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Princess 09-168
(Fostered in Hillman, MN)

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Sponsored by:

Wendy J.

Dennis & Joanne McCarl
"We wish you a well deserved happier life!"


Good Morning All

Just to let you know there is a new "lady" at Ragom. She really did not want to be called a senior. She arrived Saturday and let's say she had a tough life. She is 11 years old and was used as a breeder. After visiting the vet there were a few items to fix. I don't know where to start. She has infection around her privates, probably caused by being dirty, ear infections, a couple of tumors in mammary, very overweight, a hot spot, infected tooth and obviously not spayed.

That was enough of the negatives. When she arrived, she had been in a car for hours and after getting out of car she came up to me with tail wagging. She got in my auto and off we went to my home, another two hours. Upon arriving, she did her duty and met the two resident dogs with a bunch of sniffing and tail wagging again. I was told she was not house trained, but that turned out to be wrong.  She has not had accident yet!!!  In fact she has been on free roam in our home and no problems. She is now on meds for ears, infections, and let's all hope and pray when they look at the tumors there is no cancer. The vet checked her joints and hips and found nothing wrong, and her blood work came out great.

With all her problems, she is still walking around wagging tail and looking for attention [ just touching her seems to make her feel good]. As you can tell she is not ready for adoption yet, but when she is, somebody that wants a, shall we say older laid back "Lady", she would make a great friend and love to have a furever home.

She would love to have a sponsor, her vet bills are a little high. I will update you all next week on her tests. Wish her best of luck.


Good Morning

Princess and I would like to thank her sponsors for donating money toward her medical bills. Without help like this she would have trouble getting aid. These special people Wendy J.and Dennis and Joanne M. make it possible for her to have a chance for, Ragom calls it "The Golden Life",which simply means to me, getting and giving love.

I would also like to thank Martha H. for taking these, shall we say odiferous dogs, shampooing and making them smell just like a dog should.  And in cases like Princess allow her to get ointment on infected areas and allowing them to heal. She does this free of charge for my foster dogs.

Princess thanks all the people that work so hard to make this all happen.[me too].
Her hot spot and ear infections are getting better, and the infection in her, shall we say southern region has improved immensely.

Thank you all so much!


Hello All

Just a short update on our Princess. We just got to our home from picking her up at the vet.  She had the bad tooth removed and also a large tumor. The tumor was a real weird one. The vet cut the tumor in half and removed it so it could be sent to the university for analysis. They wanted to wait for the results before any more surgery. The tumor had very large blood vessels feeding it blood.....I don't think that was good.  Let's all hope the girl gets a favorable reading from the university.

The good news, she lost weight since being here and her tail is still wagging!!!!




Yea !!!!!!!!!!

I just got the results for Princess (09-168) today and they were wonderful.  The tumor showed no cancer so she can now go in and get spayed.  She must have known all along because she never quit wagging her tail or wanting attention.

We went to my daughter’s home for Mothers Day and Princess got along great with three new dogs, one of which is Angel 09-176. I should include that Angel got along with our dog and all the people. Angel is really a good dog and will make somebody a wonderful pet.

Princess is now going for two walks a day…she said they were 10 or 11 miles, but don’t tell her they were one mile.  She loves to lay outside if she can hear or see humans, but does not want to be left alone, or she wants in.

She went on her first pontoon ride around lake and seemed to enjoy it, just laid there watching the shore go by. That was until she fell asleep.

I will have more updates and pictures soon.  I just wanted to tell everybody the good news.   Also, thanks again to her sponsors for making this happen.


Hi Everybody

Well our Princess is at our house now.   She is through with her operations, tumor,  tooth and she is now spayed. The best part is, all of them came out great!!  She only has to go to the vet once more to get stitches out [I'm too chicken]. I will give her all the credit she deserves as she went through a new home, three operations, meeting and getting along with our two resident dogs, and all she does is come  to you with a wagging tail and wanting a little attention.  Well o.k. ……she wants a lot of attention but is happy to just be by people or dogs.   If somebody wants a laid back dog that will give as much love as she gets, I believe she is the one.

I was just reminded by her that she has lost 7 lbs. and loves to go for long walks now.  She still claims 10 to 12 miles but we don't tell her she is up to 1 mile.  However, there are no stops now, so it seems she is getting stronger all the time.   Because she was a breeder, I don't think she was allowed out of cage much for ANY exercise.

It is really fun and rewarding to see her progress.


