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Rusty/Logan 04-374
(Fostered in Olivia, MN)

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Sailor, RAGOM Class of 2001
"Best Wishes from a Fellow Senior Golden!"

"How large the love"

Tara and Doug
"In memory of Layla 4/11/02-12/30/2016"



Rusty now has a home to relax in the rural area. He is being fostered in Olivia, MN. He has a foster brother Max to hang out with and enjoy the fall weather. Rusty came from a loving family and they are sponsoring him and I am very grateful for the sponsor. Rusty is in remission at the present for his lymphoma.

He is settling in to life in country a lot better today after long car ride here.

Rusty getting treats

Rusty (right) and his fur foster brother Max 13-180


Rusty has been enjoying the outdoor life and trying new things. He likes to sneak in the garden with Max and eat tomatoes and has also found apples taste pretty good and is eyeing a few picked in the wheelbarrow.


Boy, time flies when you're having fun. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! My foster mom decided to make a scarecrow, instead of dressing me for Halloween and taking a picture of us both, which was okay with me. I am attaching it for you to see.

Also, last weekend, I got to meet a new dog named Cosmos and I liked playing with him. We had such a fun time playing together even though it was the first time seeing him. I included a picture of him and me playing.

I really like to go on rides in the car and meet new people and playmates. If my foster gets her keys for the car, I am the first one to the door and can't wait to go in the car.

Due to my large appetite, I get two meals and healthy treats during day, and it seems to help, so I am not so hungry all the time and looking everywhere outside for something to eat. So long for now, talk with you soon.


Time is flying by and soon Christmas will be here.

Rusty's friend Max was adopted and moved to his forever home in Nebraska a couple weeks ago. Rusty is now getting all the attention and just he loves it. We celebrated his birthday with carrot cake and ice cream. Rusty is now officially 10 years old. Of course, he loved his new toys best and we will send pictures in the future of him playing with them. He still sleeps on floor at night as I think it is too hot for him on the bed. Rusty comes on the bed for goodnight attention and later goes to the bed on the floor.

Rusty loves to crawl up in my lap while I am in the recliner watching TV to get attention and tummy rubs.

Rusty listens very well and will sit and come when called. Rusty would love to have people sponsor him as he is currently in remission for lymphoma. Please contact RAGOM if you wish to sponsor him.


Here is picture I promised of Rusty with one of his toys from his birthday. It was really hard to get a picture as Rusty likes to swing it back and forth really fast when playing with it.

I also want to let you know that I received his vet records finally and going through them, it said that treatment for lymphoma he went through in May only lasted a year from starting treatment, and that was in October of last year. He did start a new treatment after the October one, as the first one did not put him in remission. They also sent Rusty's current rabies tag, so that has been updated also.

Rusty had his vet visit last week. Checkup and lab results were all in the normal range and no sign of swollen lymph nodes.

I am currently working on a coat for Rusty as he gets chilled when going outside and hope to have a picture in future for all to see.

Rusty got to visit with Cosmos, his friend at my sister's home, over Thanksgiving. He enjoyed being around people beside me all the time. Rusty was ready to leave for home for a rest after the Thanksgiving fun.

If you would like to sponsor Rusty or give donations on his behalf, please contact RAGOM.


Wow! Hope everyone is staying warm in this cold weather. Rusty finally got his new coat and boots as he gets cold easily and he loves to eat snow. They took a while to get done, being homemade, but serve the purpose.

I didn't know it was going to get so cold, but this sure helps him. Of course, if I don't get the boots fastened well, they come off when running in the deep snow and his toes get cold. It must be his first coat, as when I put it on him the first time, he kept shaking to get it off. It is getting better on the second day already, but Rusty is glad when it comes off in the house. Rusty can actually do his jobs without raising his feet constantly as his toes were always so cold.

Here are a couple pictures of Rusty and his new coat and boots.


Rusty had a very good Christmas. He not only had presents, but his past family Ryan and Rebecca came to visit with Rusty. They also brought presents and he was so happy to see them, and he may get to see them again during the New Year. I also enjoyed meeting them for the first time and learning new things about Rusty, like he can take a treat off his nose. I am glad they have relatives in Redwood Falls and can see Rusty occasionally.

Before the holiday, I contacted Sarah F, his oncologist, at the U of M and found out Rusty has passed his 6-month period since his chemo and would be best to have his lymph nodes checked every 4-6 weeks now. Dogs with lymphoma don't usually shows signs of being sick and it can come back at any time.

Rusty wanted to share a couple pictures of his treat and new toy Ducky in the background. He loves toys that squeak and always wants the new ones.

