for him to run free with his pack as he did so often at his foster home.

Bear and Sugar reunited and making the rounds together

While Bear was not from a "Puppy Mill"---his past life situation created many Puppy Mill type behaviors in him, such as intense fear, little to no recall, anxiousness, and the need for a very soft voice and constant positive reassurance/guidance. Of course, many of these behaviors can be frustrating at times for any owner-- but especially when you have much experience with dogs and are skilled in traditional dog training methods. Anyone that has had a Puppy Mill (PM) type dog can understand such frustration and how everything you know to do with training gets turned on its head with these PM type dogs. PM type dogs are far from "normal" and most do not do well with "normal" training methods--most often they tend to actually have the opposite effect causing more fear, disconnect and/or regression--which was the case with Bear. Having had Bear as a foster for quite some time---we realize how easy it is to "forget" just how far he's come since he first arrived in 2010. It's also easy to forget how easily they regress when environments change. This is a picture of him when he first arrived in RAGOMland in 2010.

2010: scared and lost

Bear is a funny boy---he's afraid of much, and so when you call to him to come, he will sometimes just freeze and stare at you. If you take steps in his direction--he usually runs the opposite way, so we have to actually get his attention and then turn and walk the way we want him to go---so he's "following" you rather than running at you. As you can imagine---this can be quite frustrating and very hard (if not impossible) to re-train using more traditional methods. Unfortunately--Bear's poor recall did not allow for safe off-leash running at his new home so without his "anxiety relief"--running free--Bear ended up internalizing much of his anxiety, which created some worrisome behaviors such as increased fear, potty accidents, aggressive/reactive behavior towards some dogs (this was noted by the family---never seen in foster care), and a disconnect from his humans. Obviously, this was not good for anyone in the family---but most importantly, it was not good for Bear and his family knew it-- even though they had soooo much to offer Bear, they were not what Bear truly needed to be happy. We are thankful to K&T for making a hard decision for all the right reasons!

Bear returned to his foster home over a week ago for observation to make sure these worrisome behaviors were not something else entirely. I'm relieved to report...after a few days back on the Ranch--running with his friends, Bear is back to the doggie we know and love. The "Pack" welcomed him back with lots of love & licks--our current foster boy Bobby/Babe 12-247 spent the first two days licking Bear---which made us all smile---they are definitely two "apples" off the same tree!

Bear in the middle with Foster Brothers Pete & Leo

Bear has been his playful, loving self. He definitely requires a gentle voice, lots of off leash run time, and the leadership of the other dogs. A fenced-in yard with room to run with his fur friends is truly KEY to limiting his anxiety as Bear has not shown any of the worrisome behaviors here as he did at his adoptive home so we are very much relieved. As you can see...he's pretty content and happy!

Here is a video of Mr. Playful with his ball...a few days ago...enjoy!

More to come as Bear continues to settle in...I will continue to recap Bear's past updates in order to show his PM behaviors more clearly and what we do as a foster home to help support and guide those insecurities. PM type dogs are "different" ---and honestly, they are not for everyone---but they are "incredible" creatures. Once you've been able to help a PM dog---to see that pup make progress from a scared pup curled up burying his head in a bed to the playful boy with a ball as you see in the video---it's an amazing journey---requiring lots of work and patience---but one worth its weight in Gold!

Bear will be out and about at some of the upcoming Meet & Greet please stay tuned to find out where and when! He can't wait to see all his fans again!!!


Hi, Friends!

Bear is doing great hanging with the crew here on the ranch. It’s been pure joy to watch him run lap after lap, enjoying the freedom and safety he has within the fenced-in area. (Key #1 to Bear’s happiness—a fenced-in area to run, run, run daily.)

An admirer of Bear’s asked me to get his victory laps on video for all to see, but no such luck yet---kinda like trying to catch the wind in action and record…HA! (But I promise I’ll keep trying because it's heaven to “watch” him run!)

Here is a “photo” of Bear after a victory lap with his ball:

Bear will be getting a “buff and shine” tonight for his big “Welcome Back” debut coming up at the RAGOM Meet & Greet this Saturday, 2/2---Bear LOVES RAGOM M&G events---lots of fans with lots of hands for lots of lovin’….yes, Bear’s dream!!! Please stop by if you are out and about---Bear and his buddy, Babe (Bobby/Babe 12-247), will be there from 11am-2pm. (Key #2 to Bear’s happiness—lots of love and attention.)

