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PeanutButter 08-266
(Fostered in White Bear Lake, MN)

Hello world, my name is Peanut Butter and I am pretty new to this world.  I was born on 1/2/08 which makes me a little over 4 months old.  I came all the way from Iowa to the cities so I could find a new home.  I over heard the humans say that I was really good in the car.  I just figured I’m in this situation so I might as well take advantage of it and sit quietly, and even get a little shut eye in. 

When I first got to my foster home I met the neighbor kids.  They decided that Peanut Butter isn’t a very dignified name for a boy dog so the two 15yo boys from next door renamed me Buster. 

I liked my Foster Mom as soon as I met her.  But I am a Golden so I like all humans!

I follow my FM around and want to keep track of where she is.  But I am not the only dog who lives here.  My foster mom has a big white dog named Baxter and another foster named Sami.  We all get along really well. 

I love stuffed toys.  I like to carry them around in my mouth.  I also love tennis balls.  I really like it when my FM throws them and I get to run after them.  I always bring them back to her so she can throw them again.  I love that game. 

I’ve been on my best behavior since I have been here.  Even though I am only 4 months old I have not once had an accident in the house.  I have been eating well and love the treats my FM gives me.  She tells me I have a very gentle mouth. 

Today my FM is going to take some pictures of me so you can see how handsome I am. 

On Saturday my FM is going to take me and Sami 08-139, who is a great big brother by the way, to the RAGOM event.  I hope to meet lots of great people there. 

Well time for a nap,

Peanut Butter, aka Buster



My FM took me and my foster bother Sami to a RAGOM event and I met a lot of really nice people.  But one person really stood out.  She came hoping to meet me and once she did it was love at first site.  She took picture’s of me to show her husband when she got home and spent a whole lot of time with me getting to know me and asking my FM questions.  From there things just sort of moved really fast.  That was on a Saturday.  The next Tuesday my FM took me out to the M’s house and I got to meet the rest of the family.  Well they must have really like what they saw because Thursday I was able to return forever. 

Yep that’s right.  I know live with the M’s and it is really a great place to be.

I have a new name.  I am now known as Reiley, a very good name for a red headed boy if I don’t say so myself.

My FM my called over here the other day to see how things are going.  My new forever family gave a great report on how well I have adapted. 

Yep, this Golden life is pretty GReat.


Formerly known as Peanut Butter.