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Littilin/Leo 08-608
(Fostered in Hugo, MN)

Sponsored by:

The Hicks Family
“For Leo the world's most Potentially Amazing Agility Dog. Go, go, go buddy! We love and miss you.”

From Cooper, Bauer, and Betty

May 16, 2012

Welcome Back to RAGOM Little Man!
Leo, formally known as "Littlin," is a 5 yr. old little love bug that weighs about 55 lbs soaking wet. He is a beautiful Golden Mix---thought to have some Spaniel in him! In fact…there is a mixed breed called “Spangold Retriever” (Golden Retriever/Spaniel) and I’m willing to bet that is a very good guess on this boy!!! His body, ears, forehead, tracking ability, speckled paws, long ears, and LOVE of WATER are good indicators if you ask me…but we’ll see what you all think.

“Enough with the landscaping! Let's play some ball!”

Leo was adopted last year by a very loving family. They did everything in their power to make Leo feel comfortable and safe in his own skin as a first time "only" dog. But after a year or so of trying, they realized that perhaps this was not the “environment” Leo needed and so they lovingly asked RAGOM to find Leo a place where he could be the dog he was truly meant to be. You see, over the last year at his home, Leo started to exhibit random "reactive" behaviors for the first time with stranglers and always seemed "on edge" during their walks through the busy neighborhood. There were some incidents noted of Leo lunging at random strangers during these walks and nipping at delivery people and neighbor kids when they entered the family home. This was NOT the Leo the family knew and not the Leo previous foster families had experienced. So in came a trainer to help. Unfortunately, the training helped the family "manage" Leo but did not help Leo the way they had hoped ---thus not providing him with the Golden life they wanted for him.

The busy living environment might have added to Leo feeling somewhat overwhelmed and anxious at times. Leo's adoptive home was set directly across the street from a school with buses that came and went most of the day and the backyard hosted a public walkway through which school kids used daily . The neighbor next door also had a business in which delivery trucks stopped often and so Leo was constantly on guard in his own home. Of course, in hind sight, it's easy to see the differeneces between the environments from Leo's foster home to his adoptive home clearly: city vs. country, resident dog in the home vs. only dog, land to burn off energy vs. tethered walk and ball time---but who knew such a change would have such an impact on Leo? No one really....he was a happy boy and loved people so being an only dog in a loving family sounds pretty ideal for a dog!

Leo truly loved his family ….and it was so obvious how much they loved him! He is just a loving soul and I just commend his family for wanting a better situation for Leo after trying everything under the sun. Sometimes it’s just a change of venue or the return to a pack makes the difference, so let’s hope this is the case with Leo. So far, after two weeks at his new foster home which is set out in the country with a friendly pack of dogs, we've experienced only a very happy, playful boy.


“Looks like Leo's Game!"

Here is a recap of Leo’s life as we know it…

2 yr. old Leo is surrendered to RAGOM by his 1st owner because she could no longer afford to care for Leo and wanted a better life for this wonderful boy! We thank her for loving Leo so much!

Leo luckily gets a temp foster and then a permanent foster soon after arriving in RAGOMland. He stays with his foster family for almost 2 years and they finally decide to adopt him. Everyone is happy! Leo learns how to be a family dog, how to potty outside and learns some manners.

Leo, now 4 yrs. old, finds out his adoptive family is relocating and cannot take Leo along and so he is returned to RAGOM. “Once a RAGOM dog…always a RAGOM dog.” Back in a foster home, Leo finds he is in heaven in the quiet setting and settles right in! Quiet country living, trips to the nursing home to visit friends (lots of attention), and a great resident dog to love…..ahhhh…life it very good for Leo! So good in fact, he found a wonderful family to call his very own and was adopted right away! This will be Leo's 1st time out in the world as an "only dog."

Leo arrives back into RAGOM in hopes that a change in "environment" is exactly what this boy needs to be the dog he was always meant to be.
We welcome our new foster boy onto the ranch where he met the pack of fur friends like long lost relatives….full body wiggles and lots of licks....I was relieved to see such happiness and excitment! Everyone got along right off the bat----though with one other "ball lover" like Leo in the house---we had a few minor scuffles with the "new girl" who also loves tennis balls -----but once they understood each other, they kissed and made up. No problems since the addition of a new rule: "No tennis balls in the house."