Anyone who would like to help out with expenses for Rusty can contact RAGOM with a donation. Rusty wants to thank all that are following his life after treatment for lymphoma.


Rusty wants to thank GR Gorden in Cape Cod, MA; Santa; and the family of Shadow, Athena and Zera for giving Christmas donations to help him.

Bless all those who gift to help animals out of love and memories of others.


Wahoo! Rusty is so happy to have a sponsor of a fellow senior Golden - Sailor, Class of 2011. Jumps and dog kisses to you!! That is "Thank you!" in human terms.


Good News! Rusty had his first 6-week checkup and his lymph nodes are still fine. Rusty also has a new playmate named Callie 13-440. He is actually teaching her the ropes of RAGOM life. Callie has learned to go outside with Rusty's aid for bathroom breaks and to get into the car unassisted. Check out photos of Rusty and Callie.



Rusty is enjoying his new role as a teacher for Callie 13-440. He is teaching her how to play with toys and to wrestle. I am including pictures. He taught her how to eat snow outside too. He is teaching her people are okay and she now wants more attention from her foster without laying down all the time.


Rusty is still very energetic, and will take commands to go back and bring Callie into the house if she wants to stay out and play too long. Rusty listens very well when I need help with Callie, when she hides in her kennel upstairs because she is frightened. He will go up and bring her down for me.

Keep watching for updates, or if you would like to sponsor Rusty, contact RAGOM.


Rusty wanted to surprise his sponsors. Yup, he passed another 6-week checkup yesterday. He has made it almost a year since last treatment in April of 2013 for lymphoma. He looks great and weighs 69 pounds. He still loves to eat snow and I am including a picture of him with a white nose. He also loves to play and teach his new friend Callie, who is standing on the hill in one picture and running with him in the second one. Who knew he would help other dogs after he went through chemo and separation from his previous family. He still does not like small children and we have now included puppies too. His previous family still love him a lot and keep in contact.

Rusty loves his rides and just loves to look out the windows and meet new people and dogs. He is not on any medications or diet at the present time and is enjoying life. He is getting a little grayer on the nose and chest.

Rusty would like to thank again those who sponsor and let others know they can sponsor too to keep him going when times get tough. Just contact RAGOM with you sponsorships and gifts for Rusty so he can continue his journey. We will continue to update on his condition.


Rusty had another 6-week check on his lymph nodes and they are fine again. He is doing so well and is enjoying life and food. Rusty wants everyone to know he is very grateful for those that sponsor him to keep him happy during his remission for lymphoma. He may be sponsored or given gifts by contacting RAGOM.

He played in the snow this last winter and was so dirty he needed a bath. My snow was covered with dirt from early strong winds and it just stuck to him. He doesn't mind having showers, so it's okay once in a while to roll in things, and I have included a picture to show how dirty both dogs got from rolling in it.

He also gets to visit and play with other dogs and have included a picture of them. He prefers playing with the older dogs and will growl at young one and move away.

Rusty is very smart and will go to get Callie to bring her inside if she is afraid. He is such a great teacher and this can be attributed from his previous family, before having to be surrendered to RAGOM due to unforeseen circumstances. They gave Rusty lots of love and a great home. They still keep in touch to see how he is doing and read his updates too.

Rusty also had his heartworm test done and Frontline put on for tick season is here!


Rusty was in to the vet to have his shots brought up to date and another six-week checkup. He did gain a couple pounds, getting a little more grey around sides and is still doing well.

He loves to play with Callie and has just been introduced to small chickens. He only gets to watch and is supervised, but will run over to chicken house every time before I get there to go in and see them.

Rusty still needs sponsors to help with shots and checkups every six weeks while in remission for lymphoma, Rusty just doesn't want people to forget about him and help him live out his life happy and free.


Rusty is enjoying the pool, especially when it is hot and humid this year. He goes after the ball and brings it back to the pool. He is starting to show some age by wearing out fast and breathing harder in humid conditions. So, on humid days, he spends more time in air conditioning. He still likes to wrestle with Callie and it is so much fun to watch. He also likes to get stuffed toys and shake them back and forth when playing by himself. Soon, he will be going for another checkup. Keep watching for updates.


Rusty went in for his checkup on lymph nodes and they are fine. I also had his lungs checked as he has been panting and sometimes coughing phlegm and swallowing it. The vet said she could hear some raspy noise in his lungs and also said sometimes that lymphoma will metastasized in the lungs and the only way to tell is digital X-rays. Since Rusty is in hospice at RAGOM, they don't do anything further for tests, but will keep him comfortable if the problem becomes worse. It seems to be more noticeable when it's more humid and hopefully, most of that is behind us for the year.

