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Rest in Peace

Cody 09-513
(Fostered in Burnsville, MN)

We love you Cody! From Dave and Sandra

It is my pleasure to (re)introduce Cody!

Cody is a 10 year old male (neutered) Golden Retriever. He was adopted through RAGOM 2 ½ years ago but was recently returned due to inappropriate elimination in the house.
It didn’t take long to learn why he was having problems. We took him to the vet within 24 hours fostering him and learned that he has, what the vet called, “a raging urinary tract infection”. He was immediately prescribed an antibiotic and is on his way to feeling better. Cody is now also taking medication for an ear infection and swollen hocks. He has been with us for 5 days now. He did have an accident in our house the first day that we had him but hasn’t had any accidents since. He has free roam in the house.

Cody weighs 100 pounds and is 20 pounds overweight. We walk him once a day for 30 minutes. We will gradually increase the distance as his endurance builds up. Cody is not accustomed to going for walks. He is eating a reduced calorie, high quality dog food.

Cody enjoys tennis balls and playing fetch although we’re careful about having him run too much. He also likes to nap and to be near us. He chooses to be in the same room we are. He’s a typical Golden Retriever in most regards. He has the big blocky golden boy head too. He is not skittish or aggressive and gets along well with our 2 resident dogs. He doesn’t guard his food or his toys. He walks nicely on leash, albeit slowly. He is reported to get along well with children and cats. He rides nicely in the car and can jump in the back seat of my car without assistance.

Cody is looking for his forever home (again). This is a very nice, sweet, dog that will be a wonderful companion. He will not likely be a running partner but if you’re looking for a friend that will be loyal and loving and will enjoy a relaxed walk in the park, this is your guy. He’ll be content to lay with his head in your lap for hours but will still bark if the door bell rings. J
If you would like more information, or if you’d like to meet Cody, please contact your placement advisor.


In honor of Ben (05-317) on his 8th birthday. Buddy, you are gorgeous and we love your story! With love from the "M" Family. In memory of RAGOM Cassie


Hello All,

Just a quick message to let everyone know that Cody is doing gr-reat.

Cody has not had ANY accidents since his first day with us.  That’s 10 days and counting!  This includes 6 regular work days.  He does not disturb a thing while we are away.

Cody does not need a fence in my opinion.  He doesn’t move anywhere quickly and I do not see him as a a dog that is a high flight risk. 

I believe Cody will be fine in a home with children and cats, as he has been reported to do well with both.  We had an 11 year old house guest over the weekend and Cody enjoyed him, approaching him to be pet and laying next to him.

Cody will NOT do well in a home with many stairs.  Cody has been avoiding the stairs in our home including the 2 low grade stairs off of our deck.  This may improve once his hocks are no longer swollen but for now, I think stairs are painful for him.

We will update him again in a few days. 

THANK YOU to the kind person that donated in memory of RAGOM girl Cassie!  She is obviously quite special!  Cody sends out a big kiss and his signature “ROO-ROO”! Blessings to you!





Hello All!

Cody has been relaxing around the house.  It’s been quite hot lately so we’ve either gone swimming or taken short walks early in the morning to beat the heat.  Cody enjoys playing fetch in the lake.

He is such a good dog.  He continues to be a perfect gentlemen in the house.  No accidents and nothing in the house bothered at all.  He meets other people and other dogs nicely on our walks.  He’s confident and happy with others.

Cody goes back to the vet this coming Friday.  We’ll check his weight again and see if his urinary tract infection has cleared.  I’ll keep everyone posted. 

In the mean time, here are a couple of pictures of Cody enjoying life. 


Hello all!  Here is an update on our friend Cody, who saw the vet this past Friday (7/6).  We are pleased to report that his UTI is all cleared up and his ears are clear too!  Yay!  His weight is down to 98 pounds.   It’s a slight weight loss.  Not as much as we were hoping for.   We are going to tweak his diet to one cup of dog food and one can of green beans per meal.  I know it sounds unusual but it is recommended by his vet AND a veterinary surgeon who took a peek at him.

As far as Cody’s joints go, the vet believes he may possibly have a tick borne illness.  He is being treated with Doxycycline and we’re hoping to see an improvement in his energy level after a week.   Once finished with the Doxy, he’ll start on thyroid meds.   Cody now takes, and should always be given,  glucosamine and fish oil supplements. 

Cody is an excellent dog.  He faithfully  follows me everywhere and is just a love.   I haven’t found anyone or anything that he doesn’t like.  He won’t be a running partner or a hunting dog, but if you want a calm companion who will accompany you on walks and play just a bit of fetch in the yard, Cody may be your dog.   We enjoy his company but he deserves a home of his own.  

More to come later. 





Cody will be at the Apple Valley Petco event on Sunday, July 29th, 2012.
Stop by and say hello!


Hello all.  I apologize that it’s been awhile since I’ve written an update on Cody.  I want to say what a good boy he is.  Cody has been with us now for 8 weeks and he’s just a dream to have around.  Truly a calm and affectionate fellow.