As promised, I will try and post some prior pictures and information from Bear’s past----always good to know where a pup comes from in order to best understand the dog and his “quirks” today.

These pictures were taken the day Bear and his son, Junior, were rescued, thanks to a special team of volunteers that went out to check on these boys. Junior, on the left, unfortunately had a rare medical disorder that led to his unexpected death shortly after his transport…and as you can imagine…Bear’s world was literally turned upside down that day, and the road to turning it right-side up has been a long journey but such a rewarding one for sure! We don’t know if Bear was always with a dog or person, but chances are…Bear was never without a companion---so—the anxiety he feels when left completely by himself---no dog/no human—is understandable. This is why Bear cannot be left alone and why he needs another dog in his forever home…obviously, humans have to leave at some point, and so another pup provides Bear the comfort he needs to feel secure. (Key #3 to Bear’s happiness—another doggie companion in his forever home.)

Bear was loved by his owner who was an older, disabled woman that could no longer care of her animals, according to authorities, and so, for the well being of the dogs, they were given up to rescue.

As you can see below, Bear welcomed the attention of the rescuers with warmth while Junior obviously retreated (look hard—he’s behind the leaves)…very nervous about these strangers. Both pups were not socialized.

Bear & Junior (thought to be about a year apart in age) lived together outside in this kennel setup. They had limited exposure to humans other than the owner…though I did find out, after sharing how Bear loved the water at the lake this past fall… that “someone” at his original home took him to the river from time to time for exercise. Ahhh…that makes sense after seeing him take to the water in such a joyful way. After learning more about Bear’s original home, I can also see why the gentle, sweet woman’s voice is sooo important and proves so successful with Bear…a voice he knew as “good” all his life. Bear always comes when addressed with this loving, soft voice---but if the voice is harsh, loud, gruff or has negative energy within it…it will send him scurrying away, scared and cautious. Bear also “cries” and “yelps” if another dog bumps into him unexpectedly or if you bump him or walk into him on accident. Not sure where “that” type of reaction comes from or why…but it’s definitely a memory of his and one that must be respected and adjusted for. (Key #4 to Bear’s happiness—a soft, gentle tone and voice always.)

We will continue to show clips from Bear’s past to help better understand why he is such a special boy today…and what environment will make him the happy boy we know and love.

This is one of our favorite pictures of Bear…taken Oct. 2012…in his most common pose…enjoying a fall day outside with his foster family!

Beautiful boy!

Stay tuned …and hope to see many of you out at the big event!


HI, Friends!!!! It's ME--Bear!

Thank you to everyone that came out to say "HI" at the Burnsville event! That was SOOOO much fun! I love going to RAGOM events!

So much lovin' and huggin' and paw shakin'---totally exhausting, you know--but I love it and I can always catch a few Zzzzz on the way home!

Ahhh...all rested up and ready to run! Foster Mom thinks I'm about the most beautiful GR mix ever...what do you think?

Did you know I have a secret admirer? FM says a very special family sent me this great new bed from JenE Designs to welcome me back to RAGOMland---can you believe it? Thank you "C" Family---I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and so do all my friends...especially my foster buddy Babe 12-247 and Jonah.

Foster Mom says I get to go to another fun RAGOM event this weekend with Babe....OH YAY!!! So...if you are down in Rochester already or looking for a nice Saturday drive---we will be there to Meet & Greet with you! I'm not up for the "kissin' booth" but I'm happy to shake your paw and gather lots of hugs---LOTS of HUGS---and face rubs too!

Hope to see you there!



Hi, Bear Fans!!!!

Bear wants to THANK all his fans for stopping out to the RAGOM event this past Saturday---he was one tired pup after all that attention. Bear absolutely LOVES meetin’ & greetin’ so we will continue to bring him to our RAGOM Meet & Greets----he just abounds in LOVE when surrounded by dog lovers. Bear will be out in Apple Valley at Petco this Sunday from 12-2pm.

We did discover that Bear does not appreciate unneutered male pups! Bear, along with 4 other of our very mellow dogs started growling at a visiting dog at the Meet & Greet. Bear started to growl and got visibly upset until we figured out the male visiting dog was unaltered. Once the dog was removed from the group---all was well and everyone returned to their normal happy-go-lucky selves. We’ve only seen that reaction from Bear one other time and that was also with a male dog that had just been neutered a few days prior….so we had the “Ahhhh—light bulb” moment. Good communication, Mr. Bear!

We had a wonderful weekend playing outside with the pack and with special family members that stopped over for a visit with their little guy and two pups. Bear was in HEAVEN to be outside on such a gorgeous weekend …playing, running, and getting lots of attention from everyone!