He is being watched closely for any further problems. Keep Rusty in your prayers that this will pass as he strives to be active, but we curtail his play because of this for now.


Rusty is missing his playmate as she was adopted this week. He really likes it when another dog is nearby, even when not playing, but just for companionship. He is doing really well and his difficulty breathing is some better. It seems humidity really bothers him. He still goes for walks and runs in the yard to keep active and loves those car rides no matter where you go.

RAGOM is so special for the care these dogs need and also those special people that donate to help RAGOM foot the bills. RAGOM has it big fundraiser coming up Sept 14 at Long Lake Regional in New Brighton and needs all of you special people to help out. You can visit the website at to find out how. Rusty is asking all to help as RAGOM is down on funds with the many services RAGOM provides all dogs even before adoption. Help keep RAGOM helping dogs like Rusty live out his life in a happy, pain-free setting. Rusty will not be at Goldzilla, but he will be enjoying where he is in Olivia.


Rusty was able to have a foster sitter in Annandale from August 20th to 25th. He also got to meet Ziggy, Belle, and two other fosters, Skyle and Sadie. It was good for Rusty to go to another home for a while to see other fosters, even if for a short time. He did become very protective of his things there. He is now back on his schedule here and doing fine. Since Callie left, he has been sticking pretty close to me. However, that will change tomorrow as a new foster is coming tomorrow, August 27th. He will have another dog to help mentor and play with every day. Foster mom thought it was really nice of the sitter to give me a break to see my grandchildren.


To all the RAGOM fans out there…

Goldzilla is almost here, September 14th, and we just want to let you know about something very special happening the day of the event. There will be a large board (near the baseball backstop) with all the pictures of available dogs. You can help by purchasing a foster paw print sticker at the merchandising tent in increments of $10, $25, $50, and $100. Once purchased, you will place the paw print sticker next to the picture of the dog you’d like to support. You will also have the opportunity to write that particular dog a note, which will be posted the dog’s page after the event. This is a great way to show support for RAGOM and a particular dog that may be pulling at your heartstrings. Please consider stopping by the merchandise tent to purchase a Foster Fan Board paw print while at Goldzilla.

Rusty misses Callie, his playmate, as she was adopted. He now has another male dog to learn to play with, as I have another foster by the name of Diver 14-220. He is larger than Rusty and doesn't play a lot yet with other dogs. I am enclosing a picture of Diver for you to see. He loves to go in the water, just like Rusty. Rusty is still doing really well and enjoying the outdoors.


First off, Rusty would like to thank those that sponsored Rusty at Goldzilla this year. Laura K and Kathy and Hailie Wellcome, in loving memory of Oscar, Chester, and Bernie.

Rusty is still doing well and had a visit from his previous owner's parents. He remembered them and they took pictures to send to their daughter and son-in-law. They brought Rusty some shampoo, toy, treats, and dog food that was left after Rusty's companion went over the Rainbow Bridge when he lived with the daughter and son-in-law.

Rusty still likes sneaking tomatoes through the fence in the garden. He also gets lots of apples as the trees were full this year. We have them for snacks at night while relaxing.


For all those watching, Rusty has had another vet visit for lymph node check and everything was okay. He also has been breathing better, which is another plus. He still enjoys his car rides and playing outdoors.


Rusty was visited by his previous owners last weekend and he was very excited to see them. They stayed and visited for about an hour with Rusty, and they brought Rusty 3 new toys which he enjoyed immensely and a gift certificate for food. He is getting older and turning a little more gray as they noticed, but he is still as full of energy as before they surrendered him. It was so nice for Rusty to see them and I am glad I live close to relatives so they can visit once in a while with him. They are a very caring couple and want what is best for Rusty after his cancer treatment.

To all those watching, Rusty is still doing well and wishes to thank others who make donations to RAGOM to keep dogs like Rusty in a good environment.


I want to let everyone know Rusty is still doing well and even went to a sitter for a day and a half for Christmas. He enjoys his time with other dogs and going for rides. He would rather wait in car than stay at home. He is so easy to take care of too. Rusty would like those that have given Christmas donations to him: Laura K.; Santa; and Boxer friend, Chance.

Thanks so much for helping to keep Rusty going in his remission. He is very grateful to his loving followers.


Rusty went to the vet yesterday and passed another lymph node check. Hurray for Rusty!! He still weighs 70 pounds and loves his treats. He has been a normal dog since his chemo treatments so far and we hope this continues for a long time. He will be two years in April.

He loves eating snow with Diver, my other foster. He just loves car rides and rides so nicely. I usually know when a squirrel or something goes into their yard as he has a very good nose. It will be to the ground and tracking where the squirrel went.

