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Bandit 09-132
(Fostered in West Des Moines, IA)

Sponsored by:

Sharon and Todd
~ In memory of Charlie and Emmit (07-642) ~

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Merry Christmas to the Golden Seniors and their fosters! Merry Christmas to the Senior Goldens and their fosters from Anonymous


Bandit has won our hearts over in less than 24 hours! He is beautiful, adorable, loving and very well trained.  He has his AARP card but still has lots to give. He has gotten along great with our 2 resident dogs and our 2 resident cats. He has even let our 3 year old daughter play house with him.  

He went to the vet today and got a clean bill of health! 

He knows basic commands, perfectly house trained and loves to ride in the car. If you are looking for a relaxed dog who likes to lay around, be petted and will be your shadow, you'll have a great companion!


So I noticed the other day Foster Mom & Dad haven't put an update up for a while for me, so I have taken it into my own paws to write one up for everyone so I can let everyone know what I am doing!

Since the last time FM & FD updated my page, I have become attached to my FM. Whenever she is home I am by her side no matter where she goes. If she's not around I will settle for FD but I really prefer my FM, nothing against him, she is just a better petter. I also really like my grand foster mom, she is really nice, when FD is out of town and I am in my kennel (more on that later) she will come let me out to go potty.

So this kennel thing is kind of cool. I go in there during the day when FM & FD are gone from the house. They give me a bone to chew on and some treats and it's a nice quiet place for me to lay down. Then at night I get to sleep in a comfy bed up in their room.

The weather is getting nicer out and I have met some of the neighborhood doggies, I love to meet new friends! We all get along great. FM & FD have had some neighbors over for some play time for all of the us four legged friends. Also since the weather has gotten nicer FM & FD have taken me for some walks. FM always walks me so I am careful not to pull, I am a good mannered boy when we are walking and this makes FM very happy.

Here are some more pictures of me that FM & FD have taken recently - hope you enjoy them!





Hi Everyone

It's your cute old man here, that's what my FM calls me, either that or her velcro dog as I love to be by her side. 

Well, I had an interesting weekend last week. In my mind it was very scary! I get a little nervous when thunder storms roll into town. Not to bad, just pant and shake when I hear the thunder. While FM & FD were out to dinner last Friday, they had put me in my kennel, little did they know that there was going to be a Thunderstorm. While it came and went, I surprised FM & FD at the door when they got home. It was my little trick on how I got out of my kennel, it was that wire kind that collapses.  

All weekend it stormed, so as you can imagine I snuggled up to my FM when ever I could for her comfort and reassuarance.  Also during the storms I taught Buddy, my resident brother, to be afraid of storms as well.  Who says old dogs can't teach you new tricks!  You should see him, he is worse than me, and FM & FD don't find it nearly as funny as I do!

Since the storms have come FM & FD have left me out of my kennel when they leave to go places, I love to roam the house and snuggle up in one of my favorite corners or if they are gone for a long time, I will make myself at home in the middle of their bed.

Well, got to run, FM just got home from work, and I need to go be her shadow.  



Boy oh Boy! They have been keeping me busy here! Life at my foster home has been good and I sleep well when night rolls around. They are doing lots of yardwork which means I get to sunbathe or when it gets to hot I like to find some dirt to lay in. I bark at dogs that walk by but that is only because I am friendly and want to meet them. Every dog I have met so far has been great, I have no agression issues with other dogs.

This past weekend FM and FD brought me up to something called a Senior Citizen's prom. My FM is a teacher and her students host this prom every year for the seniors of the community. Since I am a senior they thought I might enjoy it as well. Let me tell you, it was wonderful. For about 6 hours straight I was petted and loved. The students and the seniors loved me. FM even got a thank you letter for the prom and it has a paragraph about me. Listen to how much everyone loved me...

"One of the best parts was the special visitor, the friendly dog, Bandit. So many of us had dogs at one time but we live in apartments or communities where we can't have pets. So, it was very special to pet and hug a dog once more."

I also got great news this week, I HAVE A SPONSOR!!!!!!! Thank you Sharon and Todd and in memory of Charlie and Emmit (07-642)

I am off to go take a nap, FM and FD tell me there is more yardwork to be done this weekend and I can't miss out on that.



Wow!  Sorry folks, it has taken me a month to get in an update but this foster family keeps me busy!  

It has been nice cool weather, which I have enjoyed immensely.  My foster family is outside a lot working in their yard.  That means I just get to lay and sunbathe!