Foster Sister Sugar 11-437 & Leo

Leo has been a wonderful guest and has settled in almost seamlessly with our family and our routine. He has free roam with the pack for 6 hours while we are away at work and when we return, Leo enjoys his time hunting for lost balls out back, chasing the tennis ball wherever we throw it, chewing his tennis ball, weaseling his way into our bed at night, laying by his fur brothers and sister, and cuddling with FM and FD!



We've had company stop over randomly these past two weeks and not so much as a concerned look from Leo. Leo does wait for the other dogs to meet the “newcomers” first and then he walks/runs right up with his wiggle butt and offers licks that are ready for the taking---much like he greets us when we arrive home which is always a treat!

We are just really learning about Leo and what he needs to be successful in his 4th---and FINAL forever home! So far…we are convinced he needs:
· 1-2 resident dog(s)
· a large area to run, play and explore
· a country-type quiet setting
· An active family member(s)----runner, avid walker, hiker, outdoors person, etc.
· Commitment to exercise, direction, and purpose. This is a VERY smart boy….easy to train….agility training would be outstanding or some kind of search/rescue…he loves to track!
· A lake or place to swim. Oh my….WATER + LEO = TRUE LOVE! Leo found a puddle after the last rain and laid right down in it like a dog bed!

That's it for now....please stay tuned...Leo's NEW Adventure has just begun....

We will be out at the RAGOM Meet & Greet this Saturday….come out and give this little guy a BIG RAGOM Welcome Back!


Leo's first BIG Adventure out to a RAGOM Meet & Greet on Saturday was AWESOME!!! I was a little nervous taking him to such a big event knowing that Leo was said to be a bit uncomfortable with too much commotion and remembering that he was a nervous car rider---but I was pleasantly surprised at how excited Leo was to jump in the car and head out with me solo!

As you can see, Leo LOVED going in the car and he was very well behaved. Of course he wanted to ride shot gun...but as long as he could stand with his head next to me playing co-pilot--he was very happy. And what dog doesn't love hanging their head out the window???

Then we arrived and it was very busy----a busy Saturday shopping day in Roseville with cars driving by and people everywhere---so we just settled off to the side for a bit with some other foster dogs and Leo was in heaven! He was sooooo comfortable and very happy to meet and greet EVERYONE!!!! We were at the event for 4 hours total and Leo was obviously in his sweet spot enjoying all the attention.

THANK YOU to everyone that came out to meet and welcome Leo back into RAGOM!!!! I think he would have been adopted out 10 times if he didn't need another dog in his life. Everyone commented on what a good boy he was and how LOVING he is!!!! "Leo the Licker" is his new nickname. I was so impressed with Leo and I now look forward to bringing him to more events! I can see why he did so well visiting nursing homes....he just LOVES giving kisses!

One of our wonderful volunteers stopped by to conduct a mini-photo shoot (Thank you Devon!) and Lucky Leo had a chance to model for the camera...

Isn't he just beautiful??? And if it's even possible, he really is more beautiful on the inside!

As you might have noticed, Leo has a pretty nice scar over his right eye. We recently learned that the scar was caused by ringworm that was not caught in time and left behind a nice scar.  Leo originally came into RAGOM Jan. 2009 and arrived with that "beauty mark" already in place.

Leo plays very hard and then crashes. As you might expect...after his big day out at the event....Leo crashed as soon as he hit the road to go home.

I was so impressed with how well Leo did at the event with all the different dogs (which he absolutely loved and was so playful with) and all the different people that stopped to meet him (both young and old). After the event, we went shopping at Chuck & Don's and he continued to meet and greet all the customers and staff. Foster Mom was so proud to have such a "good boy" along to represent RAGOM! Thanks Leo!

A couple things to add about Leo. I was asked at the event if Leo was good with cats and my first reaction was "No--I think he eats them." WRONG....that would be our other foster dog-- Sugar. The downside to having 2 foster dogs at a time is you tend to mix up information and so I did a little research into his past and found that Leo lived with 2 cats at the foster home he was at for 2 years. One older cat and a new kitten that loved to play with his tail. They claimed he was "cat-tested and approved"---so he does like to play with them and will chase them to play---they noted back then that sometimes he'd play a bit rough but never hurt the cats---Leo was 2 yrs. old at the time.