Good Morning,

I have been lax in Princess updates. We will start out by saying she is just a great girl!!  All her stitches and surgery marks are healed. She still has some healing on her leg from injection sights but they are healing and hair is growing back. Her morning walk is up to one and a quarter miles and her weight is down another 4lbs. You can tell she is getting stronger, she can go up and down from the bed, and the steps do not bother her. She can get into car without a boost now. As you can tell we are very proud of her.

She will now chase a ball [that is stretching the chase part a little] and go in lake to retrieve ball. She has gone in the lake now up to her belly, that is really not too deep, but she is getting more comfortable all the time. 

Anytime people come to our home, she is the same girl, wagging tail with toy in mouth and trying to get her head itched. Everyone says how nice she is. Princess would love to have a furever home to take her naps in, and give her big love to somebody.

A proud foster dad,
Jan D.  


Hi Everybody
I wanted to let all of the "Princess fans" know that she is doing just great!!! Everything has totally healed. Another good thing she has not shown any allergies. She is still doing her walks twice a day and we had a great find! You can feel her ribs now.

We had six dogs and numerous adults and teenagers over the fourth, Princess just wagged her tail and wanted her head itched. Our neighbors have two daughters and five children visiting now and no problems. In fact my dogs bark and make a much bigger fuss.

The next update, I will send some pictures of the new Princess!
Foster Jan


Just a quick update on Princess. As you can see she is in the lake and not real happy about getting her bath, that is our border collie getting wet and making sure she also will get attention [she hates water]. The other picture shows her in her favorite position in the living room.

It seems we are getting her pain meds adjusted, but had a setback when her back went out of joint, and she walked all hunched up. Luckily it seemed to correct itself with massage and a little time. Will have to watch that.

She set a new record at our home, by catching a chipmunk, she is the first dog to do that here. She wanted to take it in the house and seemed very proud. Let's say it was hard to get her to drop it. Somebody said it was because the chipmunks are young and almost tame. I said it was because she is a noble hunting dog [nobody believed it]. 

Foster Jan


Just a note to let everybody know Princess 09-168 will be at picnic. Come and say hello, I guarantee she will let you pet her head.[She will love you forever].


Hello All 

Just a short update on our "Princess", to start out she is doing very good with her weight. Still having a small problem with her, shall we say, extra skin. The more weight she loses the lower her mammeries are.  She said they will get better, I will let her think that. 

I believe she is going through her first childhood, or is really settling in at our home. First, one day I was working in the garage and my wife Mary was working in the yard. I got home about one hour earlier from grocery shopping and set the bags of food on the stairway to go up, in our storage room. You know where this is going!! I came in, and there was Princess in the middle of living room, covered with flour from the bag she had carried from the stairs. I still don't know how she carried a five pound bag twenty feet and not ripping it open. I was in shock seeing a 87 pound Golden covered with flour and a big piece of bag in her mouth, trying to look innocent. I guess I did not do a very good job telling her she was a bad girl when I was laughing so hard. Her second adventure was last week when we got home from church and there was a bunch of seeds laying in the living room. It seems gourds taste real good, or Princess thinks they do. She had some very interesting drop-offs outside for awhile.

As you can tell, she has been a very interesting dog lately, also a dog that you can't get mad at. I have decided to make her earn her keep though,  she has gone on three home visits and one visit at the local Vets home.  She did great as usual.

Princess and I will be at Petsmart this weekend, so all her fans and friends can come and say hi.
Foster Jan D.



Hello All
I'm sure all of you have heard about Princess getting ready to bake some cookies. To those that do not know, Princess took a five pound bag of flour, and opened it in the middle of living room.  Nobody told her what to do next.  As you can tell by her photo there was some left over on her face after trying to brush it off. I do not want to say what the living room looked like. The other picture shows Princess in the paddle boat, she was not too happy so they never got out on lake.

Princess would like to thank all the people who gave rubs and also the couple that bought her a new toy at PetSmart.  Ragom had a real nice area set up, thanks to PetSmart and all the people that work there.

More adventures of Princess later
Foster Jan D.     


Hi All

Just a quick update on Princess 09-168. Everything is going fine, she seems to be doing better with her back or leg pain. Going up the stairs slowly, but still making it. 

Princess, Mia (our border collie) and my wife Mary, go in the morning for a walk, and then again in afternoon to get the mail. She seems to like going with, but when we are throwing the ball for our border collie, Princess would rather lay in the grass and watch. She could chase the ball, but she can't think of a reason why. She now is starting to learn about Christmas, some decorating being done [snow village]. It will be interesting when we get our tree up, We may not put strung popcorn on tree this year.