Rusty loves to play and warm up after being outside as cold weather gives him the shivers and it could also be from eating the snow.

When I am baking or working in the kitchen, he always stays near, in case a nibble may drop for him to taste, or he just lays on floor to be near.

Rusty is such a joy to have around. I can bathe him or cut and trim his nails without a problem, and he loves attention and pets.



From Laura K From Laura K

Merry Christmas from Santa to the Golden Seniors! Merry Christmas from Santa to the Golden Seniors!

From: Your Boxer Friend, Chance From: Your Boxer Friend, Chance


Rusty has come to Annandale, MN, for a vacation! His FM (foster mom) is visiting family for 6 weeks. Rusty has been here before on vacation for the holidays. Rusty was a bit nervous when he first arrived, but quickly melted in with the pack. Rusty's foster brother, Diver, is here on vacation also.

Rusty is a 100% typical Golden Retriever. He loves all the attention he can get and will compete with the other dogs to be sure he gets his fair share when pets are being handed out. Rusty gets along great with my pack, dogs and cats.

Rusty is a snuggler. If I sit on the floor, he is right there and will put his head and paws on me and nudge for pets and rubs. He will jump up on the bed for a snuggle if I lay down for a nap, but hasn't slept in the bed at night like he did on previous stays here.

Rusty is in very good shape. We have been walking 3 miles a day if the weather is at all tolerable. I think he could easily walk much further. Rusty did pull on the flat collar, so I tried a Gentle Leader today. He didn't like it, but walked much better. I'm sure he will get used to it in a couple of days.

Rusty takes commands very well. He will "sit" and "shake hands" with both hands. He takes treats very gently or can catch them very well. His recall could be better.

I think Rusty could fit in most families. I'm not sure why he is still considered hospice. Your placement adviser might be able to answer that question if you are interested in adopting him. He is a joy to foster and is very well-behaved.


Rusty is back in Olivia as his foster returned home earlier than planned. With all the planning and getting ready for the trip and holidays, we missed thanking those who thought of Rusty at Christmas. A special thank-you for Laura K, Santa, and Boxer friend, Chance. We greatly appreciate the help to keep Rusty fed and medical checkups up-to-date while he is in hospice.

I also missed Valentine's Day and wish to thank Anonymous for their donation to Rusty.

Rusty has actually done well with going to his sitter during my outings. It takes a little while each time to settle in, and then he is fine. He is grateful to Barry for taking him in when foster mom needs time to visit relatives.

Rusty appreciates all the help with his bills and hopes you continue to watch his site and contribute to RAGOM to help with expenses.


Big Kiss to the Golden Seniors----Anonymous Big Kiss to the Golden Seniors----Anonymous


Just wanted to let everyone know Rusty gave me a scare yesterday late afternoon while playing with Diver. They were playing tug on a toy, when Rusty had a seizure that caused him to become immobile for a couple of minutes. I stopped the play and stayed close to him until it had passed and he was disoriented for a brief time. Knowing he is in hospice and has reached his three-year mark this year in remission, he has been doing very well. Before the seizure, I noticed he was really excited to get the toy and this may have helped to cause the seizure and will be watched in future. Back to normal now and eating and enjoying outside again.

Thanks, everyone, for watching on Rusty and his journey.


Rusty wants to give his thanks to CJ for the Easter gift and to let her know that his exam and heartworm test were all good news. Lymph nodes look good, but he does have some problems breathing now and then. No need for meds and loving warmer weather and getting outdoors.


Rusty passed his last exam and is on heartworm preventative and Frontline. He still has energy and does have more heavy breathing at times. Don't know if this if from age or past illness. He is turning whiter in the face and starting to show his age. He loves being outside or near people.

I have been remodeling a floor and when I go from upstairs to cut a board, he will follow and wait at the door for my return. So, he is getting lots of exercise going up and down the stairs lately. He loves treats, his many stuffed toys, and going for car rides. He enjoys being outside, but not when it is very hot and humid, then he prefers the cool house.

He is a joy to have around and I can trim the hair on his feet and do his nails without a problem.


Here's a picture of Rusty getting ready to nap on the couch.


Rusty had a nice shower and soaping. He does this very well in the shower with me. Toweling dry is a challenge sometimes as he thinks he has to roll to get all the water off.

Rusty is enjoying the young chickens again this year. He just loves to stand and watch them as I water and feed them. When I go outside with the dogs in the morning to let them do their business, he can't wait to go to see them and is at the door in a flash. Guess it is his highlight of the day to get to watch them. Of course, when I am done, he doesn't want to leave. Once outside, he is fine until we go again to check them.

