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Jenni 01-240
(Fostered in Owatonna, MN)

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Sailor, RAGOM Class of 2001
"Best Wishes from a Fellow Senior Golden!"


Merry Christmas From Team Hudson  Merry Christmas from Team Hudson!

From Laura K   Merry Christmas from Laura K!

Merry Christmas to the Senior Goldens from Santa   Merry Christmas to the senior goldens from Santa 

In memory of Shadow, Athena, and Zera   In memory of Shadow, Athena and Zera


Honey (originally known as Jenni) just arrived this weekend, and is a spayed, GR mix, approximately 11 years old and is a super sweet girl! We have a vet appointment next week to get the scoop on her health but she seems to be very healthy, has a beautiful coat, perfect teeth and just a bit of gray hair around her eyes! Honey was adopted from RAGOM ten years ago, and her family had to surrender her because they moved to a home that doesn’t allow pets. She is a very happy, well adjusted girl and must have been well cared for and loved.

So far I have learned she is potty trained, loves her crate, LOVES all people, great with kids and crazy about toys – especially playing tug with rope toys. Check out our beautiful new girl!


We went to the vet today for a checkup. Honey has a cyst on the back of her neck, and an ear infection that we started treating today. She needs to lose about 5 lbs, but other than that she is in great shape! She was VERY scared at the vet, which leads me to think she has not had great experiences in the past – poor girl. Once we were done with her appointment, the staff gave her lots of loving, so hopefully she will be more comfortable at future appointments.

Honey is great walking on a leash, and loves playing in the yard….she is a toy lover! She gets along great with resident Mia except when they are playing with toys. They both LOVE toys, and neither one wants to give up their toys for the other dog…, we have temporarily stashed the toys away from the girls when they are together.



Honey had a cyst removed from her back yesterday and has a doozie of an incision, but is doing really well. She was happy to be home with the pack and to hang with her new foster brother 11-005 MacGyver. Please contact your placement advisor if you would like to learn more about Honey. Her ear infection is healing nicely, she continues to do really well, and is ready for her forever family!


Honey had her stitches removed last weekend, and the vet experience was much less upsetting this time. The staff at the Vet recognizes her fear and goes out of their way to be patient with her and make her feel safe. Did I mention the happy dance and big smile she gives me when I get home from work? She prances, play bows, smiles and wiggles her butt like crazy – very cute!

Honey is moving to a new foster family this weekend. My female resident is an alpha female and she and Honey don’t get along if toys or food are involved. She’s great with my male foster and all other dogs she has been exposed to since she became a RAGOM dog. We will miss her but know she will be in loving hands with her new foster!


Hi, all Golden lover fans. We are Honey's new Foster Family. First I would like to introduce ourselves. Our family consists of myself, my husband, 11 year old girl, my son and his girlfriend are temporarily staying at our home, my resident dog, Buddy and cat Harrison. Needless to say it's been a full house this month.

Honey has been with us for just over a week and adjusting nicely. She is an older dog and needs slower introductions to people and other animals. I think she was the one and only dog in the past and is somewhat still learning how to share. When she first arrived she was a bit overwhelmed with the other animals and trying to find her way in our family. I hand fed her the 1st week to earn trust and supervise her eating with my resident dog due to at first she was gobbling up her food and was very guarded. I think she has come a long way with this guarding stuff. Now the dogs can eat in the same room with separate bowls and she even leaves some for later.

There is someone home almost all the time and we do not need to kennel her, but she loves garbage cans. She tears up tissues, paper plates etc. and she is kinda sneaky about it. So needless to say we put the garbage away when we leave or when we go to bed. She loves anything that could be considered a treat and will do just about anything for prizes. She sits, just learned shake and lie down and now working on rolling over and "to come" on a more consistent basis. Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Her attitude is young at heart, she loves walks and is in good physical shape, the only thing that slows her a bit, is those hips, they just don't want to obey her when she tells them to get going. On average she walks around two blocks daily and that is perfect for her. She is now taking Glucosamine/Chondroitin with MSM for her hips daily and Essential fatty acids for her skin and coat, which I can boast is the thickest, softest fur ever. She reminds me of a Honey Bear. After she really gets to know ya she is super affectionate and leans in for hugs and pets. When she hears someone at the door she has a deep growling bark, But when we let people in the door she's waggin her tail and insists on pets. She just observantly watches my cat, has made really no acknowledgment of him, even waiting till he was done drinking the water before she would dig in. I use a 12 ft tie out and she loves the snow, she is fully potty trained and will cry at the door when needing out.