The most exciting thing we have done recently is called Dock Dogs.  My foster family is on a Dock Dogs team and jump their resident dogs.  I got a chance at it as well.  They practice out on some open land with a pond.  Seeing as I used to be a farm dog as soon as I got out there I went crazy.  I could smell wonderful things!  They have a pond with a small dock for dogs to get started and then the real dock to practice on.  My foster mom took me on the small dock and the shoreline to see if I would even get in the water.  Of course I would!  I love to swim.  I am by no means fast but it is nice to swim lazily around the pond.  I jumped off the small dock but I wasn't so sure about it so they never put me on the big dock.

This weekend we went to a Dock Dogs competition in Dubuque, IA.  WOW...I have been sleeping non-stop since coming home.  During a practice session FD took me on the big dock to see what I would think.  I thought about jumping in but wasn't so sure.  Then they showed me how to get in on the ramp and off I went swimming.  It was a great cool down.  I got lots of love and attention while at Dock Dogs.  Everyone I met commented on how wonderful I was behaving!  I have some pictures below to show you what a great time I had.    

I also want to thank my sponsors, you guys are the best!



I went to Dock Dogs practice last night and jumped off the dock! I am by no means a big jumper but I love it!!!! I also love running into the water and just swimming. I am excited for the next Dock Dogs event so I can compete. I was so exhausted when I got home I fell asleep in my food bowl like a puppy!

I wanted to let everyone know a few more things about me. FM and FD were told that I had storm anxiety but they didn't know what would happen. Well, they discovered a few things. When there is a storm I pant a lot! I also want to be right on top of you to feel safe. FM has taken to sleeping with me in the basement otherwise I pant all night and keep her up. In the basement I feel much safer and sleep all night. FM and FD also discovered that when I am left alone during a storm while having free roam of the house I am okay. I know the safe spots in the house. When I am kenneled during a storm I do not feel safe! I chewed through the kennel while they were gone during a storm but once I got out I was fine. They have also discovered how strong I am. While FM was sleeping on the couch on the main floor a storm came through. I started panting and getting nervous. FM must have been really tired because she slept through this. When she woke up she found out what I did. I moved the couch! I did no damage but wanted to find a safe spot so I moved it with my nose. I have pictures showing you what it looked like moved and what it normally looks like. Once I moved it I got myself into that little opening between the two and slept perfectly all night! The best part of all this...I have taught their resident dog how to be scared of storms. He was never scared of them before me and now whenever there is a storm he pants even louder than me! FM and FD don't think this is as funny as I do.

A few other odds and ends....

  • Even though I am older I am good at holding my bladder though frequent outings make me more comfortable.
  • I love food and will do anything for it.
  • FM and FD think I may have been a hunting dog at one time.
  • I love to chase my toy in the yard though I get tired after a few times.
  • I love going on walks!!!! I can only walk a few blocks though before I get really slow. I still will walk but it gets hard for me.
  • I like having a stuffed animal to snuggle with and walk around with.

I get to go to a temporary foster for a little bit while my foster family takes a vacation. I am excited for them to return though so we can go to DOCK DOGS!



Things for the past few weeks have been pretty much the same.  While FM and FD went out of town for a week I went to stay with another foster family.  They have told them what a wonderful guest I was.  I bonded right away with their much younger dogs and kept up pretty well for an old guy.  I even got the privilege of sleeping on the couch which I thought was pretty cool.  

This past weekend I went to Dock Dogs down in Leon, IA with FM and FD.  I didn't have as much interest as last time but I got up on the dock a couple of times.  Never jumped though.  I did find many people to pet and love me though.  

I have been enjoying this cool July weather with lots of sleep!  







Hey All The Great Bandito Here again!

Well I had the best weekend ever last weekend!  I got to sleep all day, see my foster grandpa get surprised for his birthday by his entire family from all over the country so FM and FD were up at there place all weekend.  It was great, I would jump up on the couch and sleep until they come home to let me out or to stay for the night. We had some young boys stay with us during the weekend.  They both made great companions, one loved to play fetch so I would play fetch with him a couple of times and the other boy liked to snuggle, he was my favorite.  See there is one thing I don't know if FM has told you, I love to be petted!  I don't care what you are using to pet me, your foot, hand, a stick, I don't care I just love to have my body rubbed.

On a sad note FM has to go back to school here in a couple of weeks so FM and FD are preparing me now.  I LOVE my FM from the time she gets up in the morning until we go to bed I am by her side if she is home!  So I will be very sad to see her go back to school, guess I will have to settle for FD.  