Rusty has a tendency to wander off, so I make sure he is in the fence when I work in the garden. He will lay with Diver and wait for me after browsing the yard once in a while.

He seems to have more trouble breathing when he gets really excited and doesn't run a lot because his breathing gets worse. Rusty has been in hospice care 3 years in April, and is doing well. At the time released to RAGOM, they thought he might only have six month after being treated for lymphoma. He is enjoying his remaining time and lavished with love.

Rusty loves his people who chose to sponsor him to help out with costs as he still needs vet checkups often and is kept on Frontline and Heartworm pills. Just contact RAGOM to sponsor Rusty's remaining carefree life.


Rusty has been ill since Sunday when he began vomiting and having loose stools and also running a high fever. He has stopped the vomiting, but still has loose stools and will need to be seen by a vet. He still has energy and wants to do things, but I need to rule out an illness or something else going on with him. He continues to eat and drink, but does show some behavior of isolating himself away from people. He actually went to lay on the porch, which is unusual for him. I have seen some improvement in the fever and vomiting, but I am worried about weight loss and dehydration. I want to make sure he is not in pain and remains comfortable and not under stress from what is happening. I will update once he has been to the vet for an exam.


The last few weeks, Rusty has not been doing well, and he needs your prayers. Rusty wants to be active, but when he tries to run or gets too excited, he can't get his breath. His activity is being limited at this time and he is watched more closely for signs of distress. These are things that sent Rusty to the vet for tests to see what was wrong. Rusty is a lymphoma survivor, but his age is now catching up with him.

Rusty had blood work done at the vet today as Lasix didn't work to help his breathing. They put him on Enalapril 20 mg to try to open vessels of the heart to give Rusty more oxygen, as his heart is enlarged. The vet said I should know by Thursday of this week if it is working. The white count test I will receive tomorrow. The blood tests also showed Rusty is in the beginning of renal failure.

If you would like to donate to Rusty's care, now would be a good time. He may need special food and pills in the coming weeks to keep him comfortable.


Hallelujah!! The enalapril is working as today Rusty is breathing much better and they took him off the other medicine for the fluid around the heart. Will continue to watch in case it is only temporary. He is so much more relaxed today. Thanks, all.


 Have a wonderful Easter! Love CJ  Have a wonderful Easter! Love CJ


Happy Spring to the seniors Happy Spring to the Golden Seniors from Anonymous


Update on Rusty since he has had breathing problems from an enlarged heart. The vet tried another med besides the first one to see if would help Rusty more with his breathing. Unfortunately, this med made Rusty really ill and was discontinued. Rusty still will have problems getting his air if he gets overly excited or stays outdoors in the humidity too long. Rusty has to be watched as sometimes he will overdo things as he always was an active dog.

When Rusty is in the air conditioning, it seems to relieve the breathing problems and he is more relaxed and rests. He still loves rides and will lay calmly in the vehicle. Treats are his favorite thing along with chewing on ice cubes and sometimes he has toys he will swing and toss around when has built-up energy as walks are pretty much out in this weather.

Have enclosed a picture of Rusty for all those following his journey after he felt better. Anyone who would like to sponsor Rusty would be appreciated to help pay the cost of the medicine he is taking.

Rusty will be turning 12 in November and has been in hospice care in Olivia for three years since being surrendered after going through chemo for lymphoma. He has been a wonderful, disciplined dog and has helped out other fosters on the way to adoption.


Goldzilla is almost here, September 13th, and we just want to let you know about something very special happening the day of the event. There will be a large board (near the baseball backstop) with all the pictures of available dogs. You can help by purchasing a foster paw print sticker in increments of $10, $25, $50, and $100. Once purchased, you will place the paw sticker next to the picture of the dog you’d like to support. You will also have the opportunity to write that particular dog a note, which will be posted on the dog’s page after the event. This is a great way to show support for RAGOM and a particular dog that may be pulling at your heartstrings. Please consider stopping to purchase a Foster Fan Board paw print while at Goldzilla.

Rusty will not be at Goldzilla as he is not doing the greatest this fall. He has been having trouble breathing and it gets worse when it is humid. Some days are better than others. He has been feeling better, though, as he now is back to chewing rawhides again. Lately, I am noticing that his back legs are a little weak at times. He still comes upstairs at bedtime, but last night, he stayed downstairs to sleep because he didn't want to navigate steps. He is loving tomatoes again this year, too. Some days, he is very clingy and wants to be very close and be petted and brushed a lot; of course, he gets the attentions he wants as his activity has slowed outside. Please leave donations to help Rusty continue enjoying his time with people and paying for vet visits and any meds he may need while in hospice. Rusty is so grateful for all those that follow him and give donations.


