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Orphan Annie
Annie's Thank You Party
Article Jan 25, 2009

Annie's Thank You Party was a resounding success. More than 200 people came to see this wonderful girl who has captured the hearts of so many. Thanks to everyone for their continuing support of Annie. Special thanks to Walser Subaru who hosted the event and went above and beyond to make it a fabulous day. Also, thank you to Fresh Seasons Market for donating the beautiful cakes. Please enjoy the video and photos from Annie's party. We will be posting more photos so check back soon.

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An Interview...
Article Dec 23, 2008 
home for the holidays

On Tuesday night a RAGOM web editor sat down with Dayle — a familiar face to anyone who's been following Annie's story.

As a RAGOM volunteer, you've spent more time with Annie than anyone. Can you tell me a little bit about what was going on the first time you met Annie?

On Dec. 15 another RAGOM volunteer and I went to visit Annie at the U of M. She was sitting quietly in her kennel in the ICU and wasn't able to get up. She had IV's in and Dr. Kelly Tart thought she was doing remarkable! She was on antibiotics and not showing significant complications from having been shot twice. I was most concerned about her neck wound since Dr. Tart said the bullet had gone through her esophagus and nicked her trachea. They were watching her wounds very closely. I was amazed that she was in as good of shape as she was that first visit.

RAGOM has often said that they wouldn't be able to help dogs, like Annie, without the help of their supporters. Can you explain why this is the case?

Rescue organizations are dependent on the generosity of volunteers and donors. RAGOM's adoption fees don't cover the cost of providing rescued dogs with the necessary medical care. A high medical dog like Annie could easily put many organizations in the hole without that generosity. RAGOM donations cover things like hip, knee and other surgeries, which allows RAGOM to help dogs in need. Most families won't adopt a dog that has health issues, so we have to get them healthy so they can start their new life.

What has surprised you the most about Annie?

I think the thing that has surprised me the most is that she has taken all of the poking, prodding and painful procedures done to her, in the past two weeks, without becoming depressed or snapping. Her tail just keeps wagging!

So she's been very brave?

I think tail wags in the face of such pain and adversity is a sign of bravery.

I've heard that Annie's vet at the U of M plans on doing something special with Annie's case. Can you tell us about that?

Dr. Tart is putting together a case presentation about Annie. It is unsual for them to treat a dog who has been shot. I think most such dogs are put down because of the cost of treatment. The case presentation will be used to teach other vet students and vet techs at the U.

On Wednesday, Annie gets to go home. What do you think Annie's going to like best about moving into a foster home?

The change of scenery! She has looked at the same view for 12 days and each time she comes out of the ICU for a little walk, she is very curious to see what is going on in the halls. I think she will enjoy not being poked and prodded — just snuggled.

Does Annie have anything special planned for the holidays?

Annie has a pretty full stocking to open — she has already had a sneak peak! She also has some presents from other RAGOM rescued dogs to check out! And of course she will get some of her beloved fresh chicken breast for dinner. Otherwise, she is going to chill out, get to know her new surroundings and her new fur butt friends.

You've probably seen, or heard about, all of the people following Annie's story. There are people posting on message boards, wishing her a speedy recovery, from coast-to-coast. All of these people are so invested, and truly care about what happens to Annie. As someone who's spent a lot of time with Annie, and many rescued dogs, what would you say to those people?

I cannot tell you how touched I have been. Tears have come freely this week! I have always had a deep faith in human beings to do good. It has been heart warming to see it so dramatically these past two weeks.

And we can't forget that all of these messages are being sent to Annie. If Annie could talk - what do you think Annie would say right now to all of the people who are sending her money so she can get help, and sending their thoughts and prayers too?

Annie would tell them all that she could not have made it without their prayers and crossed paws! She is not out of the woods yet, so she reminds people to keep those paws crossed! Since she can’t talk, she sends puppy kisses to all her fans!