Bear soaking up all the love!

Left to right: Bear, Babe 12-247, Resident Pete/Bear making the rounds with new friends!

Ball play!

The notorious Sugar Butt steals the ball.

Bear is pretty much afraid of Sugar Butt (she runs the house), so Sugar wins the staredown every time. Bear will then wait until the ball is free and pick up his solo game once again….of course, when no one is looking…Ha!

He sure did enjoy having some new friends on the ranch this weekend. Bear is a sweet, easy, happy boy looking for the “right” family to call his own.

Bear needs:

  • Another medium/large dog or two.
  • A quiet, loving home---helpful to have some Puppy Mill understanding or experience.
  • A fenced yard where he can run, run, run!
  • No young kids 24/7---Bear LOVES kids and he’s GREAT around kids---but he’s looking for a nice quiet, low-key home to live in--where he can just be himself---he’s very skittish around loud noises, unpredictable movements, and young kids are both of those which would be too much for this boy 24/7.

If that describes you…please contact your placement advisor.


From your buddy, Preston! From your buddy, Preston!

For Bear, Hoping you find your forever family soon! Love, Cooper, Bauer, and Betty


Hi Bear FANS!!!!!

Bear has been having a blast at all the Meet & Greets---he’s quite the PRO! Bear absolutely loves to hit the road and head out to meet his many fans…see if you can find his famous “handshake.”

Heading out---so excited!

In position and ready to Meet & Greet!

Bear loves his people---and as you can see, he never misses an opportunity for some attention.

Bear has been a wonderful guest. We just installed new steps in our home and Bear’s a bit unsure of them---so it’s taking some extra patience and effort on our part, but in time we are hoping he feels comfortable going down the steps again. He is such a happy boy and recovers from his fear with lots of lovin’ and praise.

Bear sends out a special “Thank YOU” to Preston and the “F” family for the special Valentines gift! Bear is loved by soooo many and it just goes to show what a special boy he is. Thank you “F” family for such a sweet gift!

Bear is still waiting for that very special family to love him forever----if that’s you---please don’t waste another moment!


Bear had a GReat Easter Sunday! He spent the day with a room packed full of willing hands that loved him up for hours. To say Bear was in Heaven would be an understatement!


Hello Bear Fans!!!

Some fun photos of Mr. Bear…

“What? I need a haircut?”

“Ahhhh…not too shabby!”

This is one of my favorite photos of Bear when he initially arrived at our home in 2010. Bear and Miley, our very 1st RAGOM sweetheart now at the Bridge:

2010: Bear & Miley Day #1 at our home

You may think that Bear had the upper hand in this photo, but that was just Miley’s way----she knew how to “dance” with each new dog---get a feel for them---and then lay down the rules like any good mother would do. Miley was such a “gift” to each of our foster dogs and we are sooo thankful Bear had the opportunity to play with and be “mothered” by Miley. It was just what Bear needed---attention, love, guidance and a warm playful personality wrapped in fur.

Bear had a ton of fun with all his friends at Chuck & Don’s last weekend----everyone LOVES BEAR the second they meet him—and of course we know why! I think he could have been adopted a dozen times on Sunday, but Bear needs a fenced area to RUN and Bear does need a “Miley” in his life---another dog or two…or a “Babe” (like his foster brother Babe 12-247) as he does not do well alone---so we wait for that special family we know is out there---Bear’s special family!

We will be out in Edina again on Saturday at “It’s a Pet’s Life”---come out and say “HI” :)


Hi Bear Fans!!!!

Bear has been his normal lovable self! It’s really amazing what unconditional love, praise and care along with a safe place to run and good quality food does to a boy that has been returned for issues in the past. Bear is soooooo happy!

Allergies, anxiety and aggression have all been listed as reasons for this boy’s return to RAGOM----but when here (now 4 months since his return)----Bear lives stress free, allergy issue free, anxiety free, and the only aggression we’ve ever seen is at an event with an unneutered dog where Bear started getting ramped up and growled---but to be fair---so did half the other male dogs that were there. Bear is very playful and will chase the other dogs to play—but he’s also a big “scaredy” cat and runs screaming if the chase turns against him---ha!