Also---I forgot to mention in Leo's first update:
As you know---Leo is a bit "ball-obsessed"---really it's like his "security blanket" and he loves the tennis ball more than he loves treats or toys or a stuffed animal or anything really. But---with two such "ball-obsessed" pups in one home as we have right now---it requires proper "management" and rules on our part---meaning Leo can't always have his ball in our home because Miss Sugar steals it right out of his mouth and then they have sometimes have "words" like when a little sister steals a toy right out of a brother's hand. Just to be clear---Sugar is the instigator...the little Sister Thief. So---to be fair to Leo---we'd like his next home to be a home where he doesn't have a little sister or brother like Miss Sugar to compete with for the ball. When it comes to other toys---Leo could care less. He only wants a tennis ball or two to play with. He's a very simple boy and a great dog at that!

Thank you again to all Leo's fans that stopped by to Welcome him back to RAGOM! It's always so special to see how many people follow your foster dog's story and want to stop by and say "Hi!" Leo had a BLAST and can't wait for the next event to see you again! Until next time...


Hi Leo Fans! 
Just wanted to check in and tell you all about the fun Leo has been having here on the ranch.  As you can see, Leo just loves all his foster siblings--especially cuddling up with them after we play really hard. 

Resident Jonah and Leo in their favorite bed time spot.

Sugar 11-437 and Leo during one of the All Star matches

Leo really loves other dogs and is very at home with them.  He seems to find much comfort and direction from the pack, but he is also happy to chase his ball, cuddle on the couch (or in bed) and interact with his people equally.  Leo is such a lover's so nice to see him relax at the end of the day and just let out a big *sigh.*   In the house, Leo is very low key and will settle down nicely when the family is ready to watch some TV or do some housework.
As you may have noticed, Leo is not camera shy!  We were asked to do a little photo shoot to advertise RAGOM's upcoming Meet & Greet at the Twin Cities Pride Festival June 23rd & 24th.  Guess who proudly wore his Pride face for the camera?

Smile pretty Leo!

We also discovered what you get when you add LEO+BALL+LAKE?

Yep----PURE BLISS to the Nth degree!

Leo played in the lake NON-STOP as long as someone was willing to throw the ball.  At one point, we made him chill just to give his body a break.....what a little machine he is!  Leo wasn't a fan of jumping off the dock (darn!) but ohhhh does he love to run into the lake full blast and retrieve his prize!
Finally, a water-logged Leo took a much needed break....mostly so FD's arm could have a rest! 

We walked around the campground and met lots of new dogs and lots of new people without issue.  Frankly, we've yet to witness any agitated or uncomfortable behavior from Leo towards any human or dog---other than a few minor scuffles with Sugar over the treasured tennis ball (as I've mentioned before) but even those have tapered off a lot since he first arrived.  Of course---a well exercised dog is always a good dog!  So our day at the lake--with the security of Sugar and a good dose of exercise-- Leo was so happy and relaxed, we couldn't help but have a wonderful day with the RAGOM foster pups!
This little guy just needs some good consistent daily exercise and the leadership of a good dog friend---Hmmm...sounds like something we all need doesn't it?   At home, we have not  experienced any of Leo's reported anxieties with strangers or with people coming into our home or yard.  Yesterday, Grandma stopped over---1st time Leo had met her--and so we asked her to enter and just ignore the dogs.  Well, of course the whole pack came running  and did a few sniffs and on they went.  Leo followed suit (lagging behind the rest perhaps allowing the others to check her out)...barked a couple times to announce a visitor (after the fact---nice Leo--HA!), made a few circles around her and off he went to play with his ball.  Beautiful!
In watching Leo these past couple weeks, we see a very happy dog.  A dog just looking for a quieter home life, consistent exercise routine---this routine being more than a casual walk---Leo definitely needs running or longer play periods multiple times a day off leash (we do 3)--including a tennis ball and a "Chuck it" would be recommended.  Leo is very driven with finding the ball and LOVES for you to throw it in the tallest---farthest patch of grass you can find.  He jumps in the air as a dock dog leaps from the dock to catch the ball.  He's amazing and such a worker!
FD and I were watching dog agility trials over the weekend---and you can't help but be taken back by the speed, precision and pure desire these dogs have for working the obstacle course with their handler.  At one point, we both just looked at each other and said---"That's what Leo should be doing!"   He's smart, driven, and so athletic....we sure hope there is a special family or person out there that will not only appreciate such an amazing dog as part of the family, but will also offer Leo opportunities to use his talents and passions to really become the dog he was created to be.  We can only imagine the possibilities.  Whether its a working dog, cadaver dog, agility dog or field trial dog ---Leo is meant to be an amazing boy and a wonderful companion---we hope there is that perfect family or individual that knows what we mean and who is willing to offer Leo his dream "forever" home. 
If you are that person/family...Leo is waiting to hear from you!  You can't believe what you are missing out on!