Messages of Support
Article Dec 19, 2008 | Messages Updated: 6:30  a.m. Dec 23, 2008
Please give "Annie" a big hug and a chew stick from me. Thanks for all you're doing. -G.W.-

For Orphan Annie. I pray she won't be orphaned for long. -K.C-

Merry Christmas Annie! I used to have a Golden Retriever. You will be in my prayers. -J.W.-
Was deeply saddened tonight when I read about Annie ... sending lots of golden get well loves from Las Vegas to her and all at RAGOM. Local area golden rescue is God speed health to Annie as well as your great organization...many thanks for your kindness and hearts of gold. -J.C.-

My husband and I, along with our two Golden Rescue Boys Buzz and Tugs are sending you our prayers Annie. -J.P.-
A million thanks to all Orphan Annie's rescuers and caretakers. God bless you all and God bless and restore Annie to complete recovery soon. A Christmastime miracle is what we're praying for! Champ, our precious German Shepherd mix, send tons of woofs and kisses to dear Annie. -A.&J.A-
Please accept this small dontation for Orphan Annie. We pray she will be strong. Such a sad story but we hope a happy ending. -C.&J.L-

Tell Annie to get well soon! -M.&R.L.-

I am praying for Annie. My heart goes out to her. Please send her my love from Loganville, GA! -L.A.-
I was deeply affected (and saddened) by the story of Annie. I wish her the best of luck in recovery and hope she finds a wonderful family to adopt her. I hope to see (positive) updates in the near future!!! -H.W.-

Please give little Annie a hug and kiss from me and my son. -T.G.-
I think it is awesome to see a group so dedicated to helping Annie and other dogs in need. It's good to know that there is someone out there watching over them. They deserve a good life and someone who will treat them right. Thanks for being their guardian angels! -K.M.-
>My Christmas wish is that Annie gets well and goes to the loving home she deserves - not all humans are evil Annie. -C.W.-

My grandson, J.W., heard the story of Annie and called me. He asked that our family send some of our Christmas gift money to help her. So, this is from J.W. and his family. Get well Annie…,paws crossed. -S.B.-
Sorry I can't give more. Thanks for all of your beautiful work. Go Dayle. ;-) -D.W.-

My heart goes out to Annie the Golden. I am the biggest dog lover and want to help some how. Instead of spending money on me and things I dont need, I want to help your organization and the animals. My dogs are my heart and I would die if anything happened to them!!! God Bless you. -A.S.-
For Annie...she couldn't be in better hands. My pet has spent time at the University too. -A.W.-

Wishing Annie all the best for a quick and speedy recovery and placement in her forever home. -R.C.-

Get well orphan Annie! We hope your recovery goes well with few complications! -R.S.-
This donation is in the name of my grandaughter, H.S.. She is nine yrs old and heard about Annie on the news. Her mom asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She gave her mom her $12.50 that she had saved and said she wanted to give it to Orphan Annie to help with her medical expenses. She went on to say that instead of presents she wanted everyone to donate money to help Orphan Annie. What an Angel she is. This is for both Angels, Annie and H.S.. -D.O.-
I am an animal lover and especially love dogs. I love to help out an animal that is in need of it. My heart goes out to Annie for a speedy recovery! -H.D.-

Please get better little girl. -V.T.-

Our hearts are breaking for Orphan Annie. What a beautiful dog. We love the U vet school, and we know they will do their best to let Annie have a great life. -B.G.-
Oh, please nurse her back to health. She is absolutely precious! How could anyone do this?! -L.B.-

Get well Annie - we are all rooting for you!! -S.L.-

My heart goes out to this beautiful dog. Thank you to all who have help her. -C.L.-
Good Morning, Just saw on KARE 11 this morning, Anne's story. Thankful someone saw her on the side of the road and thankful for your organization and the vet facility at the U of M. We are enjoying our 3rd Golden and when he goes to heaven will use you for our 4th. Thanks for all your FANTASTIC work for Golden Retrievers. -J.&B.H.-

Save Orphan Annie -K.S.-
Sending Annie all my love and RAGOM some money to help save her. -M.F.-

Thank you, good Samaritans who rescued Annie, and vets who are caring for her. This is a win for good over evil. -C.D-

A Christmas Present for Orphan Annie. Thanks for all you do! -K.M.-
For Annie from her canine friends Plato and Orville -J.S.-

I'm thinking of her! -B.H.-

I am a volunteer at the U and worked on Annie in Ultrasound. I couldn't stop kissing her. -M.S.-

Thank you for being such a wonderful advocate for dogs in need. You're doing wonderful work. -T.S.-
For Annie from my dogs Sahara and Getti who want her to know not all humans are bad. -D.K.-

For Annie. Her doggie friends up north are rooting for her! -L.O.-

For Orphan Annie's care, with love, woofs, and prayers for a full recovery, from me and my dog. -P.W.-

Be well Annie!!! I'm sending good thoughts your way! -L.C.-
Please give Annie a big kiss for me and tell her she has lots of fans who are wishing her a complete and speedy recovery, and the love of a family of her very own. -C.T.-