I can picture her being a only dog would be ideal. She is very loyal and loving to her human family. Someone who takes short walks everyday, she's great on the leash. She seems to need her break periods (naps) intermittently thoughout the day, she is happier with a quieter lifestyle. Would do well with school age children, but not as much with children that are home all day. More to come.


Check out Honey's new video!

Honey has been such an easy Foster, everyone that meets her loves her, she loves to be scratched, her back leg thumps on the floor like the bunny in the movie Bambi, So I call her "HunnyBunny." Unfortunately her itchiness is from increased allergy symptoms since it's getting warmer and spring is almost here. We are increasing her omega fish oils and giving Benedryl 2 times a day for a while, She is also receiving oatmeal baths and hydro cortisone/tea tree oil and jojoba oil spray daily which helps temporarily. She loves to sleep on her back in cool spaces like by doors and hard floors.

We followed up at the vet for her ears since the drops I was using have not made a huge difference and she is showing signs of sensitivity around her ears, Also she is now guarding her ears so unable to touch them. Knowing she is not a big fan of the vet, the vet arranged a sample appt the day before to see what we could expect, she did fine until the earlight tool came too close to her head.

So we started her on an all natural and herbal supplement to help her calm down a bit called Composure. The next day her appt went well due to we knew somewhat what to expect. We did have to muzzle her for a short time while trimming the hair in her ears and getting a thorough look in there and cleaning, application of time release medication, so I do not have to mess with her ears for a couple weeks, Now she allows me to clean her ears as long as I do not irrigate with the bottle, I saturate cotton and squeeze the solution in her ear and wick out with dry cotton. The vet and I suspect she has had this problem for quite some time and related to her allergies. I am sure she has bad memories in relation to her ears.

I wanted to share this video from a sitcom called Empty Nest from the 70's, This dog's name is Bear, stage name Dreyfuss, He is part Golden and St Bernard, looks just like her. Maybe she had royalties dug into the back yard somewhere. 


Happy Spring to the Golden Seniors from Anonymous Happy Spring to the Golden Seniors from Anonymous

"In memory of my Abby" "In memory of my Abby"


Ms. Honey is doing well, she seems happy and settled in. She loves the car and can jump with a running start into my SUV, puts her head out the window, she loves walks and her activity tolerance is getting better, Whenever I show signs that I will go out the door she gets so excited and playful. Her allergies are staying the same, using Cortisone spray and rubber bristle brush to get it under all that thick luxurious fur. She love baths once she's in there, she loves it when I put the sprayer on massage mode and rub in the tea tree oil shampoo... she just leans in for more and her leg starts thumpin'. Her ears are still healthy and now she will let me wash and dry them even on the inside.

I figure she may have seasonal allergies and food sensitivities, Due to changed food to California Natural Chicken flavor, her hair started falling out again and more severe itching. Needless to say, we changed to Holistic Select  on the advice of our local Pet Supply store due to others having great success with this brand. After a couple weeks her new hair growth is so shiny, copper color. Seasonal allergies still here but managed with anti-histamines. Her guarding of her food and toys is much better. If she feels the need she will give a warning growl and then walk away. We have had much practice due to we are also fostering Addie who was a starving dog and will attempt any food she can get at. I would have to say they are both learning manners. The video below shows her temperament most of the time.

Check out the new video of Honey!


Honey sure is shaping up her figure, she is is great shape and feeling good. She has more energy and even has a boyfriend, my friend's dog Oddie who is a young boxer. She loves to run after him and will tease him to play. They are so cute together, I have never seen her so confident and energetic.

She will swim at the lake and chase a ball in deep water and swim. She can jump in my SUV now no problem with a running start and loves putting her nose out the window and feel the cool breeze. Most people say they can't believe she's 11 years old.

