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Trouble 01-217
(Fostered in Chanhassen, MN)

Laura Kreun  From Laura Kreun

April 25, 1012

Meet Phoenix! Phoenix (back in 2001 he was originally known as Trouble) is a stunning, 11 year old (young) Golden Retriever. He was adopted from RAGOM as a 1 year old pup and was recently returned to rescue because his family recently moved to a home on a lake and he is allergic to the algae in the water.

It is tough on a dog who has lived 10 years with one family to move... but this boy is taking it all in stride and settling in here just fine. Phoenix is well trained and active! I would NEVER believe he was 11, if I didn't have the paperwork and some hearing loss to prove it I would call him 7 :) we have a 7 year old resident dog and he acts just like she does! Speaking of resident dogs... he loves other dogs! He loves to play :) He was an only dog in his previous home, but he seems to enjoy canine company and he is also find without it. Phoenix is perfectly housetrained and has free roam here at night and when we are not home. He does have one bad habit... he LOVES paper, kleenex, toilet paper (you get the drift) and also cardboard! He even pulled a roll of toilet paper right off of the wall! The first day here when he got into those things he decided he didn't want to give them up when we wanted to take them away. He growled at us which showed us resource guarding that is not acceptable. We are now one step ahead of him and he doesn't have access to any of those things! We are teaching him to "trade" with all kinds of different items and he hasn't had any further issues. It is fairly safe to say that the resource guarding we saw can be attributed some to stress and not yet knowing if he could trust us. However, he should find a forever home with no young children (because children don't understand how to manage things like resource guarding!) For this reason, he will be moving to a new foster home in about a week. (We have a 3 year old son).

Phoenix is loveable and very easy to have around. He does have Addison's disease and a thyroid condition, both are controlled with medication. He gets two pills with each meal and gobbles them right up with his food. It is very easy to manage. He also does receive an injection for his allergies once per month. When he visits the vet I will get a cost estimate on these medications to share with potential adopters. He's worth it :)

He also loooves to go for walks! He easily does 2 miles and can even go longer on a nice cool day! He doesn't pull on a leash and is a perfect walking partner. When he returns from his daily walk he enjoys a long drink of water and a nice long nap on the cool wood floor... he's one smart cookie :)

Phoenix is looking for a quiet home to spend his GOLDEN years loving his people! He makes a wonderful companion and if you meet him, trust me you will fall in love.


Phoenix has moved to his new foster home and let me tell you, I am in LOVE! He's been here for a week and while we took things slowly to help him deal with more change, he has adjusted really well. I have a cat and Phoenix has barked at her but she is very dog savvy and hasn't backed down. I don't think he's ever been around cats but they are now learning to coexist together.

Phoenix may be listed as a senior dog, but let me tell you he is very young at heart! He LOVES to go for walks. He also really likes going for car rides and he is the perfect passenger. He lays down in the back seat and just watches the world go by. He's met some of the neighborhood kids and their dogs and is a very sociable guy. Phoenix has a gorgeous coat and he has obviously been well taken care of. He is so eager to be bathed, he's jumped into my bathtub! How many dogs do that?! He has full run of my house, day or night. I have some quilts and blankets throughout the house for him but he tends to prefer the cool kitchen floor. He does come into the bedroom with me at night and will sleep on the floor by my bed. So far he hasn't been interested in getting up on the furniture. This morning when he heard my alarm go off, he came over to lean his head against my bed - that's how he told me he needed to go out! What manners!!

He has had obedience training and knows his commands. He knows to sit and lay down and is very gentle when taking treats. He got a special toy when we ran to Pet Smart this week. He was so proud, he walked around the store with it in his mouth. He didn't do any guarding when I borrowed it so the cashier could ring it up, Good Boy! Of course I gave it back to him right away so he is learning that if I take something away, I will give it back. This is very good practice for dogs that have any kind of potential resource guarding. They are less likely to guard their precious objects if they know that we will either "trade" for something higher in value or that I will give them their toy back. He then got to carry it out to the car :)

Phoenix is super friendly and social and when we go for walks, he wants to greet every person and dog we meet. Everyone, of course, notes how handsome he is. His tail wags letting them know that he knows :)

We've had thunderstorms since he's been here and he had no anxieties, which is always nice! He's also been great for his vet visits! YAY Phoenix

Phoenix has some medical issues that are controlled with medications. We know what his allergies are and he merely goes in monthly for his shot. He is on thyroid meds and from past experience those pills are very affordable. He is on some medications for Addison's disease too, but he takes them like a trooper. Next time I go into the vet I'll get more information on the monthly cost of his healthcare so you have an idea of what his financial needs will be. I can tell you, however, that if I didn't know he had some stuff going on I wouldn't know... He acts like not a thing is wrong with him.

He is adjusting so well to my home and I'm sure when you meet him, he'll steal your heart as he's stolen mine.

Also, HUGE thanks to Laura for putting a token on Mr. Phoenix's page. It's greatly appreciated!


Phoenix is a very mellow, sweet, friendly boy.  When he greets me he walks up and puts his head down and leans into my legs to welcome me home.  He stands there for as long as he can to receive petting and ear scratching from me.  He loves to go out on walks and loves car rides.


Phoenix has great manners and knows commands, doesn't jump up on people or counter surf.  Hasn't gotten into any trouble.   My kids think he's really cool.  When they walk in the door, Phoenix shows his delight and excitment to have visits from them.  The little kids in the neighborhood play with him.  He doesn't pull on the leash, yet walks at a good pace. He smiles and jumps around in the yard.  A really very happy, social dog.  Allergies haven't slowed him down, you would never know that he is 11 years old.  I like the mellowness of him, he is so affectionate.   He wants to sit on the floor near me, he sleeps on the floor in my bedroom.  He is a good eater, twice a day.  There are 2 pills he gets for his allergies and he gobbles them up right along with his food.

Anyone who adopts Phoenix will be getting a great companion who will give friendship and happiness.  He is a sweetheart of a dog!!


Phoenix (Trouble), you were such a joy to foster.  I will miss you so much!!! We met with the lovely couple and the vibe between everyone is exactly what a foster mom and dog could wish for. They love you!! After they got him home she emailed me "it seems so natural to have a 'goldie dog' walking around the house again. He's found a favorite place to lie down." A nice family who has missed the companionship of a guy like this. RAGOM found a great match and forever home. He was my 3rd foster and another wonderful experience.

Also want to say thank you to Laura Kreun for her support!!!




I had the privilege of being a foster to this wonderful dog.  I received a note from the family who adopted this sweet and gentle senior ragom boy.  He came into ragom in 2001 and again in 2011.  Trouble/Phoenix was adopted by a family who loved and took very good care of him all the way to the end.  His hind legs started to give out and he could not do the stairs anymore.  Then his hips began to give out on him when he was standing while being petted.  On the last day it became obvious that his quality of life would never be the same and they made the painful decision.  Before they took him to the vet he was given lots of treats and held tight while the vet put him to sleep.  Rest in Peace and run free dear Phoenix.  You were loved by many and we miss you.  We will see you again on the other side.