Rosy, my Bernese Mountain Dog saw the story on KARE11....told me I'd better send something. Thank YOU for all you are doing. -S.R-

save annie -A.O.-
My heart sure goes out to this little darling. I had a golden, the same coloring as Annie. I named her Chelsea. I lost her at age 10 after raising her from a pup. All doggies deserve a chance at knowing love, not pain. I know God will bless her with a very loving family to reinstate in her that humans are good people. Thank you the U of M and RAGOM for all the wonderful things you do for our furry friends. Happy Holidays. -B.B.-
A donation to a beautiful strong puppy, Annie, in loving memory of my recently passed puppy niece Sidney. -J.S.-

What an incredible girl our Annie is! She greeted us with her tail wagging, standing up, in her kennel today. Her eyes were bright and her posture didn't indicate much pain. She's eating chicken and turkey although the milk bones hold absolutely no interest for her. Who can blame her for that? She's also drinking on her own.

Dr. Tart met us with a HUGE smile today and while still cautious, she is very optimistic. She' a strong one, Little Orphan Annie. Her tests for bacteria, and icky things in the fluid draining from her chest, came back negative - a very good sign. She does have pneumonia in one lobe, not totally unexpected, and they will be keeping a very close eye on that.

Annie also made a friend this morning, or at least she sure tried. A German Shepherd in a neighboring kennel was let out to walk and Annie greeted him with a bark and a prance. Little flirt! She didn't get much response back, but she's definitely keeping a lively eye on the goings-on around her.

Support has been miraculous for this little girl. Annie sends her regards and her thank you's and encourages all of her readers to go to the Available Dogs page and peruse her RAGOM brothers and sisters. These lucky dogs are looking for their forever homes too!

Annie is truly thankful for all the wonderful messages of support she's received. If you'd like to send Annie a message you can fill out the notes section when making a donation.

Annie in the News
Article Dec 23, 2008

More videos and articles on Annie:

the road to recovery
The Recovery
Article Dec 16, 2008

Annie, on her fifth day of medical care, continued to do better. Her chest tubes were removed Wednesday night, as well as most of her IVs. One IV and a couple of drains remain for the fluid in her abdomen. She's not refusing food, but she’s not reveling in it in the usual Golden manner, either. Swelling continues to go down, and our hopes rise as she responds more and more quickly.

She had a very busy morning Thursday, with visits from all four local TV crews. Our Annie is a trooper when it comes to the media.

While her doctor won’t yet upgrade her status beyond guarded, she fully admits that things look better and rates Annie’s chances at 60/40.

Annie, after a very busy day, was offered several tasty options for dinner. She chose the cooked turkey and she ate! She had been coughing a bit all day Thursday, and later that evening it worsened. New x-rays indicated a small pneumonia. This was not completely unexpected, as she's not very mobile, but a small set-back nonetheless. Beyond that, she is stable.

Support for Annie has been overwhelming and gratifying. Annie sends her sincerest thanks to all of the wonderful people out there who are following her story and keeping her in their thoughts, and so does RAGOM.

Day 1: Annie is rescued
The Beginning
Article Dec 15, 2008

Her name is Annie and she is a 2-year-old female Golden Retriever. She was found on the side of the road, lying at the end of a driveway, in Northern Minnesota. A Good Samaritan - a gentleman who has done much to help the helpless - carried her out of the snow and into the local vet. He surmised that she had been hit by a car.

In fact, our Little Orphan Annie had been shot...twice. Despite that, Annie managed to walk into the vet clinic on her own, tail wagging. After an examination, it was clear that the first bullet had gone in her left side and exited on the right, it was uncertain whether it had hit the lungs, liver or diaphragm. The second bullet had gone through her neck and hit her esophagus. She was stabilized overnight and more tests were done the next day. The situation had become serious.

While all this was happening, the police were notified and the local humane society as well. The director of the humane society got in touch with RAGOM. Approval was given to transport Annie to the University of Minnesota's Veterinary Clinic. She made a stop in St. Cloud and then continued her journey Saturday evening in a race against winter weather, with one of RAGOM's dedicated volunteers.

Upon reaching the University of Minnesota, Annie was again stabilized but Sunday night her temperature spiked and her blood pressure dropped and surgery became a necessity. While on the table, they cleaned out the infection that had set in, removed nearly 20% of her stomach due to necrosis and put in drains to help her heal. She is currently on oxygen in the ICU unit, where she will remain for several days. Current expenses for this Golden girl are at +$10,000 and mounting. The anesthesia has now worn off but she has yet to open her eyes. The doctors say the next 72 hours will be critical - if she makes it through them, recovery is a very good possibility.

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