As for this weekend FM and FD don't have any big plans for me, we are just going to try and stay cool, it is suppose to get really hot here and I like to be nice and cool!


Bandit Here!

Life is great down here in Iowa!  The weather got really hot for a while, which needless to say I am not a fan of. Recently though it has been nice and cool.  I like just wandering outside with FM and FD while they are working.  I am going to love fall!

My schedule has changed a little but I am getting used to it.  I am always attached at FM's hips.  She is a teacher and has gone back to work recently as well as attending classes for her masters so is not around nearly as much as she was this summer.  FD works from home so I still have someone to love me but when FM comes home I hop around like a puppy!  

I still love to eat!  I like walks but am slowing down a little.  I can't go for more than about 8 blocks total and even that is starting to wear me out.  By the time we are getting close to home I walk real slow but I still love them.  There is nothing better than sleeping all day long!  I have even learned a habit of sleeping on the couch when no one sees me.  

Just recently I have started to loose hair in clumps and have a bit of an irritation on my tail.  I will be going to the vet soon to see what is happening so I will let you all know.

Bandit here!  Been a long time since I have updated but life at this house has gotten crazy! 
FM has gone back to teaching and also grad school so she isn't around as often.  This makes me sad as I love being by her side but when she comes home I jump off all fours like a puppy! 
My FS (foster sister) is growing up quickly and will almost be 4 and her new responsiblility is to feed the dogs and cats.  She has gotten really good at it and I love when I get fed!
I had a slight irritation on my tail in the past month where I was chewing it to the point of bleeding.  We are not sure what happened but they think I may have had an allerigc reaction to some food.  I got switched over right away and now my tail is healing nicely.  It does look a little silly as it does have a big bald spot!
I am loving this fall weather!  I can sleep in the sun during the day and snuggle up at night.
My age is slowly catching up to me.  All summer I was able to walk about 8 blocks and that would be plenty.  Lately though the walks have been but short as I am tiring quicker.  I get to about 6 blocks and I am really slow but I still love getting out in the fresh air. 
When I came to this Foster Family I had a small stuffed animal.  FM deemed it disgusting and threw it away but bought me a new one.  It is a little stuffed bird and boy do I love it.  I carry it everywhere with me and even snuggle with it when I am getting ready to sleep as you can see below.  I have also taken to one of the resident dogs bones to chew on.  Thankfully, they share nicely because I sure do love it.  In fact, at night it gets taken away.  FM is grumbling about being too loud to sleep!  ;)




Well, Hey there everyone!  It has been a crazy fall, time sure flies when you are having fun!  This fall has been kind of crazy, it got really cold first and than warmed up!  During the cold parts of the month I spent a lot of time sleeping in front of the fire place.  FM & FD have this great fire place, you don't even need real wood all they do is push a button and there is the fire, it is pretty cool.  Well, thankfully the cold weather didn't stick around to long and it warmed up like it was suppose to and I have been spending a lot of time outside with my whole family. 

This summer FM & FD got a fence so while they work out in the yard they let me wander around the yard and check everything out.  It is great, and lately with all the acorns falling to the ground there have been lots of squirells around to watch and chase.  My resident dog brother, LOVES squirels, he just can't get enough of them, I usually wait until he finds one than I will help him chase them. 

Also, my FS had her 4th birthday not to long ago.  It was a pretty good deal, her grandparents were here so I got lots of pets from everyone which makes me real happy.  Also, during her little party I got to wear a party hat, now I am not to fond of this type of thing, but I was a good sport for her birthday.  

Next up is Thanksgiving, and from what I hear there are more people coming to visit my foster family, so you know what that means, thats right, more pets for me!  I always enjoy company, I give them the old dog look with my big brown eyes, floppy ears and my cutest old man face possible and it works everytime.  From what FD tells me, we will be hanging out with the family watching some football and relaxing, and I can't wait.

Here are some pictures of myself and my best friends at my foster home!  I love the cat she will snuggle with me in my kennel!!!!

Well, FM is calling I have to go upstairs and try and distract her while she folds laundry!  I will bark at you later!




 Merry Christmas to the Golden seniors

In loving memory of Carter 07-487


Hi All

Bandit here again!  It has been a couple great weeks here in Iowa!  We got a bunch of snow last week, and I never told my FM and FD how much I LOVE the snow!!!  I was so excited when we first went out, the only problem was I couldn't walk through it, I had to hop through it!  It was great, I dug in the snow, rolled in it, chased my friends Buddy and Zoe around in it!  We had so much fun playing in it.  The one thing that really bothers me about snow is that it get stuck in between my pads on my paws, so as soon as I get in the house after playing I lay down and make sure my paws are nice and clean!  It also helps that FM and FD have a fire place that I can lay in front of to warm up after playing outside.

