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Goldie 07-085
(Fostered in Ames, IA)


Goldie arrived at our home one week ago today. She was surrendered back to RAGOM because the owner’s life has changed and he can no longer care for her properly. The paperwork lists her as somewhere between 6 and 9 but I’d guess her to be on the younger side of that range.

Goldie loves to be with people. She likes to sleep in bed with you but if she is told to get out she will and will just sleep on a dog bed next to you. She likes walks, car rides, and snuggling. She will carry around shoes, socks or almost anything you leave lying around but she doesn’t chew them up at all. Goldie also loves to be petted so someone who can spend lots of time with her would be ideal.

Goldie gets along well with Foster Bro Clifford most of the time. Sometimes she is a bit possessive of her things however. She might growl and curl a lip if Cliffy ventures to close while she’s eating or playing with a favorite toy. She has absolutely no resource issues with humans whatsoever.

Both the former owner and his next door neighbor told us Goldie is great with kids. We haven’t had any direct experience so can’t verify this fact. We do know that the previous RAGOM foster had her with a four month old without any problems. Also her ability to interact with cats or other pets is unknown. She appears to be a good hunter as she has captured & killed several mice in the field behind our house. She wants to chase bunny’s and deer during our walks too.

During the past week Goldie has been brushing up on her house training. She was certified as house trained by her former owner and her former RAGOM foster but she did have some problems on the first day at our home. She has now gone an entire week without any accidents. It’s probably a combination of Goldie learning her new schedule and us learning Goldie’s needs. Anyway I can now pronounce her as reliable.

Goldie arrived in Northwest Iowa this weekend and what a doll. Goldie was surrendered because she couldn't get along with the female poodle. Goldie been with us a day and seems to be house trained and just loves to have something in her mouth all the time. She hasn't shown any aggression when we take away what ever she might have found. The cries of a four month old don't seem to bother her.
Goldie with her past would do best in a house with all male dogs or by herself. Goldie also loves to be petted so someone who can spend lots of time hanging out with her. Goldie is already spayed and will see the vet on Monday. If you are ready for a lovely Golden then Goldie is your girl. 


Just a quick update on Goldie. She went to the vet on Monday and recieved a clean bill of health. She had no problems at all with the 4 cats and 5 dogs while we were their. She is housetrained and is left to roam the house when we are gone. She likes to sleep in bed with you but if she is told to get out she will and will just sleep on her bed next to you. Goldie loves walks, and pulling on the leash is not a problem. If you want a love bug then she is the girl for you, just let Placement know





Goldie has been with us for a week and has been great. She has had a couple of accidents on days when there was nobody home for seven hours or so. Walks have been wonderful as Goldie loves to go for walks to meet new kids and other dogs. Tonight I took her to a friend's house to play with their female lab and it showed me that she loves other dogs and that she misses the companionship of other dogs to play with. On our walk we also stopped and played with another young lab and Goldie's tail could have knocked down a house. We also have two small dogs in the backyard that come over and visit and she just wants to play. She loves kids of all ages and she can be trusted to be around them and minds if you say no. I can't say much more other then she is ready for a forever home.


Goldie continues to settle in at our house.  She absolutely loves to ride along with us when we do errands.  She absolutely loves her walks.  She absolutely loves to carry things around in her mouth (socks, shoes or toys) but doesn't chew them.  She has decided that FBro, Clifford, will not steal her things without given them back so the snarling has almost completely gone away.  She now has the run of 1/2 of our house while we are gone.  She and Clifford are playing a lot each day.  She is UTD with the Vet. and weighed in at 68.9 lbs.  She could afford to lose a lb. or two but is not over-weight.  She is very near her ideal weight.  She loves sleeping on the orthopedic dog bed we had for our former senior.  I think all this means she has made the transition to feeling secure.  She is just one very sweet dog and a real joy to foster.


I am please to announce that Goldie has begun her journey to her forever home.  Goldie was adopted yesterday by J.J.  He and Goldie  will be visiting relatives for a few days before heading for home way up north.  J.J. is a single guy with lots of time to share with his new dog.  Life doesn't get any better than that for Goldie. 


Goldie is settling in very well with me. She loves the 18 inches of snow we have here. She goes everywhere with me. When we go out the door she heads right for the garage thinking we're going someplace.

As you can see by the pic's she has found her favorite place to lay in front of the patio door. She can watch all the cars that go by during the day.

We still have problems with her waking me up at night but I think it will get better with time. I don't mind at all, I'm just happy to have her here. I've been with her every day 24/7 since we picked her up. She is an absolute joy to have around. Thank you RAGOM.


From Goldie's forever family...

Houdini (the cat) came over to Goldie and made her lift her head and then Houdini laid down and Goldie didn't know what to do so she just put her head on top of Houdini. They get along great. The first time they met Goldie was smelling Houdini and Houdini didn't like it so she swatted Goldie with her claws and ever since then they get along great.