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Vince 10-113
(Fostered in St. Paul, MN)

Sponsor Vince

Sponsored by:  Judith Cummings

May 6, 2010

Vince is one of the new guys who has just joined RAGOM'S family :0).

Vince is a golden/lab mix, 3 yrs old and full of energy.  He came all the way from Texas from a high kill shelter picked up as a stray, made a pit stop in Iowa to visit the vet to get snipped (ouch), then found himself living in the heart of the city in Minnesota.

One thing that is very odd about this gentle soul is that he thinks that he can sleep, sit and stand whenever he pleases on my coffee table.  Yep remember that question in your home visit?  What would you do if you came home and found your dog on the table?  Well Vince is showing me that there is a good reason for that question.  I came home from work the other day, fell asleep on the couch and woke up to Vince sleeping next to me on the coffee table.  Came out of the bathroom after taking a bath and there he was sleeping on my coffee table.  When he gets really excited he jumps right on up to his favorite piece of furniture and prances around...on the coffee table.  No matter how many times I tell him to get down, he gets right back up there again.  And yes I have pics to prove it :0).

The unfortunate thing about this sweet boy is that Vince has heartworm and actually just had his round of treatments yesterday and today.  I picked him after work today and since then he has done nothing but lay on the couch with me.  He has no energy, just wants to cuddle and have his ears rubbed.  The treatment has really taken a toll on this sweet boy as Vince is usually very active, running around the house with my slippers in his mouth and mouthing my hands or feet...which ever one he can get to first.

When Vince first came into RAGOMs care he was very skinny.  You could just gently rub your fingers down his back and feel his spine, ribs and hip bones.  Since he was so hungry he has had some food aggression, but now that he is learning that he will always have a full tummy here he is improving greatly in that area.

It is also very obvious that Vince has been abused.  He is very skittish when you bring your hand down to him...usually cowers down thinking he is going to get hit. He also is already starting to show improvements in that area as well, as he is becoming more trusting of us here.

For what Vince has been through he really is a very sweet boy, and just wants to be loved and cared for.  Please keep Vince in your thoughts and prayers as he has got a long recovery ahead of him....and all of this could have been prevented by a monthly heartworm prevention pill.

Vince recovering at home from his HW treatment.

Keeping guard on the coffee table!

Come on...doesn’t everybody nap on the table?

Please do not disturb!!!


Vince is probably the happiest I have seen him since he has moved in with us.  His tail has not stopped wagging and has been giving us wet kisses all day since he heard the wonderful news... a beautiful lady by the name of Judith Cummings has decided to sponsor our sweet boy here and help him get back on his feet again and on to a better life.  Thank you Judith for your love and support for our four legged RAGOM kids :0).

Vince really is doing so much better in so many ways....he is handling the HW treatment like a trooper.  He is back to his cheerful self, always pawing at us and mouthing our hands trying to get all the attention. Now keeping him calm is the hard part...  he dearly misses playing fetch and going for his walks :0( but he is very thankful for the care that RAGOM has given him so he does not complain to much :0)  He did have a couple of days where he just lost.  I had to be a mean FM and take the coffee table away to set some plants on that had to come in from outside due to the cold weather.  Pushed it across the room in front of a window and had to block it off so he would not jump up on it and send my plants flying. 

Well weather warmed up and plants were moved back outside, and the prince got his throne back.  I didn’t have it back in its spot more that 2 min and he jumped right up with his tail wagging happy as can be.  It did not take to long for him to take a cat nap on it either :0). 

Vince has also began to learn that he will get fed here everyday so he has improved greatly on his food aggression.  He no longer snarls when I give him treats and also allows the other dogs to walk past him when he is eating.  Our brave boy is taking baby steps in the right direction. He is turning out to be just a beautiful guest in our house here, but is also very anxious to move on to his next chapter in life living with his forever family. 

Could that be you ????

Have a great night everyone...