Thanksgiving was great, FM and FD were both home all week with me!  That means lot of petting for me!  Also, FD made a great Thanksgiving dinner for us dogs, Ground Turkey, Yogurt, and some Wet food!  Lets say it didn't last long!!  During that time we had some company and it was great, it was my FS cousins and since they were little kids I loved playing with them.  It was great they would let me follow them around, pet me and play with me!  

Up next you ask?  I don't know but FM & FD put up these things over the fireplace and talked about some guy coming.  But when they first put them up they were short one, so what did they do you ask?  They took me out and got me my own STOCKING!!!!!!!  I hope that the big guy fills it up with LOTS of food and treats!!!!  

I wanted to thank all that have been sponsoring me and checking in on my.  My FM and FD have been taking great care of me and I am really enjoying my time here in Iowa!

Talk to you all soon!




Hi All,

WOW the last two weeks have been great!  FM was on winter break from school, Dad was on Vacation and FS was on winter break as well!  So I was never alone and got lots of good snuggling time with everyone.  During these two weeks there was some Holiday that my FS was really excited about,  I was not so sure about why, than in the middle of the night this guy in a big red suit came into the house and brought me a new bird to play with!!!

I take my little bird everywhere, I have tried sneaking him outside, and also tried to sneak him to bed, but he has a squeaker in him so sometimes I get to excited and squeak him.  Than FM & FD tell me I need to leave it alone.  During FM & FD time off, FD was working on the house, so I wasn't able to sleep as much as I do when he is working from home, but it was fun watching him.  It really made me tired watching him do all this work!  So I would take my birdy down stairs and lay down for a rest.

Over the last week it has gotten VERY COLD!  FD has tried putting a jacket on my, but I DO NOT LIKE THEM, I just refuse to move!  They said they are going to try and work with me on it but just to prove them wrong, I go out in the cold weather, lay down and roll around in the snow because I don't need a jacket I tell them.  

Well I have to go eat breakfast!!  Talk to you all later!!!



Hello everyone!  

Well it has been a crazy winter here in Iowa!  We got SNOW galore and it is finally melting off and let me tell you, there are A LOT of good smells that I like rolling in!!  FM & FD don't like it so much because I come in looking like I just went for a swim, but what's a Dog suppose to do!

Life has been very relaxing lately!  Not much going on, so I have gotten into a really good routine and I make sure everyone sticks to it.  Every morning I make sure FD feeds me by 8:30, if not I start howling at him and jumping up and down so I get his attention.  Then at exactly at 6:30pm every night I make sure my FS feeds me, I don't care if they are in the middle of eating there dinner or not.  I just start jumping up and down and howling at them.  It works great!

Some news about the other dogs here at this house.  Zoe, she is a black long haired dog in the other pictures on here, has a goofy problem that FM & FD refer to as MMM (Masticatory muscle myositis).  All I know is that she wasn't able to eat all her food for a while so I made sure to finish anything extra before FM & FD notice.  But they have now noticed and took her to the vet, where they put her on some drugs, and it has worked out for everyone.  See these drugs make her have to go to the bathroom a lot so I get to go outside almost every other hour!  And what dog doesn't love going outside when the weather is getting so nice!  Thanks for getting sick Zoe, I LOVE the fresh air.  And for those of you that are concerned about her, don't worry, FM & FD say she is going to make a full recovery in time for DockDogs.

Well, it's time for me to go outside again, and it's RAINING!  FM & FD will never know if I roll around or not because I will get so wet from the rain!  I LOVE SPRING!!!

Me waiting patiently for my FS to feed me!

Talk to you all soon!

You are all probably wondering how Bandit is, he is in PERFECT health!  He had his yearly check up about 3 weeks ago and the only thing that came back elevated was his cholesterol but that is expected in a dog his age.  Our vet is amazed at how well he is doing!  We have been taking him for nightly walks hoping that he would be able to walk a little farther each time, but without fail, when we get to the same spot on our short walks he starts to slow down.  He still loves being out side and is having a great spring.  Here is a picture of our daughter playing Vet with Bandit!  He is absolutely great and loves the attention he gets from her.