All have a Happy Thanksgiving from Princess

Foster Jan D. and Princess  


Hello Everybody

Princess and I would like to tell you all, that we hoped everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving. We all went to my daughter's house and had a wonderful time. Princess met two more dogs there, and got to have a lot of attention. You know how she is, giving you that "I'm a Princess and you should pet me" look. She had a great time with all the people, dogs,and kids. When we went home later, our three dogs slept the entire trip.

Princess is getting ready to greet our next dog, we will be babysitting, her name is Katie [09-357] and she will be hanging out at our home for a couple months.

That's all for now,  we have to teach her the next big holiday "Christmas", I'll let you all know how that goes.

Foster Jan D.


  Buster 09-298                       Merry Christmas to the Golden seniors

Lori, Kerry, and the Mutts


Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to All!

Wanted to show everybody how Princess [09-168] looked out trying to find a tree. Well, she found a lot of critter smells, then two people and their two children. Princess went to her new "friends" and gave the "I'm Princess and you should pet me look." Well, it worked like usual.  She got her pets and I got to talk about Ragom.
Our tree is up and no problems with the dogs.

Princess would also like to tell her sponsors "Thank You". Her Ragom Golden life is really working out wonderful.



Hello All
Princess 09-168 is doing great with her walks, she has cut a couple minutes of her time. As you all know who have met me and princess.... we are both very large!! Well, I found out I am on the border for diabetes. To make a long story short, we are both on diet, and we both got yelled at about our weight. The trouble is, she has lost more than me!

Princess and I would like to thank her sponsors and the wonderful "friends" that gave her the Christmas donations!  All money to Ragom is used for the dogs.

From Princess and Foster Dad, Jan D. 
Merry Christmas!!!!


Good Morning

Just a short update to let everybody know that Princess 09-168 is doing just great. Princess and Katie 09-257 and our dog went to my Daughter's home for three days when we were on a snowmobile trip. All five dogs, her two and our three got along great. Our Granddaughter had a "Blast" feeding and letting them all out in there back yard. Princess and Katie were the hit at the bus stop every morning. Our Daughter would walk to the stop, and all the kids had to pet and hug them. I can believe the two dogs were in heaven.

Princess is still walking her two miles a day, and her weight has leveled off. Princess and I are working on that. [both our weights]. She still has to be by a person so she can get her pets and head rubs in.

The one picture is her in heaven with my Granddaughter,another outside with Katie 09-257 and the one with the pinecone is a picture of her denying everything......"I did not get it out of basket, I did not carry it to the living room, and I did not start to chew on it."  She said a "Princess" would not do that.

Katie's 09-257 foster mom will be back in a few weeks and we will all miss her.
Foster Dad
Jan D. 


Good Morning All
Just a note to let all of Princess fans that she is doing great!!!
Last week she had a bout of lets say, loose stools. A visit to the vet and some meds and she is back to normal. You all know how she likes to go for walks, well now with my new knee, her and I both are going on walks. If we don't, my wife Mary yells at us both. Usually saying "get your big butt outside and get going" We don't know which one she is talking to.
Other than that, my family and Princess wish you all Happy Easter!


Good Morning All
Well the big weekend is over. After having two more dogs here you can imagine how tired Princess is. The first picture shows her looking for her "favorite" toy.  The second shows her saying "I think I will take a nap and figure it out later". We had to put her toys up for the weekend,  we had a dog visiting that chewed them.

As you all can see Princess is doing very good. Her walks are slowing down, maybe she just wants to go slow and smell nature. I have to tell everybody, she caught another chipmunk. She is just a born hunter, or the chipmunks are really not too sharp. I think she prefers the "born hunter".


Just a short update on our girl Princess 09-168. She wants everybody to know she is doing "very good". Still hunting for chipmunks and squirrels, as you can tell by her picture.

We increased her meds a little because this hot humid weather was bothering her arthritis, tell me about it. Other than that she is working on her svelte body, well that is her opinion. She hopes to see everybody at the picnic, you all know how she loves her head rubbed and scratched. 


Hi Everybody

Princess just had her 13th birthday, and she wanted to show all her friends her new toy! As you all know from her other pictures, she hardly has any toys. I do not want to tell how many , in fact I don't even want to guess. I think enough, but she says you can never have too many.
See you all at the picnic!!! And do not forget the head rubs [for Princess].
A Big Thanks to her Sponsors and Friends!