Her skin allergy symptoms are well controlled on 1 tablet of Claratin and 1 tablet of benedryl a day which are 4 dollars each for a month's supply at Walmart. Her ears are remaining clear with basic maintenance of cotton with soaked cleaner and well dried with a towel approx every 2 weeks and she will let me do this with little argument. I brush her daily as of now, due to shedding season has started. If you really want to win her over, brush her, she rolls all over and will come back to get more scratches and I am in luck of having a Dyson vacuum. She's such a big snuggly Honey bear. I know there is a perfect home for her out there.


Ms. Hunny Bunny is so lovey and sweet, But needs slow introductions to new people. She has developed a "hot spot" on her hind end. (common staph infection of the skin). Treatment is shaving the area, antibiotics and steroids. Prevention is keeping skin dry and cool. So from now on I will trim her furrbutt a bit shorter.

Honey gets a bit nervous at events (so many new people). But don't that let that stop you from meeting her. She gets along well with everyone in our family and extended family. She just needs to sniff ya and check you out before you touch her, then she will nudge her soft head and invite your hand pet her.


Wondering what Honey's doing? She's stayin cool this summer at the beach, Loving her evening walks. Honey is a bit timid of fireworks and loud thunder, but all she needs is to be close to me and she will sleep it all away. Hope every one's having a great summer.


Still hangin' out staying cool and trying to maintain strength and agility, Still waiting and ready to meet my new family.


Yea, for some heat relief, Honey loves to just hang out in the shade when it's cooler out and we are excited for her to roll in the snow again, that's when she is the most happy. She has had some stiffness lately and having a hard time getting into the car, giving her some anti-inflammatory meds and she is happier and more energetic. (After all, as we age, the change in seasons gets to us.)

We will be at Goldzilla and will showing her off at the tent right after the parade. Hope to met you there.


Honey is feeling and moving much better, now that she is on Rimadyl (doggy anti inflammatory). Her allergies turned on like a switch since fall started, back on benedryl, but it works well. She had gained a little bit of weight so the vet and I agreed to put her on senior food, she hardly knows the difference. We visited my Mom and Dad, who has a 2year old lab and Honey and her got along just fine. My mom she took to right away, but my Dad it took a little time, he just paid no attention to her and about a hour later she was forcing his hand onto her head and laid down on the ground for a belly rub. He really enjoyed her company and felt comfortable quickly and says she can visit anytime.

My step daughter came to visit our home and again we told her not to pay any attention to Honey and Honey within 3 minutes forced our daughter's hand on her head and insisted on many pets. And our guests state why are your fosters so well behaved and appear so relaxed and comfortable? I always say I believe they are thankful, they want to satisfy and I think we have earned their trust that we would not hurt them or put them in danger. Honey's first impression is not the most impressive but her loyalty is worth a try.


Just enjoying the cool autumn days. She loves to lay on the cool grass in the morning for hours and is a bit peppier now that summer is over. Honey has tons more energy for play and she's back to her hard body self. Her allergies are simmering down and her skin and fur are silky as ever. Honey is as easy going as they get, she is loyal and stays by my side. "Hello, is there anybody out there?"


This was so cute I wish I had time to get video... Honey keeps sliding her bones to my 8 month old Granddaughter's lap and now the baby is teething on the bone. Her is mom gonna kill me when she sees this.


Honey and new foster Brooklyn 11-394, sharing sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving. I believe this is on the approved list of acceptable treats.


In memory of Zera and Athena In memory of Zera and Athena


Happy Holidays from anonymous Happy Holidays from anonymous



Thanks for the donation! Honey appreciates all the help she can get from all you thoughtful peeps. Honey had a great holiday week, she got a stuffed pig that sounds like a honk. She loves it, will follow up with that picture soon, it's on my daughters camera. Honey loves being the center of attention. She placed herself right in the middle of the room while all the kids opened their presents, she was covered with wrapping paper. So cute.

Did you hear Honey is going to be a Auntie?? Picture of Honey and her foster sister Ruby (11-372).


Loving the cool weather and lying in the snow, one of her favorite things to do.


01/21/2012 - Hunny Bunn was very sick, she had diarrhea and spending a great deal of time outside in the cold, she did not want to come in. I would have to physically go out and bring her inside. She was very weak and dehydrated. On Sunday, January 22nd she was pooping bright blood and weaker yet and refused to drink or eat, throwing up any remaining fluid left in her, We took turns watching over her over the night. Poor Honey. This is very hard on a dog her age, so we sent many prayers that night.