In honor of our golden Reno on his 11th birthday, and in memory of Barney #11-408, who touched our hearts. The love of a senior dog is a precious gift. From Laura Kreun


Oh my Gosh----Look at this!!!!

Sponsored by:
The Hicks Family

“For Leo the world's most Potentially Amazing Agility Dog. Go, go, go buddy! We love and miss you.”
My former family SPONSORED ME!!!!!  I’m such a lucky boy!   

I know they loved me so much----and just look---they continue to support me so I can become all I’m meant to be!  


I love you too!  Leo


Hi Leo Fans!!!

Just checking in…Here are some new pictures of Leo


Leo resting with his new friend Bear 10-247 and Jonah

Break is over - Let's play ball!!!

Showing off at Blaine Chuck and Dons event last Saturday!

Leo is such a joy to have as a foster!  He is lovable, good to the other dogs, happy to get lovin’ but enjoys his own space too, and can have free roam while you are away without issue.  One of my favorite things about Leo is when he wants some “Leo time” with you.  He comes up to you, bows his head and buries it into you and does a somersault so his butt ends up “quite close” to you (and in the air) and then he snuggles up close for some one-on-one Leo Lovin’---definitely makes my heart melt!

 Leo is looking for a home like this:

·      Cats are welcome

·      Dogs are a MUST!  Leo has proven that resident dogs create a safe comfortable environment where Leo does not have to be the lead.  He is so relaxed now.  Even when the other dogs run to the fence to see who is in the driveway or out on the street---Leo just hangs back---knowing the pack has it under control and so he doesn’t even care.

·      An active family that spends time outdoors and can offer Leo plenty of exercise—running partner, ball chasing, hiking, etc.  Leo would be a GREAT candidate for agility training and/or fly ball competition.  Wait until you see him leap throughthe air for the ball over land! 

·      A family willing to continue to offer Leo consistent training & purpose---this is a VERY smart boy that wants to “work.” 

·      Opportunity to swim in a nearby lake or cabin or Kiddie pool---wherever---he doesn’tcare---just LOVES being in the water

·      Family that will commit to Leo FOREVER!  This boy has been passed around way too much and now---at 5 yrs old---he deserves a Forever Family to enjoy for therest of his life.

·      WishList* Night time option ---dog bed or people bed 

 OK---that’s it in a nut shell!  Come out and meet this sweet boy in person----His pictures do NOT do him justice and he’s just a “little” peanutat 49.5 lbs!  Believe me---you will just want to scoop him up in your arms!!!

Leo will be out atthe Parktacular event on Saturday 6/16 and then at the Pride Festival on Sunday 6/24.  Stop by and catch a Leo Lick if you are in the area!


Tales from Leo’s Super PRIDE Adventure!

Leo and his Girl Sugar had a BLAST representing RAGOM atthe Twin Cities Pride Festival on Sunday. Lots of new and old friends stopped to say, “HI!”  We would have made a fortune for RAGOM if we would have had a Leo kissing booth---$5 for a kiss from Leo! What a total lover----everyone that stopped received a “lick” for the road! Leo loved all the people and was very comfortable in all the craziness!  



Working the RAGOM booth at PRIDE

Lovely RAGOM Volunteer Laura with Prince Charming



Starting to fade…Loooong day!