Foster Jan D.




Princess and I would like to tell all the people [and dogs] that made the picnic such a wonderful event, thank you!! Princess had a lot of hugs and head pets, of course not enough according to her.  It was great to see some of my previous foster dogs and see how wonderful the "golden life'' is for them.

Princess and I would like to say keep up the hard work. Hopefully some dogs found a furever home at the picnic, there were a lot of people looking.
We will see you all at the next event, Princess loves her hugs and head rubs. 
Foster Dad Jan


Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors and their fosters! Merry Christmas to the Senior Goldens and their fosters from Anonymous


Good Morning All

Princess and I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.  On the fist picture you can see Grandma and Princess opening one of her presents, the next picture shows Princess laying by the fireplace with her new toy. As you all know Princess has a large collection of them. Again she says you can't have too many. Hoping everybody has a good year ahead!
Foster Jan and Princess


 Hello Everybody
I was thinking about the people that sometimes wonder what " The Golden Life" is. So I'm enclosing this photo of Princess.  She just got back from her 20 mile walk,[ In her mind only - really half mile]. She thought it would be only proper to get one of her toys and take a well deserved nap in the sun. This is the Golden Life at its best.
Foster Dad

Jan D.


Princess 09-168 will be at Chuck and Don's Sat. 2-11. to see all her old friends. She told me"Do not forget the head rubs".


Happy Spring to the Golden Seniors from Anonymous Happy Spring to the Golden Seniors from Anonymous

"In memory of my Abby" "In Memory of my Abby"


Good Morning All,

Princess just wanted to let all her fans and friends know she is doing great! She likes the warm weather we are getting. Although at 100 degrees, it is a little hot, but sure makes laying in the shade and enjoying the breeze from the lake better.

The hot weather did not slow her down, any slower and she would be stopped. Let's just say she likes to go easy to smell the flowers, and grab a weed to chew on.

Everybody have a great summer and enjoy the flowers and weeds.

Foster Jan D.


Good Morning 

I was not a very good foster, I did not have a current picture entered in the Princess file. She had her 14th birthday August 1!!!!

She is doing fine, the weather is cooling off a little and both of us are more comfortable.  As you can see, the first picture is Princess meeting our new Great Grand Daughter, the second is "enough of that, I think I will take a nap." 

Hope everybody had a wonderful summer.

Foster Jan



Just a picture of Princess 09-168  guarding Grandmas shoe, or did she just borrow it to lay on?  As you all can tell, Princess is the same old Princess, still going slow, but smelling the roses as she goes. I have been having some back problems, so when we go for walks we travel about the same speed ,so that is working out just fine with her.

Funny that we are thinking winter, when it is 76 degrees out. We know it is coming and I hope everybody drives safe and enjoys the beauty of the snow.
Princess and Foster Dad Jan D.


In memory of Zera and Athena" In memory of Zera and Athena

Happy Holidays from anonymous Happy Holidays from anonymous





First I would like to apologize to everybody, I have not had a update on Princess [09-168] for much too long. I want to tell all her fans she is doing well. Some drugs for her sore bones, but she still makes it up the stairs to bed, it just takes her a little longer.

We both hope everybody had a great Merry Christmas and a safe winter. 
Foster Jan


Good morning

Happy Spring to all !!!!

I thought everybody would like to see the "Princess" helping clear leaves out of the flower bed. Well I guess she got a little tired, and decided to take a short nap. Other than her and I getting a little slower, the warmth and sun feels great, and it sure is nice getting outside.

Foster Jan D. 


From Laura Kreun  From Laura Kreun


Hello and Merry Christmas to all of the fans of "Princess"

I wanted everyone to know that she is doing well, slowing down but just fast enough for me. As you all know she loves her toys, don't tell her but I have a new teddy bear for her, and knowing her she will wag her tail and add it to her rather large collection.

Princess wishes everyone a happy a wonderful Christmas!
Foster Dad Jan


Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors! From Anonymous



It is with sadness that I let everyone know that my foster, Princess, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. The vet believed she had cancer and was in some pain. She lived to the ripe old age of 15 or possibly 16. She came into RAGOM about 5 years ago. All she had known prior to RAGOM was how to be a puppy mill momma.

Once she got to RAGOM, she started living the good life on a lake up north. Since my wife’s passing last year, she has been a blessing to have around. We will all miss her a lot, but know she is up there running with the other dogs, playing with her 30+ stuffed animals and visiting with my wife. Miss ya Princess!

Jan D.