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Carly 09-347
(Fostered in Plymouth, MN)

Carly arrived here at her foster home yesterday with the fanfare of a rock star! There were cameramen and reporters from four TV stations that wanted to film the arrival of this little pup from Wheaton, Minnesota who was shot in the face by what determined was buckshot, or a bb gun.

Carly was obviously in rough shape when picked up by the Sisseton-Wahpeton Tribal police. However, the police dispatcher who saw Carly was so saddened by her injuries, that she went above and beyond the call of duty by bringing her to a vet and getting in touch with the rescue organization in that area, Paws for the Cause. To read more about this great rescue group, visit their website at

Paws for the Cause contacted RAGOM and arrangements were immediately made to transport Carly to her foster home and on to the vet! Carly is now one of our newest members.

Carly went to Animal Wellness in Maple Grove yesterday who gave her a thorough exam, including x-rays. Thankfully, none of the buckshot or pellets penetrated her skull. She did have a broken jaw and some of her teeth on the right side were pushed in a different direction. She had some buckshot injuries on several different spots on her face and also had some drainage from her eyes and nose. The vet said that was to be expected after the type of injury she sustained, but nothing to worry about. Her jaw will take approximately 4-6 weeks to heal.

With everything that she had gone through over the past several days, her spirits were high! She is your typical 7-8 week old puppy. She is tiny, at only 7 pounds. She is a golden mix of some kind, but not sure what her mix is. The vet said she had a double coat, meaning she could possibly be a husky or shepherd mix. Loves to play, play, play! It was fun to watch her running through the yard with our two adult goldens and also to meet a neighbor puppy who came to welcome her to the neighborhood. Watching two puppies that young tumble through the grass is just too much fun!

After coming in the house at about 8:30 after a very long day of transport, TV, vet appointments, and new faces, Carly completely conked out on the couch. She slept soundly until about 3:30 a.m. when she let me know she was ready to get up! Thankfully, after a quick trip outside and a drink of water, it was back to bed for Carly (and me!)

We will be updating later on Carly's progress. She is just a cutie!

Carly playing outside with new friend, Audrey, after the vet saw her.  


Carly has been in her foster home for just over a week now and she is just an awesome little girl! She is a very active typical puppy who loves to run, tumble, chase and play all the time. She will follow whatever family member will pay the most attention to her, and move with us from room to room. Or, she will choose to play with the two "big" dogs if they are willing. It isn't unusual to see Carly carrying around a shoe, sock, or underwear if she can't find anyone else to play with her, so she always manages to have someone in the house with her, if for no other reason than to keep her out of trouble!

Brooklyn, Carly and Nikki

Mopping the kitchen floor is out of the question if Carly is around. She will chase the mop from right to left in whatever direction it is swishing and completely get in the way! After trying this chore several times with Carly underfoot, I realized that this was a job better left for when she is not around! Sweeping is a completely different reaction. She will stand back and bark like crazy if I am using the broom. She also feels the same way about the outside yard waste container. As her foster dad wheels it around the yard, she will chase him and bark at it the whole time. "What the heck is that big yellow thing" she must be thinking! See picture below of Carly attacking the garbage can!

Carly terrorizing the garbage can

She seems so happy and shows no evidence in her personality of any of the trauma that she went through. She is kind of feisty and very independent, but she also will melt into your arms and snuggle to fall asleep. Any swelling that was in her face has gone down, which makes some of the injuries on her face more pronounced, however, those will vanish over time. We are definitely seeing more evidence that she may be a lab mixed with either husky or shepherd. Her tail is curling up over her back and her ears are more perky than that of a golden puppy.

She loves to play with neighborhood dogs that she has met, but we are trying to teach her some boundaries in that she gets so hyper and anxious to play, that we don't want her to get snapped at. We would like her to take it a little slower upon meeting someone new! When she plays with our big dogs (Nikki and Brooklyn) she will tease them by coming up from behind and jumping and biting at them, only to run under a piece of furniture when they react. She picks the furniture that is small enough for her, but too small for them to get under. Then she just sits back looking at them with a big smile on her face!

Carly napping with Brooklyn keeping watch

Carly has been doing a good job with the potty training. She has had no accidents in the house for the past couple of days, but we have also been very vigilant about taking her outside quite often and telling her what a good, good girl she is every time she goes potty outside. She has also mastered going up and down the stairs by herself (which can be a good thing, or a bad thing!). She has her favorite place in the family room where she will sometimes take a nap on her foster dad's chest!

We had to make a quick trip back to the vet early in the week, because she somehow or other scratched her cornea. I was watching her blink and rub at her eye and knew she either had something in her eye, or had a scratch. Nothing that some eye antibiotic won't take care of!

The vet will be taking a look at Carly's jaw in about two weeks and if things are healing well, she may be then ready to start looking at adoptive families. We will keep you posted on the progress of this little peanut! Enjoy her new pictures!

Foster mom:
"No, Carly!  No chewing on the glove!"

"Nobody will see me chewing the glove if I hide in here!"


Carly is doing great! Her little banged up face is looking much better and she is enjoying life!   She seems to have settled into our routine, and is turning out to be a very easy foster.   We have fostered several dogs through the years, and think that saying goodbye to this little foster puppy will be more difficult than expected.  We have grown quite attached, and absolutely love her.  My husband says he will miss her spunky little personality, while I think she has grown more affectionate as time goes on.

She had no reaction to the storms over the last couple days (which is good) and seems fearless in her pursuit of fun.  She is just all around happy and playful.  She is getting used to being in her kennel for quiet time and seems fine going in.  Potty training is still a work in progress.

Carly will be scheduled for a follow-up x-ray in the next week and if things are progressing well with her jaw, I think it will be time to start the process of finding her forever home.   In the meantime, Carly is looking forward to watching the Vikings play Kansas City on Friday night and wearing her #4 Favre jersey!    Go Vikes!  Whoo Hoo!!!!!