What we know about Bear’s anxieties and how we provide what Bear needs to live a happy, stress-free life:

  • Bear’s skin allergies are brought out by chicken-based foods and/or stress. When stressed, Bear licks excessively and creates sores on his stomach, groin area and paws---yeast infection usually follows. When he eats food with any form of chicken ---be it chicken as the main ingredient to the smallest “broth” ingredient---he gets itchy and the licking and biting begins with the same outcome. Since his return, Bear has had no symptoms of allergies or stress related issues that show up physically. Our remedy: Seasonal allergy pill like Claritin daily to offset any chicken or other food allergy we are not aware of and a low stress environment---consistent, unconditional love, and plenty of time to run and play in a fenced in area. He eats Nutri Source, GRAIN FREE Lamb Meal---a little more expensive but saves you trips to the vet.
  • Bear is a VERY sensitive boy and will internalize anything negative---if his people are stressed, Bear is stressed. If his home life is stressful, Bear is stressed. If he is yelled at, Bear is stressed. If he is ignored, Bear is stressed. If he is unwanted, Bear knows it and he is stressed. If his environment changes---remodeling, change a room around, add a new person, change the routine---Bear will show his stress through nervousness, pacing, and if left alone, all by himself, or is just flat out stressed out---will have a potty accident out of sheer anxiety. Our remedy: Lots of love and praise. Lots of unconditional understanding and reward---face rubs are his favorite. Always using a soft voice and gentle demeanor when interacting with him. We include Bear in daily activities and love on him as much as possible. No stress for Bear when he knows he knows he is loved and in a safe loving place with family and friends. A consistent routine…exercise, meals, rest, and pack time are absolutely required for him to be successful! We are away from home 6 hours---weekdays and it varies on the weekends---but we more or less maintain a routine with our dogs---meals and exercise. We can be flexible as long as we allow run time before we leave the home. We always leave the same way and Bear is very comfortable with us leaving ---it's all about routine.
  • Bear needs to have a safe place to run free ----multiple times a day as a routine. Like with humans, exercise is a stress release for Bear---the more he gets to run---the happier he is. Our remedy: free run in a fenced in area multiple times a day, also add leashed walks with his family for nice bonding, and time outside with Bear just hanging out. We are outdoor people and so love to spend time outside---as does Bear.

After some run time, Bear is content to just sit and enjoy the scenery.

  • Bears NEEDS other loving companions to love him as his people do. Bear NEEDS a fur friend or two----for sure another dog (or two) that likes him and if you have cats---he loves cats. Even sleeps with them. Our remedy: A pack of dogs that “understands” and adores Bear!

Bear on the left with foster brother ---former RAGOM boy Pete/Bear

Bear on the left with foster brother Jonah---Jonah is his favorite friend.

Bear is a wonderful companion----a friend to all! He loves attending meet & greets----loves all the attention and is willing to lend his hand to anyone willing to take it!

Bear on the right with Foster brother Bobby/Babe 12-247 awaiting his vet appointment.

Bear is heading to the vet for a much needed dental cleaning----after years of neglect, his back teeth are so tarter-filled that they have infected his gums pretty bad and so to prevent any further damage---and to fix his horrendous breath---Bear is going to see the dentist later this week. Bear will be showing off his new healthy mouth at some upcoming events so stay tuned!

If you are interested in giving Bear the home he dreams of…please let your Placement advisor know!


Hello Bear Fans!!!!

Bear has been hanging out having a blast! Some pictures for you to enjoy:

Forget the window, Bear loves the moon roof!

Lots of hands--Bear LOVES all the attention!

Welcoming a RAGOM volunteer in his special way!

On the way to the lake for a day of fun!

Bear had a blast at the lake---meeting all the people and enjoying all the activity. He's so easy to be out and about with. Bear was soooo ready to go for a swim--but Foster Mom thought it was too cold. Next time, Bear----you can swim to your heart's desire! (Bear LOVES swimming!!!)

Bear will be out at the Chuck & Don's event this Saturday in Mahtomedi! We hear there will be yummy hot dogs!!! Stop by and say "HI!" Bear will be waiting for you!


The RUNNER! Nothing more pleasing in the world to Bear than to have the opportunity to run laps!

Coming around the bend…

And there he goes!

Running is like a “drug” to Bear…the ultimate happiness pill. Luckily, we are all fenced in so he can run until his heart’s content and we don’t have to worry about Bear running off. At night, during our last out before bed----Bear disappears to the “track” out back—and all we can hear is his tags and the gallop of his stride. Of course the rest of us are eager for bed, but Bear continues the run, making the most out of the cool night air and enjoying the wind in his hair. Bear decides when he’s done and to the door he comes---tongue hanging out the side---heart thumping---and the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. With Bear---it’s the simple things in life---good friends and a good run!