01/23 - Went to the vet, not her favorite place but she was so sick, weak and miserable, she did not seem to care. When we were at the vet she suddenly decided she is thirsty after we were considering giving her subcutaneous fluids. She was perking up, so we went home with some Flagyl, anti infective medicine very effective for intestinal infections, a probiotic called Floriflora to help balance her flora in her tummy, the loose stools made her loose.

On 01/25 - Feeling much better ,but needing to get her strength back, she was unable to walk around a whole block this time.

On 01/28 - Back to her normal self, stools are normal, eating and drinking well and back to regular walks. WELCOME BACK Ms Bunn.


This is sooo funny, I had a large donation of soft toys and this one is so appropriate for Ms Honey Bunn.


Honey is lovin' being a Auntie! Honey and Maui love to play together.


Ooohhh, Please.. Please.. Please, share the ball. Honey has a big bark but no bite. She is assisting Ruby with disciplining her pups.


It's been a hot summer and Ms Honey is moving a bit slower, she is on a diet, slowly replacing food with green beans. She remains on Rimadyl and added tramadol, which is working because she actually jumped into my SUV. Short eve walks and going to the lake. We took her tent camping, She has some difficulty being out of her home environment, she is a older dog and seems to prefer to stay in her routine.


Laura Kreun From Laura Kreun


Honey (fka Jenni) is having a rough summer, she just hates the heat and is less active. We had her fur cut down some which took 2 hours at the groomer, she does not like strangers touching her and she cannot stand for long periods, her hind gets very stiff. She gained weight very easily this summer, she is on 1/2 the amount of quality food she was eating and replaced the other half with green beans and she is moving a bit better now. She is still on anti-inflammatory med, plus tramadol pain pill and back to added benedryl, fall allergies are starting up again!

She is getting closer to 13 years old and still loves to puppy play at least for a short time. Our Resident Riley and Honey are inseparable, so most of the pics you will see from now on will include him also. They are a good match because Riley understands her cues (of when enough is enough). Keeps her movin' and motivated.


Honey loves the colder weather change. Still swimming, the best excersise for her arthitis. Enjoy your Fall. We are.


Ms. Honey went to the vet for her yearly shots and vet check. For 13 years old she is doing pretty good the vet says. Her right ear is mildly infected, so we started ear drops and irrigations for 7 days. She is loving the cooler weather. She is 80 lbs and we continue to make sure it does not go above that or her back end can't keep up with the front or her mind. After 80 lbs, stairs are more difficult, so her quality of life depends on it. This was a difficult job since my 11 mo old grandson staying with us for a little while feeds her when our heads are turned. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.


Another great Holiday season for Honey. All her lab tests are all normal for a dog her age, so continue doing what we are doing. Thanks to Ragom for the opportunity to get together dogs and families for life.


 In memory of Panda from Friends of Flicka  In Memory of Panda from Friends of Flicka


Thank you so very much to Friends of Flicka for their generous donation to Honey in memory of Panda and for the mitten tokens from Stichez, Madison and Priya and Anonymous!

Honey has been enjoying the snow, I thinned out her coat and trimmed her ears and paws, her allergies are still getting to her, I wish the snow would just stay, her allergies are better controlled at that time. We had started her on a product called Dinovite to improve her overall health and hopefully boost her immune system and stop the scratching, we just started the product, so no results as of yet. She is maintaining her weight on the green bean diet and moving along as usual. See ya all next update.


Well it is now March of 2013, Honey has been our Foster since February 2011. She was 11 years old when she came to us and now 13 years old. It's been quite a haul she has been through and she is now really showing her age. Her arthritis in her lower back and hips is quite bad especially her right hip, she is now unable to to walk a 1/2 a block without limping. Some days are better than others. When it's damp and wet out she has more difficulty with stairs. We just bought her some portable steps for the car due to leaping is impossible now. She is still on anti inflammatory medicine and tramadol for pain. She is sleeping more than awake these days. Maybe when the weather warms up she will feel better. The only time she can still pull off that dance she does is feeding time, still wiggles for that and sometimes back legs fall to the floor, poor girl. We take her through the garage door outside and shovel a area she can do her business. I think she would like to play with the young dogs but it's too much for her, so she barks and barks at them, she still has some spunk and still a great disciplinarian.