Rusty wishes to thank anonymous; RAGOM boy Murphy and Clarence B; Kathy and Hailie W; and Sandie and Kari S for donations made at Goldzilla 2015, and also to his sponsor, Sailor from RAGOM class of 2001 again. He is so grateful to be a RAGOM dog.


From Goldzilla 2015:

"Best wishes." -Anonymous

"From RAGOM boy, Murphy." -Clarence B

"Welcome to the Golden Life." -Kathy and Hailie W

"Hugs from Sandie." -Karin S



Rusty has been holding his own and will make his 11th birthday next month. He had his shots updated earlier this month and was checked. He now has some lumps on the back leg and the vet said it was his lymph node. The vet said just to watch it for now. I think this is why sometimes Rusty will go down on his back legs off and on if he turns. Sometimes it happens when he goes upstairs too. To me, I think he doesn't pick up one of his back legs all the way anymore either.

Another strange thing is Rusty is starting to eat dirt, just like my other Retriever did that passed away with lymphoma. Don't know why, but think something they get from dirt that seems to help them. Rusty also still enjoys fresh tomatoes and he had lots of them this summer. If left alone, he will reach through the fence and pick his own. He also likes his other vegetables like cooked carrots, green beans, and squash which all are good for him anyway. He always seems to be hungry and every time he goes outside, he seems to have a bowel movement lately, even if he doesn't have extra things to eat. Sometimes I don't know where it all comes from and maybe why he doesn't gain a lot of weight and keeps him going. Since his previous medication, his stools haven't been as soft or containing a lot of mucus, which is a good thing.

He still will chase his tail in the house to burn off energy once in a while and still plays and carries around his stuffed toys.

Rusty will be on vacation from Oct. 21 - Oct 25th in Annandale, while I see my grandchildren before returning to Olivia.


Rusty enjoyed his stay at the sitter while I was visiting the grandchildren. He behaved well with the resident dog and had a great vacation while there. Here are some of the pictures Barry took while he was there. Anyone wanting to donate to Rusty's hospice care can contact RAGOM and give donations. I think this is a good change for Rusty to meet and be around other dogs and people. When he first arrives, he does get excited and has trouble breathing. It doesn't last long and he soon is right in with the resident dogs. I think it helps that he has been fostered by Barry several times before and he knows the routine there.


Rusty was doing really well and then his foster gave him a pork chop bone for a treat for his birthday and started things again. He was really sick and had to go to the vet and get blood tests and X-rays. The bone was just about passed through and blood test showed his kidney results hadn't changed from the last time. So he was put on some nausea medicine and given a shot and we went home. It took a few days, but he is now better. Rusty seems to have a more sensitive stomach with some things. Please, everyone, don't do like I did and give the dog a pork chop bone for a treat; for some reason, these bones cause more harm than some of the beef bones.

Rusty is still showing weakness in his back leg and the vet said that both lymph nodes in the back legs are enlarged and to keep a watch in case they get worse. He sometimes will just go down like his back leg isn't responding and it happens more when he is going up stairs, but some days he seems just fine. Rusty wants to thank all those who are watching his progress and he is now officially 11.


Rusty found out today that he has a sponsor and would love to thank Tom for what he is doing to help with his care.

Due to the holiday bazaar that his foster bakes for in November, Rusty was privileged last night to get a taste of a miniature pumpkin pie with whipped cream and some new biscuits. Rusty says, "I love the pumpkin in anything and it is good for me. I have been putting up a good fight since my chemo and just this last year have slowed down as everyone usually does at my age." Keep watching for more updates in future.


Thanks to Laura and Mike for their Christmas donation. Rusty has been doing fine since the last episode with the bone. Just made new dog treats yesterday and Rusty can't wait when he comes in to get one. Stops by cupboard and waits for me. Happy Holidays to all that watch Rusty's progress.


Rusty would like to thank Jim for his monthly sponsorship.

Rusty sat by the stove last night waiting for the new batch of peanut butter dog biscuits to come out of the oven and get a sample. Of course, he had to wait until they cooled to get one. Attached is a picture of a nice shake to get his treats and for everyone watching his progress. Rusty will go on Thursday to the dog sitter in Annandale so his foster mom can visit the grandchildren. He will be returning back to Olivia on Saturday if weather permits travel.