Bear and his foster brothers, Leo & Pete, after a run in the rain.


We think Bear’s name should have been “Teddy” for short ---HA!!! Bear is the epitome of “Golden Lover Boy!” He’s a BIG CUDDLY Teddy Bear!

Bear celebrated his 9th Birthday this past weekend with lots of RAGOM friends out at the Pet-a-Palooza event in St. Paul and at the TC Pride Festival in Minneapolis. As you can see…there was no shortage of love surrounding this boy!


IF Bear could be an only dog----we would have a long line of applicants waiting to meet him. At every event he attends---at least 5 people want to adopt him….he’s just such a love---so friendly and so gorgeous! But Bear is a very sensitive boy and did I mention a bit quirky?

Because of Bear’s past, he needs another dog or two always. Not really to play with…but to be there. He’s happy to run and entertain himself---receive lots of face pets and body rubs----and just hang out with his family. Bear is very much like Bobby/Babe 12-247 (his foster brother and pal) all but the fence part---unlike Bobby/Babe, Bear definitely needs a fence so he can run free---as fast as he can. He definitely needs a place to run multiple times a day and a big fenced yard is ideal!

If Bear seems like he may be your boy….please read through his long blog---it gives you the insight you need to make certain Bear is the one for you. Believe me---he’s worth the love and the quirks----he just needs the right family and home.


Bear’s Pool Party!

C’mon Friends!

One Friend is Good!

Three Friends is GREAT!

But there’s nothin’ like Good Friends that totally “get” you! Perhaps the magic is in the name. :)

Pete Bear & Bear

Mr. Bear will be out Meetin’ & Greetin’ this Saturday and Sunday---check out our special locations on the RAGOM Events Calendar on the Website!

Hope to see you there!


HI Bear Fans!!!

Sorry for the delay in an update----it's our crazy season at home and at work!

Nice cool bath---ohhh, much better!

Hanging with the ladies as they "oohh & ahhh"

It's also been "allergy" season at our home----3 dogs (including Bear) and myself---YIKES! Ragweed and blooming Golden Rod throws these boys into a frenzy until the first frost. Luckily, I've had Bear during allergy season and so when the inching and licking starting, we went straight to the vet. Unfortunately he had chewed and licked enough to cause some bacterial skin infection and so was treated with Cephalexin---this med always clears him right up. He was also treated with a short-term steroid to get ahead of the itching outbreak---this is the same routine that worked last year as well.

Oh, we hate allergy season!

Bear has skin allergies--food related, stress related, and seasonal. The above describes the seasonal---easy to address---but action is required.

The second is food related. Bear is on a chicken free, grain free diet and he takes an allergy (over the counter pill like Claritin) daily to fend off any allergy symptomes. His diet and the daily pill manage his skin allergy easily. When not on the right food---Bear will have issues with anal glands, ears, and tummy rash. When on the right food and daily pill---no issues at all.

The third is stress related. When Bear is stressed---environment changes, feels unsafe, or feels tension within the home----his skin allergies kick in---itching, excessive licking which leads to baterial infections on tummy, groin area and anal glands have been noted. When enviroment is consistant, happy, stress-free and loving----no issues with skin allergies related to stress are seen.

Other than keeping up on his seasonal allergies---Bear is doing just GREAT! Here's a recap of the type of home we are looking for for our furry friend Bear:

  • Bear MUST HAVE another medium-sized dog in his home to rely on for guidance and comfort.
  • Bear needs good exercise opportunities (free run) multiple times a day in a FENCED area ---especially before he is left alone for a period of time.
  • Bear loves face rubs, hugs, cuddling, and just to be touched.
  • Bear loves other dogs and people and is CAT-APPROVED (lived with cats at 2 different homes).
  • Bear has been trusted with free roam with our other dogs while we are away 4-7 hours.
  • Bear does NOT resource guard anything.
  • Bear CANNOT be crated.
  • Bear needs a home with NO YOUNG KIDS--they are too unpredictable for him. Older, mature kids that understand he can be very nervous and scared at times and needs tenderness and patience.
  • Bear would be a great candidate for the Dog Park or doggie daycare—he enjoys the company and the space to run.
  • Bear does not counter surf.
  • Bear has skin allergies--- will require high quality, chicken free, grain free food.
  • Bear is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever met and can’t wait for him to find his perfect forever home!!!

If you think you might be the family for Bear---please contact your placement person.