Sugar and Leo---out for the count on the ride home!

Back at the Ranch--Ready to Play some ball with his Girl Sugar!

A BIG BIG Thank YOU to everyone that stopped by to say,“HI” and hang out with us! What a FUN day we had and we sure loved all the interaction and conversations we shared! Hope to see you all again soon!

 Big LICK from Leo to ALL his Fans!

Leo is patiently waiting for a very special forever family to find him! We hope they are not lost somewhere because look what they are missing out on!  Leo is an extraordinary boy that is so ready to meet his forever family!  

 Should you know them or see them----please let them know where Mr. Leo is!  We are so in love with him….so we hope they find him soon!





Leo enjoying some pool time to cool off.

But...Swimming with friends is BEST of course!

Leo and Bear 10-247 enjoying the cool water on a HOT day

Looks like Leo may have some seasonal allergies starting like our resident Jonah OR he got into something itchy.  "Something" is irritating his front forearms...perhaps something is in bloom or he got into something while chasing his ball that irritated his skin?  We just started Claritin today...we'll see if that helps.  Stay tuned..

OH---did you see???  I have a butterfly!  Thank you Laura K.!!!!  Thank you for thinking of me and all my friends!  Big Lick from Little Leo :)  Love you!


It's another "Super Hero" Leo Update!

Our Happy Hero had another fabulous week on the Ranch and ended up saving the day!  FD was on vacation (aka doing some yard projects) and Leo was his right hand dog all the way through!

Leo showing off his cute "compact" Super Hero body--Superman really has nothing on Leo.

Leo is faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, able to leap small buildings (if there is a ball on top of them) or climb massive wood piles if there is a damsel is distress-- or playing hide and seek!

Super Boy and his "Band of Brothers" were called into help FM & FD find Foster Sister Sugar....who was playing her own game of hide and seek without telling anyone she was playing---yep, that was fun!

But leave it to our fearless boy Leo---who took to the heights to overlook the land--and found our girl hiding under the woodpile.


"Monkey Boy," as we affectionately call him, deemed it "Naptime" after saving the day.  Here is Leo with his Foster crew---Bear 10-247 on his right and Sugar 11-437 on his left----the "perfect" pack in more ways than one!!!!  They are a wonderful group and a perfect compliment to each other.  Bear has added a "neutral" factor with the ball and so it's created a wonderful little team between Sugar, Leo, and Bear.  They run together, play ball together, and rest together!

Stay tuned for more wonderful adventures with Leo and his Foster Dog Crew!


Ughhhh!!!  I hate seasonal allergies!!!

 Look what a mess I've become:


My eyes are itchy.....

My legs are itchy......

Ugh---make it stop please!

Leo: What???  We have to go to the vet?

FM: Yes, Leo..we need to get something stronger to help you through the rest of the season.  Claritin is not cutting it any longer....even with hosing you down each time we come in from play. 

Leo:  Do I have to get a shot?  Will it hurt???

FM:  Yep..a shot.  Nope...won't hurt at all and you will feel so much better.

Leo:  And RAGOM said it was ok? I mean to pay for the shot?

FM:  Yes, Leo.  We have wonderful donors that help dogs like you for this reason.  RAGOM approved the shot for you.  Promise---you will feel better.

Leo:  OK FM---let's go get it!  I'll try anything at this point.

48 hours later...

Leo:  Thank you RAGOM and you wonderful donors!!!  I feel much better!!!






Oh my gosh----Leo is SUCH a wonderful dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is so much fun and just enjoys life in such a loyal, loving way.  Here are a few of his "other" favorite things to do on the Ranch:

1.  Leo loves to supervise FD while he works in the yard---of course he gives FD plenty of rest periods for throwing the ball!

2.  Leo loves to play with toys----besides the ball---Leo is a fan of Frisbees and stuffed animals that foster sister Sugar pulls out.  They both enjoy a good game of Tug-o-War.



3.  Leo loves a good high bounce of the ball or a Frisbee in the air that he can jump for---and you can't believe how high those little legs spring him into the air!!!  SO athletic!!!  This is how he carries his Frisbee. We say, "My Leo---what big lips you have!"