First let’s discuss his health.  His weight is now down to 88 pounds and he has much more energy.  He should lose 8 more pounds to be at his ideal weight.  His weight loss is aided by the thyroid medicine Levothyroxine.  His UTI is all cleared up but Cody did have a couple of accidents lately while we were away at work.  He has since been taking the antibiotic Metronidazole to clear up anything going on in his bowels.  Ever since poor Cody ate a stuffed dog toy his system seems to be off.  We’re working on it. He should be set right very soon.  The vet is thinking he was likely born with a cartilage disorder which explains why his hocks are swollen.  Besides perhaps being a bit arthritic, they don’t cause him any trouble.   All in all, his health concerns are correctable and short term.

Next, let’s go over what Cody needs in his forever home. Cody loves children.  He has met unfamiliar kids while out and about and is excellent with them.  In his previous foster home the grandchildren climbed on him and he was not bothered. Cody wants to be near his people and naturally gravitates toward people to be pet. He sleeps at the foot of our bed and is always found in the same room we’re in.  I don’t think he needs a fence as long as he’s supervised outside and is walked daily.  He doesn’t need another dog although he gets along just fine with them.  We have met strange dogs on our daily walks and at the Petco event he attended with no troubles at all.  He’s no push over and will “Roo-Roo” at the dogs that are not friendly in return.  Cody does not get on the furniture.  He’s too big to make the leap up and cannot get down easily if lifted up. 

What does Cody like? Cody enjoys playing fetch, swimming, taking walks, and being brushed. His coat is easy to manage with simple brushing a couple of times a week.  He rides fine in the car and seems to like it.  Cody most likes your love and companionship. 

What does Cody not like?  He does not like being crated.  I tested this for informational purposes and left him crated while I made a short trip to the grocery.  When I came home he had bent a few of the bars, tore at the crate pad, and was panting and drooling.  I don’t see this as being a problem because he doesn’t need to be crated.  He doesn’t harm anything while we’re away and the accidents he has had have been caused by external variables. 

I noticed while reviewing his paperwork that his DOB is stated as 2003.  That makes him 9 years old instead of 10.  Cody needs a home to call his own.  He doesn’t have any bad habits really except for maybe eating stuffed toys.  Are you looking for a dog like Cody?  His heart is pure gold. There is no shame in growing old.  Please contact your placement advisor if you would like to meet Cody.





Cody will be at the Chuck and Don’s event in Roseville tomorrow 9/8 from 11-2 pm.


Cody sends a “Roo-Roo” to all the nice folks he met at the Chuck and Don’s event last weekend.   

We are not able to take Cody to Goldzilla , but we are trying to work it out for him to be chaperoned by someone else in order to make it  to the event.   We would like for everyone to see him in person as his pictures do not do him proper justice.  He’s such a loving sweetheart and that’s difficult to convey when not in person.

Cody enjoys apple season!  We have a small apple tree in our front yard and he will even jump up and pick an apple all by himself. 

His weight is down to 86 pounds, so he has 6 more pounds to lose.  He is no longer taking thyroid meds and was free of all medication for a while, until his seasonal allergies made him uncomfortable.  He is taking Medrol, a steroid, to relieve his itching until we have a hard freeze. 

Cody has been a good boy in the house and has not had any accidents since our last posting.   He enjoys playing ball , taking walks, eating, being brushed, and being petted. 

Cody is a confident fellow and is quite adaptable.  I’m amazed that he is still with us.  He’s a good dog and knows what’s expected of him.

Please contact your placement advisor if you would like to meet Cody or if you would like more information about him.  


Good news! Cody has a chaperone to accompany him to Goldzilla! YAY! Thank you so much fellow RAGOM volunteer, Dave! Cody and I are so grateful. Please stop by and say hello to this affectionate fellow. He’ll see you there!


Hello all,
Cody is slimming down and feeling great.  His weight is now at 83 pounds and it’s easy to see that it feels good.   He had a marvelous time at Goldzilla, thanks to his chaperones Dave and Sandra.  He strutted his stuff during the Foster parade and I’m told he even had the chance to show off his ball catching skills for the crowd.  He came home a tired fellow. 
Here are a few pictures of Cody at Goldzilla.



Cody is always the gentleman. He is literally twice the size of Bree, who weighs only 40 lbs.


Good news everyone! Cody was adopted by the P family today! They are a wonderful fit for each other and we couldn’t be happier.
Foster Mom and Dad will miss you Roo-Roo but we know you will be well loved and cared for.
Blessings to these nice people that are willing to give an older dog a chance. You won’t be disappointed in him.
Happy tails!



Cody was the sweetest and most kind-hearted dog you’d ever meet. He was so sweet and his big, burly fur gave him the nick-name ‘Codybear’! It was love at first sight when we met him 2 years ago at his foster's house. His spirit was so sweet, loving, and gentle – we knew he was our one and couldn’t wait to bring him into our family. We took him to our house to show him his new forever home. He was timid at first, but after being petted and soothed to sleep the first few nights on his new bed with his familiar blanket underneath, he started to realize that he was finally home. We adored Cody and became accustomed to his joyous ‘roo-roo’ barks when we came in the front door. His love to play, infinite puppy personality and bright smile will be terribly missed. He was diagnosed with a heart-based tumor and lung cancer, and when it was his time, we put him down so he would no longer suffer.

He lived a very happy two years and became a true member of the ‘P’ family. He held is head up high with confidence, purpose, and undying love until the end. He is such a beautiful spirit, and is smiling and ‘roo-rooing’ down on us forever. We know that we’ll be reunited with that lovable ‘bear' someday.