Bear will be attending some upcoming events including GOLDZILLA!!!! Hope to see you all there!


Hello Friends!!!

Foster Mom has started my update about a dozen times but can't seem to get it finished so I'm stepping in. Poor FM---she's been coming home late from work and when she gets home---she just wants to play and cuddle with us---so I thought I'd pinch hit for her on this update. Please "Bear" with me...HA! (Get it?)

I've been doing pretty good. These darn allergies have me going crazy---literally. FM had to start me on another round of steroids cuz I was itching soooo bad from all the Ragweed and Goldrod around here. Boy--I can't wait until the first hard freeze comes----then I'm home free! Just a simple grain and chicken allergy then and those are no problem at all---just have to feed me the right food.

Hey---guess what? Babe and me went to a fun event last weekend. Everyone says we are sooo handsome---and of course--I won't argue with that!

Bear (left) and Babe 12-247

Babe and I are really good friends----we hang together and we also catch a nap together from time to time.

We both need another dog in our forever home and FM thinks it would be kinda cool if we went together since we are such "bookends," but of course we would do just fine with a new pack of our own too..

FM was a little worried about me lately. I've been acting kinda strange since I've been on this steroid--though thankfully she started to ween me off this week. Seems it worries her when I don't "run like the wind" as I'm totally known for. But today---I really made her happy because I went whipping past her all smiles! She said I made her day---and so my good deed was done.

Other than that---I'm the same "quirky," lovable Bear you know and love. I love my foster family very much but they have lots of pups here and so hopefully I will find my own little "perfect" forever family just for me. FM says I'm the perfect "quirky" pup but then again---aren't we all?

Ok...well gotta run...Babe is waiting patiently (not!) to write his own update. Hope to see you all soon.


P.S. A BIG BEAR HUG to Kraelyn and Lilly for the BLUE PAW at Goldzilla! LOVE YOU GIRLS LOTS!!!!



Ahhhhh...feeling like my old self again! The allergy season is almost over and the steroids are out of my system...time for a good run!

The fall sunshine is so delightful! I love just soaking it up while I hang out with my foster family in the yard.

And my very favorite time of day is when FM tucks me into bed and rubs my face. is grand when you have a family that loves you just the way you are. I know there is a special family just for that will love and adore me (even with all my quirks) just like my foster family does.

If you might know that special family---will you tell them to check out my webpage? I know it's long but it's filled with all you need to know about me...I'm a very special boy (FM says so I know I am). Please pass it on!


Hello Bear Fans!

Our little foster boy Bear found a rawhide and was very happy to skip the "family" outdoor chores and find a quiet place to hide out and enjoy his treat.

As you can see....he ENJOYED his treat very much!

After being outside all day enjoying the "chores," Bear found a good friend to cuddle up with for a good afternoon nap.

Come out and see this sweet boy at the Coon Rapids Petco RAGOM Meet & Greet on 11/16 from 11-1.


Hello Bear Fans!

Mr. Smiles at your service!

Bear and Foster Dad

Anyone want to share a bone with me?

Foster Mom and I have been sharing lots of cuddle time lately---I REALLY like cuddle time...especially around FM's feet!

And of course---time with my buddies outside----you know who my favorite friend best bud Jonah!

He's the only one that doesn't make fun of my big ears. :)

You all know...I'm still waiting for my special family....and it's a good thing I'm cool hanging where I am for is very good here, but Foster Mom knows a family of my own would be a dream come true for I'm hanging here until then.

Hope everyone had a great sure like that turkey stuff!



Hello Bear Fans!!!!

And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! We have such wonderful supporters out there---a very special THANK YOU to Ginger (07-404), Jackson (08-442), Benji (07-664), Kim and Bruce AND Santa….for thinking of Bear at Christmas time!

Bear sure knows he’s loved---that’s for sure!

Mr. Bear has been enjoying winter play! He LOVES the snow and enjoys chasing us around on the snowmobiles. This old boy can sure run!

Bear continues to show us that his mind is not what it used to be. The stairs have become more confusing to him. We help guide Bear down the steps and encourage him to go up them---not from a physical stand point, but from a mental one. We’ve also noticed a “lost-like” mentality increasing in Bear –sometimes in the house and sometimes outside. I took Bear on a RAGOM home visit last weekend, since he was my only pup that would not eat a cat, and poor Bear really struggled in the new space with the hardwood floors. The layout of the wood was at an angle and they were very shiny---so I’m sure that played a big part but he really struggled on the flooring and steps. Now---tile seems to be no problem---we can go in and out of stores for Meet & Greets without issue---but that could be because he’s used to them. We also have wood floors/stairs in our home and he has struggled more lately with them---time for some throw rugs and a carpet runner or two.