4.  Leo is a perfect companion for running or in this case---biking!  FM decided to take out the bike and ride around the property and Leo came running and made an excellent riding/running partner!

5.  Leo LOVES to be with you and touched and cuddled and wrestled with---he totally thinks he's a 20 lb. lap dog!.  He's just the perfect companion----all our dogs just love him---esp. Sugar---who was the one he originally had the ball issue with but that has subsided---they understand each other and are very good at ball play and sharing now.  Plus she wrestles with him and he loves it!

We had a graduation party here this weekend and Leo did wonderful with the guests.  Once introduced, he was best friends with anyone that would toss the ball for him.  He is really a little doll!

Leo will be out at Petco this Sunday from 12-3 with his foster brother Bear 10-247.  Come and see these two sweethearts we have the pleasure of fostering!!!  Leo will be the little love bug, wriggle butt that is licking all the guests---very easy to spot and even easier to love!

Come see what we mean!






Ohhhh….so tired!  Leo has it pretty rough here…don’t you think?

We totally cannot believe that this little gem is still with us!  Believe me—we are not complaining---just AMAZED that he hasn’t been snatched up yet!  Oh well----more Leo lovin’ for us until that special family finds him!  

Leo will be out at the Petco in Coon Rapids on Saturday from 12-2….stop out and get your cuddle fix! 


Hello Leo Fans!!!!

All buffed and shined---ready to hit the big Duluth Event!!!

Leo loves water as you know…so any water is game on!  This little guy will happily takea shower with you----it does make doggie baths quite easy! 

OK---time for a nice road trip---who wants to ride shot gun?

Yes—Leo LOVES to ride shot gun---but sometimes he curls up in the seat, sometimes he has his head out the window, and sometimes he has his head on your shoulder.

 We found out from Leo’s original owner that the scar you see around Leo’s eye is from when he had Ringworm as a pup.  Doesn’t do much for his “Bad Boy”image anymore---which is good because this little squirt is a total sweetheart! 

Once we arrive---the show begins!  Leo is all about the dogs and meeting he is a Dog’s Dog---LOVES the fur-butts! 

We had a great time visiting with lots of new friends!  Special thanks to all the RAGOM Volunteers and past adopters for stopping in to say “HI!” and a special extra thanks to Dave and Patti for making a special trip to reunite two very special RAGOM girls—Sweety and Fancy Pants---sisters that were lovingly surrendered together for a better life! RAGOM is so lucky to have so many wonderful people that see our dogs as they are---pure angels covered in fur!

Lots of fun was had by all---and of course, all good things must come to an end so we had to hit the road…

Leo acts completely different on the way home----he tucks down under the dashboard and curls up for some quiet Leo time. 

Like Foster Brother Bear 10-247…..Leo meet his foster siblings like he’d been away for a month----he squeaks and carries on as if to say, “Oh, I love you, I missed you, I love you, I missed you!” and worked his way around each loving them all up.  Then, after a good run, it was time to settle in with his favorite couch buddy---FD!

If you are interested in meeting this little boy---please read through his blog to see if you are the family Leo is looking for and contact your placement advisor.




No Lap is safe if Leo is in the house!

Leo attended a foster training we had at our home with his foster siblings and enjoyed all the loving he received from the 2-legged attendees!  Of course…with the ball in his mouth…he went person to person trying to drop the ball on the chair to engage play. Either Leo is in your Lap or there is a ball on the chair beside you!  Let’s just say---you are never “lonely” if Leo is in the vicinity!

Leo has become such a great car rider and jumps at every chance to go for a ride---even if it’s a ride to the vet!


Leo did really well on the shot he received 5 weeks ago to combat his seasonal allergies….but it has worn off and with the bloom of Ragweed---the poor boy got the itches again.  So…we stopped in for another shot and that should cover him for the rest of the year----yes, we are looking forward to the 1st hard frost at the Ranch!   The shot runs about $35---but is without a doubt worth $1,000,000 new tennis balls to Leo! So glad this is only a seasonal allergy for our little Super Hero!

Other than his allergies, Leo is doing just great---still engaging Sugar Butt in All Star wrestling matches and loving every minute of it!  He is the “just right” dog in our home---a little LOVEBUG to the core!