She has been with us through so many Foster pups, it's impossible to count all. I can tell you it is approximately 25 dogs and only one Honey Bunn could not get along with. Most have said she does look great for 13. Also thanks to Devon for the Kiss. It's nice to be recognized on Valentines Day.


"A kiss for luck that you'll find your forever family soon." - DevonTT "A Kiss for luck that you'll find your forever family soon"-DevonTT


Honey has been continuing to move quite slow, but still appreciates her hot oil baths. Must have felt really good, she did not want to go in, but she did not want to get out after tub time. Still favorite pastime is mealtime and rubbing herself into you for scratches. Just checking in.


Honey loves to be in the middle of the action on one of the nice few days in May 2013.

Honey loving the last snow of the year. Hopefully

We are all just hangin' out, staying cool at the lake, enjoying daily short evening walks. Hope everyone's having a great summer.


Just hangin' out with us, trying to stay cool, goin' to the dog park and chillin' in the lake. Not as many eve walks lately, with the heat, too much!! Still dancing for food, and loves getting scratches from the grandkids. I wish I could share how awesome Honey is and how soft her Honey bear fur is at Goldzilla, but too many new people and too much stress for a older girl like her. I know Ms Bunn is looking forward to Fall and cooler days ahead.


I regret to relay the message that Ms Bunn has a cancerous tumor that has already metastasized and we have about 6 months or less to enjoy her. So sorry I waited so long getting out this update. I have been having a hard time saying it out loud. We intend to make it a valuable, great time, doing the things she loves best in the seasons she loves the best.

Sept 5, 2013 - Honey has been having some difficulties with vaginal infections, so we made the appointment for her to recieve treatment at the vet. Over the week, we noticed a swelling on her lower jawline inside her mouth. It did not appear to be large or worrisome. Then by the end of the week, it was 4cm, it grew so quickly. We went to the vet on Sept 10th, which she is never thrilled to do. They had to look at the growth from a distance because they were unable to use a muzzle, and the vet stated it didn't look good and would need to be removed surgically. So, only days later, Honey went in for sugery, and the vet said it didn't look good in her opinion, but there was no way to know for sure if the tumor was cancerous or benign, so it was sent off to the lab for pathology, and a week later... the news... It is a Mast Cell tumor and it is cancerous, but we were optimistic that the surgeon removed most, if not all, of the tumor. So, the next step was to send a lymph node biopsy, which was done during surgery, just in case, for which I am thankful since she did not have to endure any more vet visits. A week later, the results showed the cancer had spread. We came to an agreement that she will be 14 years old in Feb. and we will keep her comfortable for the rest of her days we have. I am so greatful at this time she has no pain with this, and she is drinking, eating, and pooping and peeing well. So, we just watch and wait. I guess it was all meant to be, since I am a Hospice Nurse by trade. We will keep you all updated.

  It was hard for Honey to get in the car, but she sure loved the trip. On the left is her
foster sister, Katie 13-275.

We went to Honey's favorite dog park, where she loves to dip her belly in the cold water.


Ms Honey is getting a bit uncomfortable. She is starting to develop tumor-like moles on the surface of her skin, and was relentlessly biting and scratching them open, keeping herself awake all night. We decided to put her on a maintenance dose of Predisone, but had to flush out all the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory from her system, so it's been a difficult week. We were giving her larger dose of the Tramadol and benedryl 2 times a day, which made for a very tired Ms Bunn. Then starting on Nov 1, she started her Predisone and she feels so much better all around.

We are still enjoying our weekly visits to the dog park and very short walks daily. She loves the cool water on her underside. I heard it's going to snow tonight, so I know she will really enjoy that!


Merry Christmas and thanks to all that gave the nice gifts of holly and mittens. Honey is having a great Christmas hanging out with the gang here, including the grandkids. We sure love our Honey Bunn.


Thanks so much, Sailor, for sponsoring Honey Bunn. It's so nice of you to think of her during these hard times.