From: Laura and Mike Kreun From: Laura and Mike Kreun



Hi, all. Rusty has been doing well and at times, he is even a little frisky with the cold weather. He still is sometimes weak in his back legs and has some swelling in his lymph nodes, but if he goes down or gets stuck in the snow, he pauses a bit and then gets up and keeps going, just like the Energizer bunny. I am including some pictures of this still handsome senior for all to see. He loves to go for rides and will even put his feet up to get in before you're ready to give a boost into the vehicle. One of the pictures shows how he looked in that cold wind, just like he was saying, "Brrrr!" Some days after coming in from the cold, he will be energized and get a toy and just swing it around or back and forth while spinning around in the living room. He is such a happy dog and so grateful for all RAGOM has done for him.

He also wants to thank Laura and Mike Kreun for the gift on his behalf at the end of January. I guess you have to keep watching, as Rusty is a dog that just won't give up and he loves receiving all the help from his watchers, too.


Rusty went to the vet for a checkup and everything looks fine. He is getting lots of lumps, so she decided to aspirate a few to see if his lymphoma returned. However, they came out as just normal lumps older dogs get and the lump on his neck is just a water cyst. She also said the lymph node swelling on his back legs from our last visit were not swollen anymore, which is great news. I also found out Rusty has been gaining weight since Diver left, probably getting too many treats that are store-bought. So I will supplement his hunger with some pumpkin for a while.

The vet did say that Rusty probably has arthritis in the back legs, causing the problem with his legs being weak at times. She said we just need to watch it as it only happens once in a while by the steps now. The vet said Rusty's heart sounded good, another good sign.

Rusty will be going for a ride tomorrow to visit with the sitter for a few hours, as I have a birthday party to attend for two grandchildren. I should return home that evening, unless there is bad weather. Today, outside, he had trouble walking on the ice as it was wet from melting, but he knew enough to get to the snow and muddy areas. So this means we will be washing his feet more, as even the snow is almost black from blown dirt as it melts.

Thanks for all those people who are watching Rusty's progress since his treatment several years ago has shown treatment does make a difference on some dogs and gives them a longer life. Rusty is so grateful his first family did this for him, even though financially, this cost a lot. He appreciates all the people for donations or sponsorships that help with his medical expenses.


Well, Rusty did very well with new Turkish-dog addition. He did get a little close at the beginning, and Wendy gave a growl and air snap, and he backed off to give her some space. I think this happened because she was in a new place and she had to do her business after her long ride from Turkey, and he wanted to be too close. I included a couple pictures of the them in backyard the next day, as everything went fine after that first encounter.

Rusty is showing his age and cannot run and play like he used to, but he still tries a little jaunt with the younger ones now and again. Rusty also will have trouble breathing when he gets overexcited, and it wears him out, so he takes lots of naps. In one picture, Rusty will eat dirt sometimes, and Wendy is looking on wondering what this crazy American dog is doing. Wendy follows Rusty outside and she has been taught where to go in just one day. She does it all by herself now, thanks to Rusty being a good mentor.

Chilling out after running

"Just what are you doing?" asks Wendy.

Timeout for a roll


Sorry for the delay on posting as this spring has been very busy in this household with new additions. Rusty has been enjoying this spring. He welcomed both Eamon and Wendy to his home in Olivia. He would have loved to play with Eamon at times, but his back legs would not cooperate. He has been getting weaker in one of the back legs and kind of drags it at times, and it sometimes causes him to go down if he turns suddenly. Eamon has since left to a permanent foster in Duluth to continue his journey in RAGOM. Wendy has also progressed and is now up for adoption. Rusty likes to walk with Wendy, but she does not play with him and is afraid of him, in fact, because he sometimes growls at her if he has things. Rusty has always liked to tease when he has toys or treats by growling, and she decided she would rather keep her distance.

Rusty still enjoys his dips in the pool and being outside in the summer. I have started Rusty on fish oil as well as glucosamine and chrondrotine since he has been having problems with his leg. Rusty has seemed to be better and more spry since being put on these, but is still weak in one back leg.

Rusty still enjoys any ride in the car he can get and will still put up his front legs for a boost into the car. He does prefer naps in the cool house, instead of in the heat and humidity we have had lately. I have noticed that he sleeps more soundly lately. He has always been my shadow, and sometimes when he isn't there right away, I go to check to see where he is, and I always find him sleeping. Thanks to all who are still watching his progress, and he loves all donations for the support of his care.


Rusty has been enjoying the cooler weather. He is so glad for the pool and the company of another new foster, Ignatius. Rusty loves to chew on ice cubes in hot weather to cool off.

Rusty cooling off after getting wet in the pool in hot weather

Ignatius may soon be leaving already as has a potential adopter. Rusty and Ignatius look a lot alike, except Ignatius is only 6 years old and at least 20 pounds heavier.