There has been a major change in our house since we last updated Bandit's page.  As previously mentioned one of our other dogs had been diagnosed with MMM and was being treated for that with medication.  The medication that they use is a steroid that suppresses the immune system, and while her immune system was suppressed she became very ill, and our vet referred us to Iowa State Vet Med School.  After spending a day at Iowa State we realized that our little girl was extremely sick and there was nothing we could do for her.  So on March 31st Zoe went to the Rainbow Bridge, and she has been missed dearly.

During the time Zoe was sick she was always at home with us over night, and on the night of April 2nd, Bandit woke me up at 4:30 for what I thought was a bathroom break.  He went downstairs and proceeded to search the entire house for Zoe!  We saw an immediate change in his personality when he realized Zoe wasn't coming back. He and Zoe were very close as you can see by some of the previous pictures we have posted and this affected both of the dogs in different ways.  Bandit has worked his way through most of his depression where our other dog is still working on getting through the loss.  Having Bandit around the house during this time has been helpful to everyone, especially our daughter who grew up with Zoe.

We will post again soon, but Bandit is great!


Bandit here.  Boy oh boy do I apologize for being so slow on updating my page.  I am going to blame it on my FM.  She swore up and down she sent one in but then realized it never went through.  I will forgive her though.  She is pregnant with twins and I hear forgetfulness is common with pregnancy! 
Life here has been busy.  FM is pregnant so we are getting ready for two new additions this fall.  Our lazy summer days have been spent at the pool where my FS loves to swim.  I do not like to go in the water but like to lay around and just watch.  We also like to work in the yard and play games.  I mostly just nap and watch what goes on.  As long as I am around people I am happy!
The best part of the summer has been our trip to Colorado.  It was fun!  We drove out to Keystone.  I was a little unsure about what was going on but I had my FM by me so I was comfortable.  Once we got there it was so fun to have free run and to play with our cousins.  I even helped to cure a little boy over his fear of dogs.  I am a gentleman and would never hurt anyone and he quickly learned that dogs can be fun.  By the end of the week he was feeding me treats and playing with me. 


Hi Everyone,

Sorry it has been soooooo long since I wrote but it has been SUPER busy around my house.  You see this fall my foster mom was expecting, not one baby but TWO babies!  So FD, my four legged brother Buddy and I spent a lot of time outside working on making sure everything was done before these babies arrived!  It sure was a great thing we had some good weather in September & October, we spent almost all of our time outside working on different projects in the front yard and back.  But my biggest worry wasn't helping FD it was making sure my FM was feeling OK.

So each time she would leave us "boys" outside to work, Buddy and FD would do all of the work and I would sit by the door and watch Mom and make sure she was OK!  I really like my FM she has been very good to me and I reward her by being her shadow!  Any where she goes I go, that's my rule, even if it requires a few more trips up and down the stairs I am OK with that.

In October I went in for a 6 month check up with the Doc, she says I need them these days since I am getting old.  But I don't feel old, and Doc thinks that I am aging very gracefully!  Any dog loves to hear that, she gave me a clean bill of health and I was sent on my way.  Little did I know that I would have to come back in a couple of weeks.  

Now the story goes something like this!  One night, right in the middle of a good dream, I hear Mom get up so I got up with her to make sure she was alright, but I don't think she was, because she went to FD and told him to get up because something broke.  Next thing I know Grandma is there, my foster Sis is up, and it is the middle of the night!!!!  Doesn't everyone know that I need my beauty sleep to keep aging gracefully!!!!  While the next day, Mom still hadn't come home and I started to get real nervous!  People would stop by and let me out, give me treats and pet me, but it was no replacing my MOM!!  That night my FD parents stayed at our house and I had some accidents in the house!  I don't blame them, I just couldn't control myself, so the next day I went back to the Vet to be checked out and to get some fluids.

Mom & Dad came and picked me up!  I was so happy to see them, Doc said I was OK, just a little stressed because Mom ran off so quickly.  A LITTLE STRESSED, I was freaking out, all I understood was she was broken and that she left, I was her shadow I was suppose to go with.  But I am glad to be back home, but there was a surprise when I got there!

TWO more sisters!  They are great, sometimes a little loud at night, but I get along with them well.  I will lay by them when they are having tummy time, and make sure Mom & Dad hear them when they are hungry.  A little bark or two always gets Mom and Dad to snap too!  Well, I got to run, promise I will put up a Christmas picture soon, but for now here is a picture of me and my two new sisters!

The first one is Ella, while she is having tummy time!  

This picture is with Chole!

Bandit has found his forever home! 

We will miss him dearly, but he is going to a wonderful family with many playmates!