We are all getting excited about Goldzilla!!!!  Hope you are too!  Leo can’t wait to meet all his Fans!  He will be there all day with his other partner in crime---Bear 10-247!  Hope to see you there!


Hello Leo Fans!!!

We found this bandana rather “fitting” for our little Super Hero---what do you think?

Leo just about ties himself in to a pretzel welcoming us home each day---that little rear end of his goes a mile a minute---Mr. Wiggle Butt has been added to the list of his many “pet” names!

Leo’s favorite “touch me” spot:

 “Ohhhh Yeah! Right there!”

Leo’s favorite girl!  Two happy pups waiting for dinner:

Some not-so-happy news…

One day, 3-4 weeks ago now…Leo let out a loud “yelp”in the weeds in pursuit of his beloved tennis ball.  A few days followed running as a tri-pod off and on…but not when walking or trotting.  Leo showed us nothing but a happy little boy---eating, playing, and non-stop wrestling matches with no inkling of pain.  He trotted just fine---walked just fine---but off and on—carried that rear leg when in a full run around the property.   So…we thought---hmmm…lay low---must have pulled something with that “yelp.”  We stopped playing fetch and in days Leo returned to all four legs when running. 

Then FM made the mistake of tossing a ball to Sugar and Leo spotted it and took off in pure bliss!!!  Unfortunately, he returned---ball in mouth---on 3 legs.  ACL?  Pulled muscle? Hmmmm… just to be safe---RAGOM approved x-rays and FM prayed it wouldn’t be an ACL tear.  Well…in hindsight---I should have prayed for the ACL tear. 

Leo’s X-rays revealed the dreaded “Hip-Dysplasia” diagnosis.  Like soooo many Goldens and other sporting dogs have…hip dysplasia is unfortunately very common thanks to good old genetics.  This little guy can’t seem to catch a break…though he doesn’t know he has hip dysplasia so that’s a good thing!

Leo’s X-rays are being reviewed by a specialist to determine if anything can be done surgically to help Leo as he ages and continues to run his little heart out.  He’s nice and lean and has very good muscle tone so this all helps Leo enjoy all that he loves to do.

Now we wait and see and go from there—we’llkeep you posted…

Hope you all are coming out to GOLDZILLA!!!!!  Leo will be there passing out lots of LICKS---so please come by and meet this little Wiggle Butt in person!  He needs all the good vibes he can get!!!!

See you there!


Hello Leo Fans!!!

We sure hope everyone is coming out to Goldzilla on Saturday!!!!! Leo is sooo excited!

As you can see, Leo has taken up a new sport with FD and he's pretty darn good at it!

But NO sports for a little while says the doc. Leo went to see the specialist this week to review his x-rays. She wasn't totally convinced that his recent "yelp" and carrying his leg while running was really his hips. So after a very thorough exam, Dr. R feels that while he does show "moderate" arthritis in his hips (requiring his forever family to keep Leo lean, active, and on a joint supplement so he can enjoy a nice active lifestyle), the source of his recent "leg carrying" when in full run pointed to a muscle pull or strain because its the "extension" while in a full run that caused him to carry his leg --but no reaction when in a trot or a walk. If it was hip or knee pain it should affect him consistently and it does not.

During her exam, Dr. R allowed Leo to point her right to the "spot" that hurt him and over and over again...he pointed her right to the target. So---for therapy to help repair his muscle's recommended that Leo be on LOW activity for 4 weeks. The doc would like to have a daily heat pad applied with a nice muscle message in the target area as well as an anti-inflammatory given for 2 weeks to help with healing. Dr. R was very pleased with his overall appearance, sweetness and lover boy personality. He left a trail of licks from the doc to the staff and right out the door as the next patient entered.

Mr. Wiggle Butt is now on R&R for a month. We've been taking him out on a leash for play time and walks...but of course he likes his privacy when he goes #2 so we let him off-leash to do that. Leo is a good patient so he should heal up nicely. And his foster brother Jonah is happy to join him with the R&R.