Aside from his “old-timer’s” mind---he’s our Sweet Bear…happy to run and play and receive as much love as possible.

After all our outside play is done---Bear is more than ready for a nap.

Sweet Dreams, Dear Boy! You are LOVED much and by many!


First off--- Bear has a SPONSOR!!!!! And it’s none other than one of our favorite adopters and fellow volunteers! The “C” Family adopted a very special boy named “Sam”—(aka “Wookie)-- one of our previous foster boys at the Ranch and one we are forever fond of. This sponsorship is given in the name of Bob C. Bear is a very lucky boy! Thank you Chien & Alan…we are so grateful! We know how much you adore Bear!

Bear also wants to send a HUGE “THANKS” to another very special family and their adopted RAGOM boy Frisbee 04-278 and his brother Jax for buying him a special holiday token!!! Frisbee was also a foster dog at the Ranch and ended up with the most amazing adopted Family. Bear knows that means there is hope for him that he too will find such an incredible family like Frisbee did! Thank you, Peter, Charlie, Jax and Frisbee! We all love you guys!

And how precious to be given a token in Memory of Montana, Zoe & Barney---Bear is honored as are we! Thank you so much for your support and love---Bear is a special boy and we can feel the love out there for him. It means the world!

Bear has been a busy boy this last month…he’s been helping out with guests on the Ranch, he’s been to the Groomer and the Vet, and he’s helping out at our Foster Training classes as well as running errands with FM. Bear loves to be on the go and he expecially loves his run time! It’s hard to capture the joy and speed at which this boy can run. This is about the best I can capture of Bear in his true element:

Look at that SMILE!

Bear also supervises the “activity” in the neighborhood with his Foster Brothers – Resident RAGOM boys Pete & Leo—Bear is on the far right.

Bear has also been attending our RAGOM Foster Training classes where he demonstrates the proper RAGOM handshake that each new foster family must learn.

Bear had a week of “adjustment” this past week while our daughter returned to school---which changed his routine a bit. Bear does not handle change very well and shows his anxiety with pacing, increased water drinking, excessive licking, and potty accidents in the house. Luckily---by Thursday…Bear had settled into the new schedule and life resumed as normal for him.

Both Babe and Bear share anxiety when change happens. Just like humans…we expect one thing and when things change, we feel some anxiety about it. Bear is the same way---just a bit more nervous than most. But once the schedule returns…he finds comfort in his new “normal.” For a boy that lived the way he did for the first 6 years of his life---I’d say he’s doing pretty good..Quirks and all.

Bear will be down at the Burnsville Petco Mega Adoption event on Saturday 1/25 from 11-3…please come out and shake paws with him! He LOVES the attention!


Hello Bear Fans!

Thank you for the valentine for Bear from his wonderful fans---Byron and Larry!

Bear is doing good. We've had some change around the house lately. Daughter returned to school and I started a new job, so Bear was a bit out of sorts for a few weeks, but we seem to be back on track. He did have some potty accidents...more than normal... so we brought him in and found that he has a little UTI. Started meds and the potty accidents stopped. Poor guy...tough getting old.

One thing for sure is that Bear knows what makes him happy...and no matter what...he loves life!

Catching the morning news before breakfast...


Making laps...

Catching some rays and enjoying a beautiful day...

We will be out with his buddy Babe 12-247 this coming Saturday at Petco from 11-1. Come out and shake a paw or two! Hope to see you there!


Bear's Sunday Snooze!

Bear will be out Meetin' & Greetin' this Saturday at the Petco in Brooklyn Park! Hope to see you there!


HI Bear Fans!

This little Bear was once said to not play with toys----as you can see---he has figured out the joy of the tennis ball. :)


Then it's time for a good cuddle with Foster Dad.

What a love bucket!


Hello Bear Fans!

Bear has been enjoying two weeks worth of itch-free glory thanks to a new allergy med we are trying. As you may know, Bear has food and seasonal allergies AND tends to start licking when he's stressed as a self calming mechanism. Unfortunately, he licks to the point of creating yeast infections that then have to be treated with antibiotics. We recently lost a member of our pack and so Bear had been reacting to that as well as the pollen and winter mold... A perfect storm for Bear and nothing was giving him... or us... relief until two weeks ago and so far this new allergy med is proving to be a life-saver with no itching and no side-effects. Bear usually has to use steroids when his allergies get too bad which have side effects almost worse than the itching... So we are hopeful that Bear has a new best friend to deal with his allergies this year.

