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Shadow 06-270
(Fostered in Delano, MN)

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 10/3/16 Preferred   Not tested  Optional Yes 
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Let me introduce Shadow. She is a beautiful 10-year-old black golden mix. She weighs about 60 lbs. This sweet, sweet girl has a great disposition, is very well behaved and walks great on a leash. The original adoptive family called her Bailey and that is what she answers to. 

Shadow was returned to RAGOM due to having accidents in the house. This could be due to her urinary tract infection. We will see how she does once she gets this issue resolved.

Shadow has been with us a short time but has settled in really well. We have two other dogs and two cats and she gets along with all of them. I discovered she is a little afraid of the cats when we tried to come into the house one day and a cat was sitting by the door. Shadow very carefully walked around the cat to get in the door. She has gotten better with that though. I think she was trying to figure out what these animals were.

Shadow is taking a medication for incontinence. She takes one pill twice a day. We wrap a little cheese around it and she gulps it down with no problem. Our own resident dog is on the same medication and does great.

I took Shadow to the vet and found out she has a horrible urinary tract infection. We are giving her medication for that and have to get her rechecked a few days after she is done with the pills. At this point the vet did not want to update her vaccinations so we will do that once the infection is gone. Her heartworm test and fecal came back negative so that was good news.

I will send in more as we get to know Shadow better. If you would like a great companion that will give you lots of love please let us know.


Hi. My name is Shadow but my foster family calls me Bailey. I'm about 16 weeks old and I'm black with white marks going from my chin down to my chest.

As you can see from my pictures, I'm getting along great with Sadie, who is also a RAGOM Golden. I may not be Golden all over but my foster family thinks I look like a black Lab mixed with a black Flat Coat Retriever.

I'm still working on the potty training, but that will come in time. Until that happens, I sleep in my crate at night and do not usually make a peep, which my foster family greatly appreciates. I'll be going to the vet soon to get a check up and may even get my nails done. What more could a girl want! More updates to come later!


Hi. It's Bailey again. Well, I went on my first vet visit since coming to Minnesota and I was so excited about getting my nails done. I have to tell you that getting them done is way over rated. What was I thinking?

The vet weighed me in at 25 pounds. I have a mild ear infection in each ear so I'll need ear drops for 10 days and will also have to get my ears cleaned out every couple of days. Bummer. I also got microchipped!

I'm getting better about having accidents in the house but then again my foster family hasn't decided if it's me that's having all of them or if it's one of their other dogs who is older. Someone has also been pooping and peeing on the furniture the last couple of day but my foster mom has never seen me get on the furniture but my foster dad swears that I do when she's not around. Inocent until proven guilty is my motto as nobody has been caught in the act yet.

More updates to come later. See ya!


Just a quick update. I've been proven innocent regarding the bathroom accidents. The older dog was caught in the act so my name has been cleared of any wrong doing. Hurray for me!


Just an update here from Bailey. Today I get to go to my forever home. I'm sure going to miss playing with Sadie and my foster family is really sad to see me leave. I hear that my new family will be taking me on a lot of walks so I'm very excited about that. My ride is here, so it's time for me to go!


Shadow is doing really well. She finished her antibiotics for her urinary tract infection so we took her in to have her rechecked and we received great news - her infection is all gone! I am sure she feels much better. Shadow has been on the Proin for incontinence since we got her and she has had zero accidents in the house once the drug kicked in.

I can't say enough good things about Shadow. She has a very sweet personality, she loves people, gets along great with our dogs and cats, walks very nicely on a leash, and she listens very well. She is a very nice dog that has a never ending wagging tail.

Shadow found our antlers in the dog basket so she has chewed on those occasionally. Most of the time she just wants to be around us whatever we are doing.

If you want a very nice older dog to keep you company, just let us know. Shadow is a super nice girl!


Shadow, who I will start calling Bailey in her updates, is doing great. She had a busy holiday season and is now heading into the new year looking for her furever home.

The Proin that Bailey gets for her incontinence is working like a charm. No accidents! She gets one tablet twice a day. We give it to her when we feed her in the morning and at night. Wrap it in some cheese and she gobbles it down.

When Bailey gets fed we learned she doesn't like her tags hitting the bowl. I tried to pull to collar around so the tags are behind her ears but we found it is easier to take her collar off and then put it back on after she is done eating. We also gave her a low cereal bowl to eat out of and that has helped too.

Bailey really loves being outside. It doesn't matter if it's raining, snowing, sleeting or sunny. I think she may have some shepherd or husky in her. Her coat is shorter but it has a very dense undercoat. We gave her a bath a couple of weeks ago and I was able to brush quite a bit of hair out.

One funny thing we discovered about Bailey is that she doesn't like walking on smooth floors. We have a fair amount of carpet in our house but our kitchen and dining room are laminate floors. We do have quite a few rugs and mats down since we have older dogs in the house and don't want them to slip. One day I was sitting at the kitchen table and Bailey was laying not far from me. She started with a little growl. Then she did it again. I couldn't figure out what she was doing. Then she let out a "woof". I finally figured out that the problem - she wanted to get up but she wasn't laying on a rug. I helped her up and got her to a rug. She starts scrambling and her feet go out all directions. I think she scares herself.

Another funny floor story - We let our dogs out at night through our garage when the weather is bad. We have a piece of carpet down right as you go out the house door. Bailey would stand on the carpet until I got the service door open to the outside and then she would run across the concrete as fast as she could to the outside. Foster Dad put some big pieces of cardboard down for her so that she could walk rather than run to the door. What a funny, silly girl!

Bailey might be meeting a family in the next couple of weeks. Let's keep our paws crossed that she will start out in 2017 with a furever home!




Happy New Year from Mary H. Happy New Year from Mary H.


We have great news about Bailey! She has found her forever home. She will have a fur brother to keep her company, go on lots of walks and a Mom and Dad that spends a lot of time with her.

Thank you, Susan and John for opening your hearts and home to a senior rescue dog! We love the senior dogs at our house as they have plenty of love to give and we feel special to have them in our lives. Bailey is so lucky to have found such a great, caring family!