Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota: RAGOM is a 501(c)(3) organization, rescuing Golden Retrievers and re-homing them through adoption since 1985. Serving Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Adopting from RAGOM

IMPORTANT - Current State of Golden Retriever Rescue

RAGOM, like every other Golden Retriever rescue in the country, is seeing a dramatic decline in the number of Golden Retrievers in need of rescue. While we still are occasionally asked to help rehome an absolutely perfect, young purebred Golden, that is no longer the norm. Instead, many of the dogs in need of our help have significant medical or behavioral issues. This is the new face of Golden Retriever Rescue in the United States. Conversely, the number of families that want to adopt a rescued Golden Retriever has skyrocketed. We simply do not have the dogs in our care to meet the demand of those wanting purebred Goldens who are younger and have no major issues.

Because there is such demand, when we do get one of these "high-demand" dogs, there are usually many, many families interested in the same dog. RAGOM's primary responsibility is to find a home for the dogs in our care that best meets that dogs needs. Because our foster homes know these dogs the best, we allow our fosters to choose the family they feel would be best for the dog. We do not give preference to or prioritize any families waiting for a dog. We appreciate all of our previous adopters, our donors, and all interested families and understand the frustration of not being able to adopt the dog you expressed an interest in.


Our Process for Adoption

RAGOM's goal is to place our dogs into loving homes and families. We take special care to match our dogs with the best home environments that meet their needs. To ensure the best matches are made, we have a process that has been proven effective in determining the best homes for our animals. Our adoption process may seem time consuming or unnecessarily complicated, but please understand that we have our dogs' best interests at heart.

Please note that our process has changed. We are no longer accepting Inquiry forms that do not mention a specific dog of interest.

Step 1 - Fill out an Inquiry Form for a Specific Dog
The first step is to have you fill out a pre-adoption application once you have identified a dog of interest. This application will provide us with information about you and your lifestyle, your home environment, your training beliefs and your background with animals.
Step 2 - Inquiry Review
Our application review volunteers will initially screen your application to determine if all necessary information was provided, and if your home meets all of the needs of the dog you expressed an interest in, and if the dog is available (not already working with another applicant).
Step 3 - Inquiry Form is Sent to Foster Home
Upon completion of the review of the Inquiry form, your information will be sent to the foster. Our fosters take a lot of time to learn about the dogs in their care. They are in the best position to determine which one of all interested applicants would be the best home for the dog. Once they decide on a best home for the dog, the foster will contact the family chosen. All other interested families will be notified that the foster is now working with another family. If you are not chosen, we will keep your completed Inquiry, but you must notify when you see another dog you would like to be considered for. 
Step 4 - Conversation with Foster
If you are chosen by a foster as a potentially good home for their foster dog, you will receive an email and/or a phone call from the foster to further discuss the dog. At the end of this conversation, if you and the foster agree that this may be a great fit for the dog, the foster will have our formal on-line application sent to you.
Step 5 - Complete Application and Home Visit
You will receive an email with a link to the on-line application. As soon as this is completed and you pay the $25 application fee, you will be put on the list to get a home visit completed. Our organization requires home visits to determine that the dog will be living in a safe environment. The home visit volunteer will do a short walk- through of your home and yard to ensure its safety and to advise on any areas of concern. This home visit is also an opportunity for us to get to know you, provide education about our organization and answer any questions you may have. All household members must be present for the home visit.

Your location is a factor in how quickly the required home visit can be completed. We are a volunteer organization. Although we do have volunteer contacts in many areas, some areas may be difficult for us to locate a volunteer to conduct the home visit. Please be patient as we strive to complete Home Visits in a timely manner.
Step 6 - Meeting between Approved Applicant & Available Dogs
If your Home Visit report is approved, you will receive a phone call from the foster to schedule a time to meet the dog you are interested in. Just because you were approved through the Home Visit, you are NOT guaranteed the dog. The in-person meeting with the dog is vitally important. All family members and any resident pets must be present at the meeting. Please be aware that this meeting most often occurs at the foster's home. The decision to proceed to adoption must be a mutual decision between your family and the foster. After the meeting, we require you to take 24 hours to carefully think about welcoming a new dog into your home. This also gives the foster time to consider the visit and whether your family is the best home for the dog.
Step 7 - Adoption
If both you and the foster home agree that you would be a good match for the dog, you will complete the adoption paperwork and pay the adoption fee.

What do the statuses on the dog's webpage mean?
  • If the status of the dog is "Adopt Me" the dog is available for adoption and we are currently accepting applications for this dog.
  • If the status of the dog is "Closed to Apps" that means we have received a large number of applications for that dog and we will not accept anymore or the dog is working with an applicant for a potential adoption!
  • Dogs with a status of "Hospice" will live out the time they have remaining with their foster home.
  • If the status is "Unavailable" that means the dog is not ready to be adopted yet and we are not accepting applications for the dog.
  • If the status is "Pending adoption" that means the dog has found its forever home!
  • If the status is "Adopted" the dog has moved to its forever home.


Important! RAGOM will not adopt under the following conditions:

  • A family has adopted another dog within the past three to six months.
  • There are unaltered dogs in the home, unless they are used as part of a reputable breeding operation or for show, and appropriate measures are taken to guard against unwanted pregnancy.
  • A family plans to keep the adopted dog outdoors or in a garage while they are sleeping or away from home or has a doggie door that will allow outdoor access without supervision or has an outdoor kennel on the property.
  • Aversive training methods are used.
  • The dog's primary home will be a nursing home or group home. We will adopt to an employee of a facility if the dog is a family member that comes to work and returns home with the employee at the end of their work shift.



Please fill out a Inquiry for Application form.

If you do not have internet access, you are welcome to call our general information line at 952.946.8070 and leave a message. Please keep in mind that our pups are not made to order!

We are an all volunteer organization and besides supporting RAGOM, we all have full time jobs, families and dogs of our own. We are doing our very best to respond to all requests in a timely manner. If you are interested in volunteering with RAGOM, please complete a volunteer application. We thank everyone for your support and understanding!


If you do not live in MN, IA, SD, ND or Western WI

RAGOM’s standard adoption territory includes Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin areas within 75 miles of the Minnesota border. If you are located outside those areas, please apply with your local rescue! Our leadership team will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis, but only for hard-to-adopt dogs, or those that have been in our care for 60 days or longer. Potential out-of-territory applicants should contact before submitting an application.

Adoption Fees - Effective 1/1/2017
Under 24 months $475
24 months to less than 9 years $400
9 years and older $175
Turkey Dog - Under 24 months $800
Turkey Dog - 24 months and older $600
Adoption Fee Refunds

Adopters are eligible for refunds for completing training courses with their new dog.
Complete 1 training course $25
Complete an advanced training course $25
How are adoption fees determined?
The fees charged for our dogs are to help offset the cost of rescue which include necessary medical, behavior or training expenses. The fee doesn't directly correlate to the expense incurred for each dog as the expense for each dog can vary greatly due to individual need. Instead of charging fees based on the individual dog, we chose to set up a flat fee structure based on age, with younger dogs adoption fees being slightly higher than older dogs due to the higher demand for younger dogs.

Why do you charge higher fees for Turkey dogs?

The cost of rescuing the dogs from Turkey were much higher than the normal cost of rescue due to the transportation costs that RAGOM incurred to get them safely into rescue. The adoption fees charged only offset the cost and didn't cover the full cost of their rescue


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