FM and Vince


Sorry for the long over due update but we have been enjoying the summer and have been very busy :)
Vince has finally learned how to relax and learn what it is like to be a part of a a family.  He is so much more comfortable around people and now even enjoys the company of the other four legged family members.  When he first moved here he was always on his own staying away from the pack, but now he runs and chases them around the yard and engages in on playtime with them.   I have a rat terrier that is staying with us right now that Vince has fallen in love with.  They wrestle and chase each around non stop.  Vince is so gentle with her...  He will have her whole head in his mouth, but he just gently holds on to it which she just loves as she is always pushing her body into him so he will continue playing with her. It is great to see him enjoy life again.
His food aggression is come a long ways as well.  I can stand next to him now when he eats without having to worry about him biting me.  I can even brush up next to him with no response from him.  But still does not like it if one of the dogs get to close, but now they have even learned to stay away when he is eating. Actually Vince is not a big eater and often will not finish his food.  When this happens he just walks away and lets the others finish up after him, could care less if somebody is eating his food at that point.  Once his belly is full it is a free for all.  But since he still has tendencies of aggression I would suggest that Vince does not go to a home with small children.
We have found out that Vince has storm anxiety.  He is fine as long as he knows you are home.  He just hangs right by you and shakes like crazy or will hide out under one of the beds.  But so far could care less about the fireworks that have been going off non stop the last couple of weeks.
Vince has excellent recall and LOVES to play fetch.  Brings the ball right back to me and drops it at my feet.  I think Vince would make a great addition to your neighborhood dog park as he listens well and gets along with well behaved dogs.
Now that Vince is comfortable here is alerts me to anybody that comes around, just needs to learn to stop barking when I tell him to :).  Loves to watch out and take care of his family. 
And yes he still prefers the coffee table to take his naps on...just cant seem to break that habit of his.  He even jumps up on it to see what is going on outside, even though there is a big comfortable couch right next to it. 
Overall Vince loves to cuddle and actually prefers to hang in the house with his peeps.  Goes out to do his business and of course play some fetch, but now that he has learned that people are not always going to raise their hands to him in anger he loves them :)  He loves to jump on my lap when I am watching TV and also jump in my bed in the am to cuddle.  He really has turned into a awesome companion.


Vince has been with me now for four months now.  He came in abused, very timid, not trusting of people and heartworm positive.

When he first came into my home I could not even walk by him when he was eating.  He would turn around, snarl and let me know to back off.  Which I did real quick :).  Now I can brush up against his tail while he is eating without a peep.  AND he takes treats very gently from my hand.  Not that is what I call progress.  He fought me tooth and nail with the gentle leader on his walks.  Now he allows me to put it on him...doesn't always sit the greatest while I am doing this as his tail is going a mile a minute and his body is shaking back and fourth in excitement, but I manage to get it on and we are off :).  He does great on walks.  When he first came he was all over the place on our walks which is pretty difficult when you are walking three dogs, but now he has learned to walk right in the middle of the two not crossing over them and keeping up the same pace as them.  He is the perfect walking partner and would make a great running partner as well.  And if you just cannot find the time to get that walk or run in he is just as content to go out and play fetch in the yard.  He even brings the ball back and drops it right at your feet.

He has learned to love the sight of the brush.  He sees me coming towards him with it and sits right down...just loves it.  Getting a bath???  Well that is something we are working on.  He still has his storm anxiety, but has learned that he will be ok.  He just usually crawls under my bed and waits it out.  Does a lot of shaking and panting but is getting much better.  He has been around all different ages of kids, even as young as a 5 month old.  He does great, but I would not suggest he goes to a home with younger kids due to his food aggression.
He has been introduced to many different dogs and has passed with flying colors...sorry but cats are unknown. 
Vince has got excellent recall.  He helped me clean my garage out one day with the garage door hanging wide open.  He got brave a couple of times and ventured out into the alley when I had my back to him, but as soon as I called him he came right back.  He also has snuck out of the front gate a couple of times, but usually he runs across the street, leaves his mark on a couple of trees then comes right back.

Vince has made tremendous progress here, but still has some work to do.  I would love to see Vince in his forever home that has a lot of patience as he still can get cautious and snarly.  He needs a lot of TLC, but once he begins to trust you he becomes your best friend.  He loves to snuggle with me in bed and on the couch...actually today after I got home from work we both took a cat nap in the recliner.....Vince all curled up in a ball on my lap :).


In Memory of Pete # 06-525 In Memory of Pete # 06-525

From Mini & Mo From Mini & Mo



Sometimes a dog comes into rescue that can't be fixed. We sometimes get dogs that are so sweet 98 percent of the time. Vince was one of those dogs. He was a sweet, goofy guy. He was a little hesitant with strangers. He didn't really like it when a stranger tried to make him do something, but nothing that couldn't be worked with, and once he trusted you, he'd let you do anything.

Vince had some issues that we couldn't fix-and that is a hard thing to discover when your whole mission is about rescuing dogs. Rest in peace Vince.