Rusty and Ignatius

Rusty still enjoys car rides whenever I go anyplace. He has weakness in his back legs, but can still set a pretty good pace on his walks. Rusty has not had any setbacks for a while and seems to be doing really well. He does get a little more snippy once in a while with other dogs, as he is getting older, and they just stay away.

I know Rusty is waiting for tomatoes to get ripe and waits to see if I bring any out of the garden. He took it on himself one day to try to get one, but he came out with a yellow squash instead, and after a bite, just left it. Yesterday, he got his first tomato, and he will be waiting to get more. Next, it will apples as they get ripe. He sure loves his veggies and fruit.

Thanks to all that watch and help support Rusty while he is in hospice.


"Enjoy your veggies and fruit, Rusty!" -Beau 14-117 and the Myers Family

"Tubbs and Buddy welcome you to the Golden Life!" -John and Amy Borg

"Best wishes." -Anonymous friend


Hi, all watchers. It has been some time since our last update, as Foster Mom had a few dogs, along with all work this year, and with age creeping up, it doesn't help either.

Rusty is his same old self except for the weakness in his back legs. He now doesn't play with other dogs, as he ends up going down if he tries turning. It does not stop him from playing with toys in the house on the rug, and I have included a couple of pictures. Sometimes he will play with his toy for almost 10 minutes non-stop, shaking it and resting and shaking it some more. It not only makes him happy, but I have to chuckle at his play too and the antics that go along with it. I also included one of Halloween with other foster next to our scarecrow witch.

Rusty is still very treat- and food-oriented, and gets along with the present foster dog that Foster Mom is working with and helping to train. He can still go upstairs at night to his bed and stays close to me. He still very much enjoys car rides, but since he is starting to lose his vision, he will now growl at people that come up to the open window, so I have to be careful with him. He is fine with people if he is outside of the car. I think it may be the tinted windows, and with blurred eyesight, he can't make out who they are when they look inside. Rusty does not jump into the vehicle anymore, but does put his feet up and gets a boost in to go along. He still jumps out on his own so far.

Rusty likes to eat snow when we have any. It's almost gone in the yard as of today. He eats it and then he gets the shivers afterward, but still wants to eat his snow and of course rolls in it too.

The breathing problem he had earlier in the year has diminished somewhat, unless he gets really excited, which is good.

Happy Holidays to all of Rusty's friends and supporters who keep watching.


Rusty had a wonderful Christmas and even enjoyed some ham. He also received a new stuffed toy to go along with his many others.

Rusty would like to thank those who gave him donations at Christmas: a friend who donated in memory of Corky, and Norm and Logan. These donations help hospice dogs when they need medications or vet care, which can become costly in old age. We can use all the help you give and keep watching for updates on Rusty's senior journey.


Merry Christmas! In Memory of Corky! Merry Christmas! In Memory of Corky!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to dear Rusty/Logan, from Norm and Logan. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to dear Rusty/Logan, from Norm and Logan.


Hi, all. I wanted to share a few pictures of Rusty watching TV. He likes all shows that have animals in them. This one he is watching happened to feature Golden Retrievers that day. Sometimes he will even go up and bark at the TV.

I also want to thank Tara and Doug for sponsoring Rusty. He is aging, but still has his quick pace in walks, chases his tail, and shows his pep once in a while. He does take more naps and sleeps more soundly, but still loves to be with people. Donations are used to keep Rusty healthy and enjoying old age, and he welcomes all donations sent for him. Thanks again, Tara and Doug. Your support is much appreciated.


On Monday, April 24th, 2017, Rusty/Logan 04-374 started a new journey as he traveled over the Rainbow Bridge to join others, having completed their life of giving with us. Our hearts hurt, tears flow freely, because we will miss you, dear Rusty. Rusty gave his all since he came to RAGOM in 2007. He was a loving dog who anyone would have enjoyed. He learned the love of an adopted family before coming back to RAGOM in hospice care in September of 2013. I was blessed when Rusty came to my foster home. He had his antics of shaking toys, getting in the garden to eat tomatoes, chasing his tail, getting into trouble now and then, and rolling in mud. He loved water, chasing balls, walks, riding in the car, and always sleeping near his human.

Rusty was also a fighter; he went through chemo twice, as the first kind of chemo didn’t work, to stay and share his life. He stayed with me another 3 ½ years. He mentored other foster dogs while in my home, teaching them to trust humans, what good manners were in a home, and how to run and play. He touched many lives and showed what a true Golden could give to people and other dogs.

Rusty, run free and no longer suffer pain as you gave joy, laughter, love, and memories to all you touched.