We've been spending a lot of time out in the rain as well as the sunshine and Bear is definitely in his "happy" place!

Wet & Soggy

Watching the Neighbors

Bedtime with the Pack

Bear is still looking for his perfect forever family.... He needs:

  • another pup to hang with
  • a fenced-in yard to run
  • no children or children over 10 (Bear LOVES kids, but is skittish and needs a calm home)
  • a very understanding family as Bear has Puppy Mill-like behaviors and signs of dementia.
  • allergy meds and grain-free, chicken/duck/turkey-free, high-quality food.
  • Cats Welcome... Bear used to sleep with the kitty at his previous home.

In return--- you receive a total love bug that will make you smile every day! If you think you might be the family for Bear, please contact your placement advisor!


Hello BEAR Fans!

Did you hear the news? Yep--we finally found that perfect family for BEAR---OURS! Bear is officially a new member of the "S" Family and we couldn't be more thrilled to make it official. We've fostered Bear off and on since we met him in 2010. I remember the day I first met Bear---not unlike the meetings many of you have had with him----and yes, the "paw" made me fall instantly in love. I was standing in line for the 2010 Goldzilla showcase with my foster pup Avery and I turned around to see who had just pawed me and guess who's cute white face was smiling back at me? Bear unfortunately was not doing well as an only pup at his 1st foster home and spent some time there after in boarding before landing at the Ranch when Avery was adopted. There was something special about this boy----and our hearts were touched. Bear was the classic "scaredy" dog---very much like a puppy mill boy and along with those PM behaviors came some extra special "quirks" that made Bear....let's say, "Extra Special." HA!

Adopted out twice and returned was discovered over the years that what Bear needed most of all was room to run and a very consistent, gentle environment filled with doggie friends. Bear always thrived at our home, but we held out hope that one day he would find a home that would suit his needs as well. Unfortunately, over the past six months, Bear has shown signs reminiscent of dementia. While he's always been "quirky," some of his new behaviors signal changes...such as forgetting how to use the steps on random days---sometimes going up and sometimes going down---so we have to show him how. Sometimes, he seems to forget who we are until we sit on the ground and he makes his way to us for love. Bear has recently had more potty issues than I care to name, but as the mind goes, anxiety increases and potty accidents happen. And of course, his allergies have added to the fun....but thankfully, a new drug has made all the difference in the world for him and he is enjoying life without constant itching.

So many people have asked about Bear over the years and if he was a "normal" doggie, he would have been adopted a million times as he always attracted so much attention and so much love at every meet & greet. But Bear comes with baggage...not unlike many of our rescue pups and in this case, so we needed to find just the right home for Bear and all his quirks. Of course down deep----we knew our home would be the best case scenario for Bear and along with his partner in crime---Babe 12-247---the "Bookends" would do best to stay put at this point in their lives. Even though Bear has a list of not-so-desirable behaviors...he has a LONGER list of soooo desirable behaviors! Bear is the sweetest dog I've ever met and if you've met him, you know what I mean. He makes us laugh. He gives love so sincerely. He is always there with a smile and a paw...even though both are covered in mud. :) (Another quirk) And on and on...

As I packed up the car from the event last week, a fellow volunteer cared for Babe 12-247 and Bear as he has for the past year at events--their special friend Rutager. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words---but in this case---it was the picture that framed how truly happy these boys are and that it was time for them to have their "forever" home.

Bear will turn 10 years old next month and so we began to think about the one birthday gift that would mean the most to him...and the answer was not too hard to figure out. :) We know the perfect forever home for Bear!

Welcome Home, Sweet Boy! We are sooooo happy to make you and Babe members of our family!

We want to thank Bear's sponsors --- Chien & Alan--who have supported, cared for and loved Bear since coming into RAGOM; both his previous adopters that realized they were not the right home for Bear and returned him so he could find his perfect match; and to ALL his MANY supporters and FANS that donated in his name and those that followed his story--YOU all brought this boy so much love and we can't thank you enough. It's been quite a journey for Bear...but he's found his way home thanks to all of YOU!

Bear officially becomes a RAGOM Ambassador and will continue to be out at events sharing his RAGOM "success" story. :) And---we'll be sure to see you all at Goldzilla!

Signing off for now....
Bear & Family :)