Dr. R couldn't believe Leo was still in foster care! I think she might have scooped him up herself----as Leo was pouring on the charm! We keep telling Leo that his "forever" family is coming for him one day and they will love them forever--just as he is! That's what we want for Leo more than anything---a wonderful home to call his very own with lots of furry friends and to be loved and active forever! He would be an easy boy to keep for ourselves, but we know he deserves more than we can ever offer him----and most importantly---a special family deserves a dog like Leo! Dogs like Leo don't come around often, so when they do---you know it! Leo has been a pure treasure to know, to love, and to enjoy as part of our big furry pack. Come out and see what we mean....

See you at Goldzilla!!!


Hi Leo Fans!!!! Leo wants to thank all the GREAT people he met this past weekend at the Petco event in Apple Valley!!!  If Leo could be adopted out as an “only” dog---he would have been adopted 100 times by now.  So many people just fall in love with him and want to take him home.  He is cute as a bug---that’s for sure!  But—Leo does need another dog or two in his forever home for sure!  Also---after watching our resident Jonah and Leo chase down a stray cat this morning (luckily, the cat was faster than these two goofs) I think it’s best if Leo does NOT go to a home with a cat.  Leo may have been fine in the past---but I think he’s been corrupted by our pack—or that natural instinct has developed while on the ranch.  He is amazing to watch in the field….he can flush out just about anything!!! 

As you know, Leo LOVES the outdoors! Foster Dad did a bunch of tree trimming over the weekend so Leo and Foster Sister Sugar were in Heaven with all the “big sticks” to chew on!



Sugar and a very happy Leo scoping for the best stick! Leo has become the BEST riding partner.  He LOVES jumping in the car and rides just perfect as a furry passenger.  GREAT Companion in every way!  

The Navigator

Leo, aka “the Licker”, “Mr. Wiggles” and “Lil’ Scrapper” will be out at the Great Minnesota Pet-Together this Saturday!!!  RAGOM is participating in the MnPAW---25 rescue group ADOPTION DAY at the MN fairgrounds---International Bazaar from 10-4.  Come out and get your doggie fix with us!!!!  Leo will be waiting to meet that special someone!!! 

Hope to see you there…


Leo the “Helper” Update:


Leo had a great weekend!

First…he “helped” the family with the raking chores…or maybe it was a game of “Hide & Seek”

Where’s the ball?

I got it! Leo is the one half buried.

Here is a video of Leo retrieving the ball…watch how focused he is when he returns it.

Leo forgot to THANK the “F” family for the PAW he received at Goldzilla! WE LOVE that crazy, fur-loving family! THANK YOU “F” Family!!! You ROCK!

Leo met some really nice people this past weekend in Plymouth and hopes to do the same again this weekend in Roseville at Chuck & Don’s. Leo will be out meeting his fans and passing out kisses from 11am-2pm. Please stop by and meet this sweet boy!!!


Hi Leo Fans!!!!

If Leo and the Gang are not busy keeping the critters out of the yard,

Leo, Sugar & Pete…opppsss…no room for Jonah!

they are fully engaged in one of their many All Star Wrestling Matches we enjoy here at the Ranch! HA!

Leo is the classic “little brother” and is usually the instigator of each match---though as you can see…the residents LOVE it!

Resident RAGOM Boy Pete/Bear & Little Leo:

Resident RAGOM Girl Sugar Butt & Lover Boy Leo:

Hello Leo Fans!!!

It's happened.....and Leo finally gets to share the wonderful news with you all!!!

Leo is "officially" HOME! We never imagined the day this photo was taken (back when Leo first arrived) that our "family" was captured in such a telling picture!

Leo has been nothing but the very best friend and playmate to each of our resident dogs (who totally adore him), and the best foster brother---so welcoming of new dogs as they come and go. Leo is soooo happy here on the Ranch and we just cannot imagine life without this amazing boy as a member of our family. we make it "official"---Leo is trading in his "Foster" label for that of "Resident!"

A VERY special "THANKS" to Leo's many fans and sponsors! You can be sure that Leo will continue to "pay it forward" as an active RAGOM Ambassador.

Thank you again for following this sweet boy's rescue journey...

We are so very grateful he found his way to us!

Leo's Foster Family---now Forever Family!!!! Oh....we love the sound of that!